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iWebfolio : An Electronic Portfolio Solution. By: Dr. Angel Tazzer. What is iWebfolio ?. Electronic Portfolio Archive and organize work materials. What you can do with iWebfolio ?. Learning Portfolios Assessment Portfolios Presentation Portfolios. iWebfolio’s requirements. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



iWebfolio: An Electronic Portfolio SolutionBy: Dr. Angel TazzerWhat is iWebfolio?Electronic PortfolioArchive and organize work materialsWhat you can do with iWebfolio?Learning PortfoliosAssessment PortfoliosPresentation PortfoliosiWebfolios requirementsStudents will need to pay approximately $32 per iWebfolio license.A computer with internet access.Reviewer Screen

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Current License Usage (02/05/09)St. Edwards University has bought 215 licensesBy 02/05/09 The university has used 151 licenses.142 Licenses Activated by Owner+26 Licenses waiting for activation====168 Portfolio Owners- 17 Reviewers accounts (Dual role) = Free for us====151 Licenses Used2 Template Builder Accounts (Free)3 Admin accounts (Free)SEU has 64 accounts remaining (from these accounts 26 has not been activated by their users). Therefore we have a potential of 90 accounts left. The new college will use 60 licenses (Spring) and 40 licenses (Summer).

Who is using iWebfolio?

Western Michigan UniversitySource: http://www.wmich.edu/cepa/WMU%20Portfolio%20Contest2.phpWho is using iWebfolio?University of Northern Coloradohttp://www.iwebfolio.com/portfolios/customReviewerView?y=1165863058153#

Who is using iWebfolio?St. Edwards University. Secondary Education Program

Who is using iWebfolio?St. Edwards University. Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Who is using iWebfolio?St. Edward s University. New College Program

For more information contact:Angel Tazzer, Ph.D.Instructional Designer & Research CoordinatorInstructional Technology (ITEC).Phone: 512-416-5863E-mail: angelt@stedwards.edu