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  • 1. Ireland. March, 2013. WELCOME OUR PARTNERS
  • 2. Day 1 A day for shopping
  • 3. Fun
  • 4. Fine Chinese food
  • 5. And making new friends.
  • 6. Day 2 A day to visit Ireland.
  • 7. Our first stop: Dalkey
  • 8. Live actors brought us on an action tour of historical Dalkey castle. We learned about medical treatments, food and defence, and how to dance for the King.
  • 9. Next we had lunch in the Tram Yard Caf. A spread of soup and sandwiches. And a special birthday surprise for one of the visiting Italians.
  • 10. Next we had a long bus trip with a quick stop off in Bray. Our destination: Glendalough (the valley of two lakes) a famous monastic settlement and a popular tourist sight in Ireland.
  • 11. In Glendalough we went on a short hike, where although you cant see from the pictures it was lightly snowing. And of course a group photo was in order in the end.
  • 12. Then another long bus journey brought us back to the hotel where the visiting students, teachers and a few Irish students sat down to dinner together.
  • 13. Day 3 Lets start to work
  • 14. We gave presentations on our schools, areas and some extra projects we had done and began the work that was to be done for the visit.
  • 15. We then brought the student into our city centre for shopping and sight seeing, dinner, and traditional Irish set dancing
  • 16. Day 4 Time to say goodbye..
  • 17. On our last day before all our visitors went home we finished our work and presented it, we heard a traditional Irish fiddler and were very lucky to have had the chance to hear from Irelands famous storyteller Niall De Burca.
  • 18. In the afternoon visitors were given the opportunity to go shopping in our local shopping centre, while some Irish students and visitors stayed in the school to prepare for the evenings variety show held in honour of our visitors.

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