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Yasin -Iraqi Arabic, Routledge, 2001


:obv v x i v~gi ~v~ni c wi :n :v v i i v sDe FactoBoundaryPersianGulf CaspianSeaTigrisEuphratesTigrisEuphratesKUWAITSAUDI ARABIAJORDAN SYRIA TURKEY IRAN IRAQ BAbyloniaakkadS UME RI AA S S Y RI ABaghdad MosulArbil Kirkuk Al Hillah Al Amarah Basra UrNinevehBabylon50 50 0 0 100 Kilometers100 Miles IRAQ Modern Iraqi Arabic with MP3 FilesA TextbookSecond EditionYasin M. Alkalesic v o v c v : o wx u x i v v v s i : v v v v s sw~ s n i x c : o x , b. c .As ol January !, 2007, !1digit !S8N numbcrs will rcplacc thc currcnt !0digit systcm.Papcrback: 978!890!!104Gcorgctown Univcrsity Prcss, Vashington, .C. 2006 by Gcorgctown Univcrsity Prcss. All rights rcscrvcd. No part ol this book may bc rcproduccd or utilizcd in any lorm or by any mcans, clcctronic or mcchanical, including photocopying and rccording, or by any inlormation storagc and rctricval systcm, without pcrmission in writing lrom thc publishcr.AlKhalcsi, Yasin M. Modcrn !raqi Arabic with MP1 lcs / 2d cdition / Yasin M. Alkalcsi. p. cm. !S8N !890!!109 (alk. papcr) !. Arabic languagcialccts!raqGrammar. 2. Arabic languagcTcxtbooks lor lorcign spcakcrsnglish. !. Titlc. PJ6821.A42 2006 492.70967dc22 2006041984Tis book is printcd on acidlrcc papcr mccting thc rcquircmcnts ol thc Amcrican National Standard lor Pcrmancncc in Papcr lor Printcd Library Matcrials.!1 !2 !! !0 09 08 07 06 9 8 7 6 4 1 2First printingPrintcd in thc Unitcd Statcs ol Amcricato the vvoviv of iv~gand to the memory of my v~:nvv"/c o N + v N + sPrclacc xiAcknowlcdgmcnts xiii!ntroduction xvArrangcmcnt ol thc 8ook xviiList ol Abbrcviations and Symbols xxiivssoN + Arabic Alphabet and VowelsARIS WAAHITc !raqi Alphabct .Tc !raqi \owcls Phonctics ol !raqi Arabic: Pronunciation xcrciscs rills ivssoN : Greetings and Courtesy ExpressionsARIS ITHNIIN tahiyyaat wa mujaamalaat8asic ialoguc ..Additional xprcssions .aSomc 8asic Grcctings .a\ocabulary .Grammar and Rcmarks .!ndcpcndcnt Pronouns .Vord Strcss: Strcss Syllablc .!dioms and Common Phrascs .rills .6Crcativc ialogucs .ivssoN Asking for DirectionsARIS TIAATHA ittijaahaat8asic ialoguc a.\ocabulary aaGrammar and Rcmarks aAttachcd Pronouns (Pronoun Suxcs) aTc Articlc il: the a!dioms and Common Phrascs a6rills a,Crcativc ialogucs cvi ] ContentsivssoN Arrival at Baghdad Airport, Part IARIS ARBA9A b-mataar Baghdaad8asic ialoguc \ocabulary Grammar and Rcmarks Tc Hclping \owcls: i, u Tc Ncgation !dioms and Common Phrascs ,rills Crcativc ialogucs .ivssoN Arrival at Baghdad Airport, Part IIARIS KHAMSA b-mataar Baghdaad8asic ialoguc Additional xprcssions \ocabulary Grammar and Rcmarks Tc Prcposition ma9a: ha.e, .ith Tc Prcposition Prcx b / bi: in, by, at, .ith Tc Noun: ilisim Tc Cardinal Numcrals ..c arqaam 6!dioms and Common Phrascs ,rills cCrcativc ialogucs ivssoN 6 Taking a TaxiARIS SITTA tajiir taksi8asic ialoguc ,\ocabulary Grammar and Rcmarks Tc Adjcctivc: issila Tc Rclativc Adjcctivc 6cNounAdjcctivc Agrccmcnt 6cTc Vord aku: there isare 6.Tc Cardinal Numcrals 6.!dioms and Common Phrascs 6arills 6Crcativc ialogucs 6ivssoN y At the Rashid HotelARIS SA9A b-ndiq ir-Rashiid8asic ialoguc ,.