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  • Introduction to themes and plugins Introduction to themes and plugins

    Themes Plugins

    You have familiarized yourself with the basic administrative aspects of a WordPress site. Next, you need to see how you can enhance the design and functionalities of your site. If you have coding knowledge, you can do a lot of customizations on your own on the WordPress site. However, in this tutorial, we are focusing on how you can customize your WordPress site without any coding knowledge. Themes and Plugins help you achieve necessary customization on your website, for users of all knowledge levels. Let’s explore the basic aspects of both in this tutorial.

    Themes You can install a theme on your WordPress site to customize the way it looks. There are numerous themes available in the WordPress community; some free and some premium. All you have to do is select one you think would be appropriate to the nature of your site. What are themes? Technically speaking, WordPress themes are a collection of files which combine together to create a graphical interface that helps users to interact with your site. The files in a theme might include image files, CSS stylesheets, and PHP codes. Obviously themes play a big role in defining the appearance of your site. However, it also determines how the user experience is designed in an interactive setup. This will not be quite apparent to you at the start, but when your site develops into a full fledged business apparatus, user experience will get more prominence in your scheme of things. Where to find themes? Now, when you are starting out, it is best to explore all the free options available in the WordPress community. WordPress theme directory is the best place to find a good quality free theme.

  • If you know the name of the theme you are looking for, you can enter the name in the search field and find it. Or, you can simply browse through the available themes and pick one suited to your sensibilities. To help you pick the right one, the available themes are categorized into ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’, and ‘Latest’.

    In addition, there is a Feature Filter that will help you filter the list of plugins based on specific aspects such Layout, Features and Subject.

  • How to install a theme? First, let’s see the frontend of your site. This is what users see when they visit your site. To go to the frontend of the site, hover the mouse around the site title on the top left part of the toolbar. The menu will expand, and you can click ‘Visit Site’ to go to the frontend. The design and layout you see now on the frontend of the site is due to the ‘Twenty Seventeen’ theme, which is installed by default.

  • Now, let’s see how to install a theme on your WordPress site. Go to Appearance > Themes . You can see Twenty Seventeen theme is installed and active. This is done by default when you complete your WordPress install.

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