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<ul><li> Jewish holocaust<br />Jew <br />Luca Micalessi 5/6A<br /></li> <li> What the holocaust is <br /> The holocaust was something build with corruption terror cruelty it was something that should never never happen again there was so much devastation. About 5.9 million people were killed<br /></li> <li> The holocaust started because Adolf Hitler wanted to purify Germany so to speak...He wanted the Aryan Race of witch could not be don unless all Jews black gay etc. were eliminated Hitler said that he was just trying to get them away from the country but instead he ended up killing them.<br />How the holocaust started <br /></li> <li> Why did Hitler hate Jews<br />No one really knows why Hitler hated the Jews But he fort the Germans were a master race an that there was a ladder Germans at the top Australian's 2 Jews at the bottom gypsies at the bottom etc.<br /></li> <li> There were lots of people effected by the holocaust Jews black gay. If your family was in the holocaust and your parents died you would not have a family to help you survive no were to live and no food to eat. If my parents were in the holocaust I would be very upset <br />People who were effected by the holocaust<br /></li> <li> How the Jews were killed<br />The Jewish were killed bye getting tricked they were going to have a nice clean shower so they took of there cloths and got gassed then Hitler burnt the body's. It was ant just Hitler that killed the Jews it was also his wife that helped. It was also the Nazi.<br /></li> <li> The holocaust ended in 1994/1995 the Allies army destroyed the concentration camps one by one in 1994/1995 most of the Nazi were to sick to fight or do anything they needed food water and medical treatment. The Allied armies, were coming from both the East (Russians and Poles) and the West (British, Canadians and Americans) the Germans had to stop fighting and surrender on the 9th of may 1945.<br />How the holocaust ended <br /></li> <li> We can take people to the Jewish holocaust museum and teach them about racism and why nobody should do something like this and we can tell them that it does not matter what colour or shape or size you are or if you are a different language it what you do.<br />What can we do to stop this from preventing this from happening again <br /></li> <li> The camps were liberated, one by one, and the surviving inmates were freed. Most of them were too sick to go anywhere for a few months. They needed to be fed and given medical treatment. Many died despite the best efforts of the Allies, due to their illnesses and advanced state of starvation. The Allied armies, coming from both the East (Russians and Poles) and the West (British, Canadians and Americans) forced the Germans to stop fighting and surrender their armies. On 9 May 1945 the last camp (Stutthof) was liberated.<br /></li> </ul>


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