\ocabulary ,aGrammar and Rcmarks ,Nouns ol ccupations with Suxcs chi and chiyya ,Tc Vord abu: father (of ) ,Contents ] viiTc !mpcrativc \crb: 9il ilamur ,Tc Cardinal Numcrals ,!dioms and Common Phrascs ,6rills ,,Crcativc ialogucs ivssoN 8 IntroductionsARIS THMAANYA ta9aaruf8asic ialoguc \ocabulary 6Grammar and Rcmarks ,Tc \crb: il9il ,Tc Past Tcnsc \crb: il9il ilmaadi Tc Rcgular \crb Tc Hollow \crb !dioms and Common Phrascs rills cCrcativc ialogucs ivssoN Speaking ArabicARIS TIS9A il-lugha l-9arabiyya8asic ialoguc ,Additional xprcssions \ocabulary Grammar and Rcmarks Tc Past Tcnsc \crb Tc oublc \crb .ccTc Vcak \crb .ccTc Past Tcnsc \crb with Attachcd Pronoun .cc!dioms and Common Phrascs .c.rills .caCrcativc ialogucs .c6ivssoN +o Telling TimeARIS 9ASHRA is-saa9a8asic ialoguc .cAdditional xprcssions ..c\ocabulary ...Grammar and Rcmarks ..aTimc xprcssions: ilwaqit ..aays ol thc Vcck: ayyaam lisbuu9 ..Months ol thc Ycar: ashhur issana ..Tc Four Scasons: islusuul ilarba9a ..Tc Prcposition wiyya: .ith ..!dioms and Common Phrascs ..rills ..Crcativc ialogucs .acviii ] ContentsivssoN ++ Visiting the Iraqi MuseumARIS A9ASH ziyaara lil-mathaf il-9iraaq8asic ialoguc .aAdditional xprcssions .a\ocabulary .aGrammar and Rcmarks .a6Tc Prcscnt/!mpcrlcct Tcnsc \crb: il9il ilmudaari9 .a6Tc Prcscnt Tcnsc \crb Paradigm .a6!dioms and Common Phrascs .arills .aCrcativc ialogucs .ivssoN +: Trip to BabylonARIS THNA9ASH safra l-Baabil8asic ialoguc .,Additional xprcssions .\ocabulary .Grammar and Rcmarks .cTc Prcscnt Progrcssivc Prcx da -ing .cTc Futurc \crb Prcxcs rah, ha .ill, shall, going to ..!dioms and Common Phrascs ..rills .aCrcativc ialogucs .,ivssoN + At the BankARIS TIAT TA9ASH bil-bank8asic ialoguc ..Additional xprcssions ol Moncy Mattcrs .a\ocabulary .Grammar and Rcmarks .Tc Participlc raayih: going, gone .Tc cmonstrativc Vords: asmaa ilishaara .!dioms and Common Phrascs .6rills .,Crcativc ialogucs .6ivssoN + At the Post OceARIS ARBAATA9ASH bil-bariid8asic ialoguc .6Additional xprcssions .,c\ocabulary .,.Grammar and Rcmarks .,.Tc \crb chaan / ykuun: .as, .ere.ill .,.Tc Vords il, 9ind, maal: ha.e, to .,!dioms and Common Phrascs .,6rills .,,Crcativc ialogucs .aContents ] ixivssoN + In the RestaurantARIS KHMUSTA9SH bil-mat9am8asic ialoguc .Additional xprcssions .6\ocabulary .,Additional \ocabulary Rclatcd to Food .Grammar and Rcmarks .Tc Prcposition 9ala / 9a: on, upon, about .Tc !ntcrrogativc Vords: adawaat listilhaam .c!dioms and Common Phrascs ..rills .aCrcativc ialogucs .ivssoN +6 Family and RelativesARIS SITTA9ASH ahal wa garaayib8asic ialoguc acAdditional Kin Namcs ac\ocabulary acGrammar and Rcmarks ac6Tc Participlc yyaa ac6Tc Fcmininc t nding ac6Tc idaala Construction ac,!dioms and Common Phrascs acrills acCrcativc ialogucs a.ivssoN +y Medical CareARIS SBAATA9AS 9inaaya tibbiyya8asic ialoguc a.,Additional Mcdical xprcssions a.\ocabulary a.Somc Additional 8ody Parts aacGrammar and Rcmarks aa.rdinal Numbcrs First to Tcnth aa.Cardinal Numbcrs Highcr than .cc aa.Counting: hsaab aa!dioms and Common Phrascs aarills aa6Crcativc ialogucs a.ivssoN +8 Media: Radio, Television, and JournalismARIS THMUNTA9ASH i9laam: raadyo, talzyoon w sahaafa8asic ialoguc a\ocabulary a,Additional \ocabulary on Mcdia aGrammar and Rcmarks aComparativc and Supcrlativc aTc Colors acx ] Contents!dioms and Common Phrascs a.rills a.Crcativc ialogucs aivssoN + Telephone ConversationsTSAATA9ASH mukhaabaraat8asic ialoguc a.