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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>International Year of the Volunteer BMX Sports Western Australia Volunteer &amp; Official Program Slide 2 What is International Year of Volunteers+10? 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers+10 (IYV+10). BMX Sports Western Australia realise what a big contribution volunteers make to the sport and would like to introduce the Volunteer &amp; Officials Awards program. Volunteer recognition Volunteers are the backbone of the sport and recreation industry it would not survive without them. Recognition is vital. Volunteer development A well trained and supported volunteer workforce is more sustainable. Slide 3 Volunteers have a responsibility to ensure they have the time necessary to take on a volunteer position; work within the policies and rules of the organisation; respect the privacy of staff, clients or members and other volunteers; be reliable and dependable; complete agreed hours and tasks; inform the organisation when they will not be available to volunteer; be loyal to the organisation; speak up about important issues and concerns; attend orientation and training sessions; follow directions given by supervisors; be a team player and support staff and other volunteers; be considerate about the views of staff, clients or members and other volunteers; identify their limitations and expectations; be accountable and accept constructive criticism. Slide 4 Valuing our Volunteers Our organisation, BMX Sports Western Australia, recognises the importance of supporting and recognising volunteers so they feel valued and are able to carry out the duties they have been given. The International Year of Volunteers+10 provides an exciting opportunity for sport and recreation to focus on its volunteers, the role they perform, the contribution they make and how to support and recognise them in their work. Volunteers are ordinary people making an extraordinary contribution. They truly are the spirit of the BMX community! Slide 5 BMX Sports Western Australia Volunteer Plan Slide 6 Club Volunteers - Monthly BMXWA will recognise one Volunteer per club per month. Clubs are to send in a name, photo and brief description of what their nominated person has achieved. Monthly winner will go in a draw to receive $100 voucher. Winners photo &amp; story will go on BMXWA website. BMXWA will have a Volunteer Gallery on website to include photos at any stage throughout the year. Slide 7 Club Volunteers - Yearly All Clubs to put in one name of a volunteer that has contributed throughout the year to go into a final draw. This can be one of the monthly volunteers or someone different. Winner will be drawn at Annual Awards Night. Winner will receive a full BMXA membership for the year to the value of $143. Slide 8 Super Series Volunteers Volunteer duties will continue at Super Series. Every rider wishing to qualify for 2011/2012 Super Series must provide a Volunteer for 1 x moto over the course of the season. A register of volunteers will be kept by BMXWA. At the end of year all Volunteer names will go into the draw to win a Full year of Super Series fees paid to the value of $165. To be drawn at Annual Awards Night. Slide 9 Officials at Super Series Accredited officials will go on a Roster at beginning of season, with allowance for newly accredited officials to be added to work alongside existing officials, this will enable them to familiarise themselves with real events. Officials will need to complete 2 x motos per event to qualify for reward. Officials will be rewarded at each event with a $10 canteen voucher. Chief Race Commissaries (1) Corner Marshall (3) Commentators (2) Slide 10 Official Learning &amp; Development Officials in BMX are required to be accredited to levels that suit their required events. Clubs are required to have a minimum of 3% of their member numbers accredited to entry level Offical. BMX Sports Western Australia is offering each club a voucher for (1) person per year to complete the entry level Officiating course. Clubs must also commit an additional (1) person per year to complete the entry level Officiating Course. Entry Level Officiating course will include all Manuals, log books, Official Shirt. </p>