is your doctor keeping you sick?

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2. Health InsuranceCompanies Drug Companies GovernmentMalpractice LawyersYour Doctor 3. Health insurance Drug Companies The Government Malpractice Lawyers Your Doctor 4. HEALTH INSURANCE DRUG COMPANIESCOMPANIES 5. Tell doctors to diagnose a disease if they wantto get paid 1700s: ICD coding system (InternationalClassification of Disease) started withapproximately 100 diseases 2012: ICD-10 has over 144,000 differentdiseases for doctors to pick for you 6. Tell doctors to ordermore tests if theywant to get paid Examples of tests:MRI, CT, blood testing, X-rays, Ultrasound,Electrocardiograms, NerveConduction Studies) 7. DIAGNOSE A DISEASE ORDER MORE TESTS 8. IS THE ABSENCE OF EQUIVALENT TODISEASEHEALTH? 9. How do drugcompaniesmake money? How do drugcompaniesmake LOTSof money? 10. If a drug company runs out of simple drugs to sellfor doctors to prescribe, what treatment will adrug company need to convince doctors toprescribe if they want to make lots of money? 11. If doctors spent most of their time learningabout healthy nutrition and exercise practicesinstead of disease treatments. And didnt use a lot of prescription drugs. And all of us reduced our risk for cancer Do you think a drug company would be happythat we are all healthy and dont needexpensive treatments? 12. You guessed it!They need you to havecancer so they can sellyou expensive treatment. 13. You have the power.Its time to believe it. 14. Coming Soon.Part 2