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  1. 1. Ireland By: James Rentiers
  2. 2. Location of Ireland
    • The island of Ireland is located in the north-west of Europe, between latitudes 51 and 56 N, and longitudes 11and 5 W.
    • 3. It is seperated from the neighboring island of Great Britainby the Irish Sea and the North Channel.
    • 4. To the west is the northern Atlantic Oceanand to the south is the Celtic Sea.
  3. 5. History of Ireland
    • 9000 years ago Ireland most of ireland was covered with ice.
    • 6. Around 4500 to 4000 BC sheep, goats, and cattle were imported into Ireland from the Iberian Peninsula.
    • 7. In 1542 Irish Parliament passed the Crown of Ireland Act, which established a Kingdom of Ireland
    • 8. Dec. 6, 1921 Irish War of Independence ends.
  4. 9. Culture of Ireland
    • Ireland's culture is comprised of many influential countries such as: Scotland,Wales, and Great Britain
    • 10. Religon is a major part of Ireland having nearly 90% of the Irish Roman Catholic.
    • 11. The official language of Ireland is English, however Gaelic languages are spoken on the western coast.
    • 12. Food in Ireland is changing dramatically with more and more fast-food.
  5. 13. Economy of Ireland
    • Ireland was largely passed over by the Industrial Revoloution because they do not have very much coal or iron ore.
    • 14. Mass emigration followed The Great Famine in the mid 1900's.
    • 15. During the 1990's Ireland's economy reversed dramatically beginning unprecedented economic growth.
    • 16. However, in 2008 Ireland went into recession and un employment rate jumped.