\ocabulary aAdditional \ocabulary and Phrascs on Tclcphonc aGrammar and Rcmarks aConditional Scntcnccs (il ) aTc Rclativc Pronoun (i)lli a!dioms and Common Phrascs arills a6Crcativc ialogucs a6aivssoN :o Cultural and Folkloric TalesARIS 9ISHRIIN qusas hadaariyya wa sha9biyyaTc Story ol thc Caliph Harun irRashid and Abu Nuwas a66\ocabulary a6Tc Story ol thc Lion and thc Voll a,c\ocabulary a,aGrammar and Rcmarks a,Conjunctions a,!dioms and Common Phrascs a,6rills a,,ciossavv ArabicEnglish a EnglishArabic acv v v v a c vSincc thc publication ol a scrics ol valuablc books on !raqi Arabic by Gcorgctown Univcrsitys School ol Languagc and Linguistics morc than thrcc dccadcs ago, vcry littlc has bccn writtcn on thc spokcn Arabic ol !raq. !raqi Arabic constitutcs an cxtrcmcly important linguistic and sociocconomic rcgion ol thc Arab world. Hcncc, thcrc is an urgcnt nccd lor publications on this dialcct that arc morc currcnt and casy to rcad, such as thc onc ! prcscnt hcrc. Tc urgcncy ol such works has incrcascd tcnlold bccausc ol thc currcnt political and cconomic cvcnts in !raq. Tis book sums up morc than thirty ycars ol cxpcricncc in tcaching Arabic at Yalc Univcrsity, Univcrsity ol Calilornia, Los Angclcs, Calilornia Statc Univcrsity, Fullcrton, and at thc 8crlitz Languagc Ccntcrs, and in tcaching busincss pcoplc working with Arab countrics. uring thosc ycars, ! havc bccn lortunatc to havc thc opportunity ol sharing with my studcnts, collcagucs, and laymcn thc knowlcdgc and bcauty ol Arabic. Tis book is dcsigncd lor pcoplc who havc no prcvious knowlcdgc ol Arabic or who havc alrcady studicd Arabic but wish to lcarn thc !raqi dialcct. !t is organizcd in a mcthod suitablc lor cithcr classroom usc or scllstudy with thc hclp ol thc audio. Tc dialcct that is ocrcd in thc book is spokcn by thc avcragc, middlcclass 8aghdadi. Tc rst cdition ol thc book consistcd ol sixtccn lcssons, thcn lour morc lcssons and Arabic script wcrc addcd to this sccond cdition. Tc lcssons arc bascd on cvcryday situation and arrangcd in a storylikc lormat that lollows a womans activitics as shc travcls lrom thc Unitcd Statcs ol Amcrica to !raq.a c x N o w i v o c x v N + sMy thanks go rst to scvcral hundrcd studcnts ovcr thc ycars, whosc curiosity, cnthusiasm, and dcdication to lcarning Arabic wcrc a grcat motivation in writing this book. Spccial thanks go to my studcnt John Spillman Joncs lor rcading thc rst dralt ol thc tcxt and this rcviscd cdition. My dccp apprcciation gocs to Prolcssor Robcrt 8iggs ol thc ricntal !nstitutc at thc Univcrsity ol Chicago lor his valuablc commcnts. Spccial thanks and gratitudc arc owcd to r. Kristcn 8rustad ol thc Univcrsity ol Tcxas, Austin, lor rcading thc manuscript and lor hcr insightlul suggcstions. ! am indccd gratclul to my lricnd Tamir Aladhami (London) and dclightcd that hc thoroughly rcad thc manuscript and madc important corrcctions. To Laila arwish (Franklurt) who madc thc drawings lor thc book, ! am indcbtcd and thanklul. For this rcviscd cdition ! owc spccial thanks to Mi


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