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www.waterwise.org.uk Waterwise Checkmark and supporting labelling in the UK 20 July 2017

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  1. 1. www.waterwise.org.uk Waterwise Checkmark and supporting labelling in the UK 20 July 2017
  2. 2. www.waterwise.org.uk Water will be used wisely, every day, everywhere
  3. 3. www.waterwise.org.uk 2011-2013 2017
  4. 4. www.waterwise.org.uk Waterwise products & services Waterwise retailers Waterwise supermarkets Waterwise offices Waterwise councils Waterwise leisure Waterwise restaurants Waterwise schools Link to ecoschools Link to sustainable restaurant association Build on previous programme Waterwise hotels
  5. 5. www.waterwise.org.uk Forms completed Retailer Business Product Waterwise Review against Criteria Data processing Expert Review Interview/ spot check Expert review Interview/ site visit AwardedReview
  6. 6. www.waterwise.org.uk Review of labelling scheme Incentives & rebates Links to building and procurement standards Zero VAT Innovation prorgammes Mandatory labelling/ product standards (codes)
  7. 7. www.waterwise.org.uk Rebates Traditional Water Company Programmes water company pays up-front, products only installed when suitable but may not be installed by residents or removed if not meeting expectations. Cutsomer contact Water company may send out products In-home visit Water company pays for & installs products Follow-up May be linked to behaviour change
  8. 8. www.waterwise.org.uk Customer rebate based approach Customers are incentivised to choose a water efficient product at a moment of change. They increase pressure on local retailers to stock labelled devices. This results in a market transformation towards more efficient devices. Customer moment of change - replacement product, new bathroom/ kitchen Aware of water label through rebate scheme Customer purchases suitable water efficient labelled device Customer requests rebate from Water Company
  9. 9. www.waterwise.org.uk Developer rebate based approach reduced costs for the developer incentivise them to install more efficient devices based on the water label. However, this will only lead to market transformation in their existing supply chain.
  10. 10. www.waterwise.org.uk
  11. 11. www.waterwise.org.uk The benefits of this incentive approach (customer rebate second example) include: The costs of the scheme would be the same if not less than a rebate programme and could address a key moment of change Consumer choice in fittings that match householders bathroom decor and they can pay more towards a fitting if they wish. Market transformation towards labelled products more stores both online and on-the-ground will stock and promote labelled water efficient devices if consumers are seeking these
  12. 12. www.waterwise.org.ukwww.waterwise.org.uk Thanks Waterwise | 180 Piccadilly | London | W1J 9HF [email protected] +44 7885 913 231 www.waterwise.org.uk / Twitter @AaronBH2O