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    Time SchoolRoom

    10001 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    9:50 AMFrida Kahlo Arthur F. Corey Elementary


    10002 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:00 AMTitle IX: Standing for Gender Equality in Education Acaciawood Preparatory


    10003 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:10 AMRoger Williams Takes a Stand for Separation ofChurch and State Canyon Vista Elementary Scho

    10004 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:20 AMGalileo's Argument for Heliocentrism

    Garfield Elementary School

    10005 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:30 AMClaus von Stauffenberg's Stand Against the NaziRegime Olinda Elementary School

    10006 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:40 AMJackie Robinson and Branch Rickey Break the ColorBarrier Our Savior's Lutheran School

    10007 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:50 AMBetty Friedan and Her Fight for Equality

    Santiago Elementary School

    10008 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    11:00 AMHarriet Tubman: Taking a Stand for Freedom

    Olinda Elementary School

    10009 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    9:50 AMMahatma Gandhi Arthur F. Corey Elementary


    10010 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:00 AMWinston Churchill Takes A Stand Against Nazi TyrannyFor A Free Nation

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

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    Time SchoolRoom

    10011 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:10 AMProtector of the Wild: John Muir Takes a Stand toConserve Our Natural Lands

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

    10012 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:20 AMLincoln's Stance Against Slavery

    Garfield Elementary School

    10013 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:30 AMLights, Makeup and Medicine

    Garfield Elementary School

    10014 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:40 AMMother Teresa - Taking a Stand For the Poorest of thePoor Olinda Elementary School

    10015 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    10:50 AMSusan B. Anthony: Women's Right to Vote

    Our Savior's Lutheran School

    10016 A-GalleryIndividual PosterElementary

    11:00 AMRosa Parks

    Our Savior's Lutheran School

    10101 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    9:50 AMFranklin D. Roosevelt Arthur F. Corey Elementary


    10102 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    10:00 AMNicholas Winton and The Aid For Jewish Refugees

    Santiago Elementary School

    10103 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    10:10 AMJesse Owens Takes a Stand Against Hitler's AryanSupremacy

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

    10104 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    10:20 AMDolores Huerta: A Stand For Migrant Farm Workers

    Santiago Elementary School

    10105 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    10:30 AMWomens' Right to Vote

    Garfield Elementary School

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    Time SchoolRoom

    10106 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    10:50 AMWomen in History: Taking a Stand in Pants

    Olinda Elementary School

    10107 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    11:00 AMTurning the Tide in the Pacific Theater: Admiral Nimitzand the US Navy Take a Stand at the Battle of Midway

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

    10108 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    11:10 AMProtests During the Vietnam War

    Garfield Elementary School

    10109 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    11:20 AMJackie Robinson: The Stand that Broke the ColorBarrier Olinda Elementary School

    10110 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    11:30 AMIrena Sendler: "Polish Angel" - Smuggling PreciousCargo to Freedom

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

    10111 A-GalleryGroup PosterElementary

    11:40 AMHamilton's Stance on Independence

    Garfield Elementary School

    21001 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    9:30 AMAbdul Sattar- Humane Perception of Welfare Arthur F. Corey Elementary


    21002 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    9:50 AMGalileo's Stand Against the Catholic Church

    Bernice Ayer Middle School

    21003 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    10:10 AMLin Zexu: Taking a Stand in Anglo-Chinese History

    Jeffrey Trail Middle School

    21004 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    10:30 AMOdette: A Selfless Spy

    Jeffrey Trail Middle School

    21005 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    11:10 AMCruisin' Through Society's Views: Greasers Taking aStand Santiago Elementary School

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    Time SchoolRoom

    21006 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    11:30 AMMarvel and Minorities: The Comic Books' Stand forCivil Rights Santiago Elementary School

    21007 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    11:50 AMJeffrey Wigand: Taking a Stand Against Big Tobacco

    Sierra Vista Middle School

    21008 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    12:10 PMTaking a Stand Against Equal Pay, Ford MachinistsStrike of 1968 South Lake Middle School

