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with me. I’m a self-taught designer
and seamstress. I founded Rustic Horseshoe in 2009.
I hope you enjoy creating your version of this cutie as much as I enjoyed designing it! I originally created my horse purse and satchel patterns in the winter of 2017. My pattern templates are hand drafted then put into their finished digital format.
Thank you for reviewing my copyright statement and terms of use at the end of this tutorial. I greatly appreciate your honesty and respect of the hard work I put into developing my patterns.
We are all diverse in our methods of sewing and crafting. I offer suggestions for different options and encrouage you to find what suits you best.
It is beneficial to read this tutorial
in its entirety before beginning
this project. I stand behind all
of my products and encourage
you to contact me if you have
any questions along the way.
My contact information can be
found at the end of this tutorial.
Now that I have that out of the
way…what are you waiting for?!
Let’s get this adorable bag made!
angular satchel which
The construction and
process pictured for this
tutorial and have noted on applicable steps for any differences in
the manner the satchel is constructed, it is otherwise constructed
as demonstrated with the purse.
Make this a fun project for a birthday party, play date, etc. Sew
up the purses without any of the applique and let the kids em-
bellish them! You know best the talents and abilities of the chil-
dren you’re providing this craft for. Provide the necessary adult
supervision and assistance. Fabric pieces can be backed with a
permanent non-sew in iron-on adhesive such as Heat N Bond
Heavy or they can be glued or hand stitched in place. You may
even want to let them embel-
lish it with fabric paints or puff
paints. You can pre-make yarn
forelocks to be chosen by the
little crafter and glued in place
or you can sew them in during
the construction of the bag.
Have fun with it!
PURSE 5¾" W x 6¼" H x 2" D
SATCHEL 6¼" W x 8" H x 3" D
Supplies .............................................2
Preparation .......................................3
Glossary .............................................3
Pattern Templates ...................16-22
Rustic Horseshoe, LLC Copyright 2009-2017 All rights reserved Horse Purse & Satchel Tutorial • 1
Rustic Horseshoe, LLC Copyright 2009-2017 All rights reserved Horse Purse & Satchel Tutorial • 4
Construction & Assembly 1. Applique:
TIP: Upcycle some fabrics from old shirts, jeans, etc. Here I used the corduroy fabric from an old shirt to create a fun textured muzzle.
Step 1: If using spray adhesive, cut the pieces for
applique from the appropriate fabric and spray
the back of the fabric with adhesive per product
instruction then place on your project for applique.
If using iron on adhesive the shapes need to be
traced reversed/mirrored onto the iron-on adhesive
in order for it to be the correct orientation when
placed on your project. I’ll walk you through the
process using a nostril as an example:
• Trace over the nostril template using a permanent
marker should be visible.
• Trace over the nostril again on the backside of the
• Trace the nostril onto the paper side of the iron-on
• Iron the adhesive to the back of the fabric you’re
using for the nostril.
• Cut the nostril out of the fabric which is bound
with the adhesive backing.
the adhesive.
your project for sewing.
way to achieve proper
PERSONALIZATION IDEA: Make it extra special by monogramming the child’s name somewhere on the purse, such as under the flap. You can do this with machine embroidery, hand embroidery or cut the letters from fabric backed by iron-on adhesive and complete using machine applique. This needs to be done prior to assembling the purse or satchel.
Rustic Horseshoe, LLC Copyright 2009-2017 All rights reserved Horse Purse & Satchel Tutorial • 14
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