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Jewish Practices. Tevet 10 Tu BShevat Purim Pesach Sheni Lag BaOmer. Hanukkah Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Passover. Holidays. Bar Mitzvah: Boys becoming men Bat Mitzvah: Girls becoming women. Whos Jew?. Moderate Jews Similar to other people who are not as observant Around the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Jewish Practices

  • HolidaysTevet 10 Tu BShevatPurimPesach SheniLag BaOmer HanukkahRosh HashanahYom KippurPassoverBar Mitzvah: Boys becoming menBat Mitzvah: Girls becoming women

  • Whos Jew?Moderate JewsSimilar to other people who are not as observantAround the worldNot usually too strict in the USLifestyle, society, and environment

  • Living WellMitzvahs: acts of righteousness Good deeds bring you closer to G-dSabbath: Holy Feast Day A day of reflection, rest, and relaxation

  • Living Well Cont.Synagogue: Jewish sanctuary for prayerSiddur: prayer bookObservant Jews visit more often and are expected to pray 3 times a day and more on holidays/Sabbath

  • Important CommandmentsHonor family: spouse, parents, kidsIt is a Jews responsibility to contribute positively to his or her familyFamily is valued, each must protect the other

  • Kosher Kosher: fit for ritualKosher food labeled specially with symbolsonly kosher blessed and prepared food is consumed (very strict)

  • TefillinA tradition using two small black leather boxes with long straps that are wrapped around the participants head and arm who reads Hebrew texts.

  • The MezuzahMezuzah: G-ds watchful care over the home and its dwellersA scroll affixed on the inside right of doorpostsResidents protected whether inside or outside

  • TallitTallit or Tzitzit: a prayer shawl four cornered garments with fringe and knotsAct as a reminder to obligation to G-d and fellow followers

  • ShemitahSimilar to Sabbath6 years of work, the 7th reserved for restThe year is dedicated to strengthening ones relationship with G-d and increasing spiritualitySept. 13th 2007- Sept. 29th 2008