    21009 B1107Individual DocumentaryJunior

    12:30 PMJapanese American Internment During World War 2

    Lakeside Middle School

    21010 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    9:30 AMThe Federalist Papers

    Bernice Ayer Middle School

    21011 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    9:50 AMU Thant's Stand on the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Jeffrey Trail Middle School

    21012 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    10:10 AMEntertaining Disney

    Mariposa Elementary School

    21013 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    10:30 AMAmerica's Stand Against the Vietnam War

    Santiago Elementary School

    21014 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    11:10 AMThe Culper Spy Ring: A Secret Stand

    Shorecliffs Middle School

    21015 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    11:30 AM"We Will Not Be Silent": The Girl Who Opposed Hitler

    Sierra Vista Middle School

    21016 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    11:50 AMLewis Hine: How One Man's Camera Eliminated ChildLabor Sierra Vista Middle School

    Printed on 12/12/20164Event Date: 3/11/2017

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    Time SchoolRoom

    21017 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    12:10 PMLouise Szabo

    South Lake Middle School

    21018 D1009Individual DocumentaryJunior

    12:30 PMStanding Up Against Hitler: The Story Of DietrichBonhoeffer Talbert Middle School

    21101 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    9:30 AMMarine Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone: Taking aStand Against Japanese Aggression on Guadalcanal

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

    21102 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    9:50 AMThe Freedom Fighter: Nelson Mandela, the One WhoPaved the Way to Equality Bernice Ayer Middle School

    21103 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    10:10 AMAmerican Retaliation

    Jeffrey Trail Middle School

    21104 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    10:30 AMEquality and Justice: The 1963 March on Washington

    Jeffrey Trail Middle School

    21105 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    11:10 AMA Simple Act of Courage: The Ruby Bridges Story

    Lakeside Middle School

    21106 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    11:30 AMCharlie Chaplin: The Man Who Brought Laughter to theMovies Mariposa Elementary School

    21107 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    11:50 AMMalcolm X: By Any Means Necessary Mendez Fundamental

    Intermediate School

    21108 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    12:10 PMMuhammad Ali: A Stand for All People

    Sierra Vista Middle School

    21109 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    12:30 PMTerence Powderly: Warrior for Labor Rights

    Sierra Vista Middle School

    Printed on 12/12/20165Event Date: 3/11/2017

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    Time SchoolRoom

    21110 D1005Group DocumentaryJunior

    12:50 PMThe White Rose

    The Pegasus School

    21111 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    9:50 AMThe Danish Resistance: The Savage Canarys Emblemof Fire Jeffrey Trail Middle School

    21112 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    9:30 AMGalileo Galilei: Standing Up for the Scientific Truth

    Lakeside Middle School

    21113 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    10:10 AMThe 442nd Regimental Combat Team: JapaneseAmericans Taking a Stand to Fight for Their Country Lakeside Middle School

    21114 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    10:30 AMWorld War II: Through the Eyes of Germany and theUnited States of America Mariposa Elementary School

    21115 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    11:10 AMTaking a Stand in the Vietnam War Rancho San Joaquin Middle


    21116 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    11:30 AMRonald Reagan's Stand Against Communism

    Shorecliffs Middle School

    21117 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    11:50 AMWilliam Wilberforce: Taking a Stand to Abolish Slavery

    Sierra Vista Middle School

    21118 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    12:10 PMHarriet Tubman

    South Lake Middle School

    21119 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    12:30 PMJacob Riis: Changing History

    Spurgeon Intermediate Schoo

    21120 B-Focus RoomGroup DocumentaryJunior

    12:50 PMPatsy Mink and Her Fight for Title IX

    The Pegasus School

    Printed on 12/12/20166Event Date: 3/11/2017

  • TitleEntry # Div / CategoryInterview

    Time SchoolRoom

    22001 TentIndividual ExhibitJunior

    9:50 AMTaking a Stand Against the British: Gandhi's Salt Marchto the Sea

    Acaciawood PreparatoryAcademy

    22002 TentIndividual ExhibitJunior

    10:00 AMNelson Mandela's Stand