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  • Heavenly skies

  • Sealife

  • Fanta-Sea I have lived by the beach all my life, where the relaxing sun and surf tends to bring out the daydreams and fantasies.

  • California dreamin'Having spent all of my early years living by the southern California coast, waves became a very big influence on my art. My two most popular ocean themes were woman forming from waves (1976 and horses forming into waves (1991).Here I have combined my two favorite themes into one painting which I call my California Dreamin.

  • Gentle storm

  • Enchanted Sea Ideas, to me are the most important part of my paintings. They can also be the hardest. You can't find them in your drawers. You can't buy them at the mall. You can only get them from your own imagination. They are a joy when they come, and a frustration when they don't. They are why I paint.

  • At Sunset Nature seems so alive and romantic at the beach, especially at sunset.

  • Mystic falls

  • Friends of Mother Nature One of the friendliest creatures on earth are the dolphins.

  • Mother Nature in the New Millenium In 1991 I painted one of my favorite paintings of that time "Mother Nature". This painting was chosen as the cover of my 1997 book "The Art of Jim Warren" because of it's ability to instantly catch one's eye, and I felt it very much represented my overall painting style. Ten years later I decided "Why not revise this painting", with a slightly brighter, more "New Millennium" look. Rather than an actual revision, I think it could better be described as Mother Nature Revisited, with a few new touches such as the new 2001 PT Cruiser traveling down the road, replacing the Rolls Royce in the earlier version. I have often used my friends, relatives and my children as models in my paintings, so it was only fitting that I use as the model our new family car, the PT Cruiser.

  • A Place of Memories It's hard to forget that special place that we were at when we first fell in love. No matter the place, or the person, we see both as the ultimate beauty. And the memories of both become intertwined forever it seems.

  • Nature Walk In this high tech hustle & bustle work-a-day world which we live in today, it appears we have lost site of, and sometimes forgotten all together one of our greatest treasures, Mother Nature. This painting is a reminder to everyone, including myself, that Mother nature is alive and well and awaiting our company

  • Dream Walker Dreams are not reality, but they do consist of real feelings and thoughts that maybe we aren't aware of ...or just haven't expressed or resolved in other ways. I suppose it would be fun to walk into a dream once in awhile to visit and see just what is going on!

  • Nature's eyesIf you leave the city life for long enough and travel far enough, you will probably experience the feeling that Mother Nature is indeed alive.

  • Prince and the Mermaid In Shakespeare, in many of the classic romance movies, and often in my paintings, romance is at it's best when potrayed as somthing deeply longed for, yet slightly out of reach. Maybe that's what true romance really is.

  • Moonlit romancefrom the Dreamscape series...

  • Galloping wavesfrom the Dreamscape series...

  • Four Seasons The beautiful blending of the seasons, each with their own unique qualities, is proof to me that the world was thoughtfully and artistically created, not just some random accident.

  • Evening comfortfrom the Dreamscape series...This series started out as three separate ideas that I was preparing to paint. As I got the canvas out I thought it would be fun to blend one into the other without them necessarily being a series, and see if someday, by accident, someone noticed that they fit like a puzzle. The response to them as a series at my studios was so good that I decided to scrap this idea and market them together as limited editions. Very soon I will do this again, and tell no one.

  • River Life Although I keep telling myself it is time to again paint something very wild and surreal, it seems lately I end up painting what I consider to be the ideal place to live. I guess with all the weird stuff going on in the world lately it occurred to me that if all the leaders of all the countries and religions would just stop arguing like kids then the whole world could be a beautiful place to live like this. Next maybe I will paint that wild surreal painting.

  • Country laneCountry Lane was my first attempt at painting "Pure" landscapes. My inspiration was brought on by my recent move from California to Florida. While taking a walk one afternoon, I was captivated by how massive the oak trees that lined my quiet little street were. An occasional mailbox was the only indication that civilization existed within this grove of leafed giants. The message I wanted to stress through this painting was, "Sometimes the beauty of nature, itself, is the best environmental message."

  • Inviting path

  • The Way Home A painting on the wall can be different things to different people. It can be a decoration, something to match the decor of a home, or it can be a conversation piece, to provoke thoughts, or simply to enjoy . Or a painting can be like a window with a view to a distant place where we desire to be. The latter is what I had in mind when I painted "The Way Home".

  • Caribbean View It surprises people when they see me paint a simple beautiful landscape, being the mainly fantasy/surreal artist that I am. But as simple as they may appear, the locations that I paint are largely made up from my imagination as are all of my other paintings.

  • Lovers lane

  • Colors of the rainbow

  • Reflections I have in the past been known to do paintings that had rather shocking messages concerning the environment, but I feel at times that the simple beauty of nature itself can be the best environmental message of all.

  • Home Sweet Home When we are doing something we just love more than almost anything else in the world, it is as if we are "HOME" in the truest sense of the word. Although I don't golf, I would imaging this would be home sweet home for one who does. This painting was inspired by the many golf courses I have driven by and photographed due to their spacious and beautiful settings, sand traps and all.

  • Don't Mess with Mother Nature Growing up in Long Beach, California, I discovered at an early age the impact technology was having on the environment. Many years ago, hundreds of offshore oil wells were constructed and placed on islands a few miles out from the Long Beach coastline. Each one, beautifully decorated to appear as condominiums, was pleasing to the eye. But the fact remained that damage was being done. The water surrounding the refineries had lost its splendor. The crystal blue waters that had once crashed upon the shoreline were now gone. Even though they tried to hide it, the truth was, "You can't fool Mother Nature."

  • Love Makes the World Go Around Allthough this is a painting about romance, it also inspired by the world affairs where the countries of the world are having the same problem many married couples have. They can't communicate and simply get along.

  • Hawaiian Eyes The beautiful sights seen during any 24 hour period of such places as The Hawaiian Islands are left imprinted in your mind for years to come.

  • What a Wonderful World I have been through many artistic fazes during my career, from horror/sci-fi book covers, fantasy, surrealism, paintings with environmental messages etc. For this painting I simply wanted to paint what I felt would be a wonderful world; inspired by a favorite old song of mine by Louis Armstrong. Some might look at this and say I'm getting old & soft... I like to think it's more proof of my versatility. Just wait and see what's next!