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Planning to purchase jelly beans and other candies? Then visit the online store of Chocolate Buttons to make your pick. For more information visit here


  • 1.INTRODUCTIO Chocolate most typically comes in caramel, chocolate, cream N and coffee varieties with cocoa solids contributory to the brown coloration. From Chocolate eggs to chocolate coins, provide your appetite a treat with our delicious merchandise. 2

2. INDEX 3 3. ABOUT US Chocolate Buttons was established in April 2004. We have to offer thousands of people further as several to the net web sweet retailers and 100s of specialist. We are specialize in sweets for promotions and have equipped several blue chip companies across the united kingdom and round the world. 4 4. Type of Chocolates 5 5. White Chocolate White chocolate is a confection that include a blend of milk, cocoa butter and sugar or other flavor. Its sweet and delicate flavor complement other ingredient in baking. White Chocolate made with vegetable fat is white-colored. 6 6. Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate contains chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla, milk solids and lecithin. The quality of milk chocolate vary from brand to brand. Our fun new milk chocolate loved bird will be the great choice for you colleague this Valentine's Day. This is a little romantic delight to tell your loved one how much they really mean to you. 7 7. Chocolate Shop Chocolate Buttons provide one of the widest selection of luxury gourmet sweets, chocolates and confectionary anyplace on the internet. We also have a cheap range of luxury chocolate coins retro chocolate bars.Featured Gourmet Products Chocolate Butterflies Red Foil Net of Luxury Football Crimson Red Foiled Balls 8 8. CONTACT US 9 9. QUESTIONS 10


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