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Title: Interior Painting: Color SymbolismArticle Summary: There are three group of colors used in interior painting and they are: active passive and neutral. Active colors are those that advance when placed near the passive colors. Passive Colors recede when used against the active ones, and Neutral colors are those who are light colored that are somehow colorless.Article Body

The colors on your walls where you may use on your home may interpret on what type of person you are. Most of us are unaware of this fact, but we as individuals are subconsciously drawn to specific colors that appeal to our emotions. This is a way for others to respond to your style of interior painting Fort Worth TX and designing; when a person is surrounded with the color blue, they may feel calm and at peace. However, if you place a person in a room that is colored red, he may feel stressed and bothered. In this article we would discuss the meaning of colors and how may you use them in achieving the atmosphere that you desire in interior decorating.

The Three Group of Colors

When we discuss color symbolism, we are referring to the three groups of color that are:




These colors may evoke a certain type of emotions, which is why before choosing a certain color for your walls and ceiling, consider the effect of it and how may it affect the ambience of the room.

Active colors this group of colors are those that advance when placed near the passive colors. These colors are bold and will stand out. The bright color of these paints may supply strong message that would portray a very warm appeal. The examples of these colors are yellow, red, and shades of red.

Passive Colors This recede when used against the active ones. The colors are calming to the eyes and it provides a cool aura that influences the atmosphere of the room. The colors include: blue, green, and purple.

Neutral colors these colors are those who are light colored that are somehow colorless. These colors will blend with any decoration, complement a more prominent color and it is easier to use. The colors within this group include gray, taupe, beige and brown. This group of colors is commonly used for decorating your home.

Popular Shades used in interior Painting

Red it is a color that can stimulate different emotions. It makes a person feel passionate, powerful, or even angry, where it is the best choice among men in home decorating.

Blue the color symbolism in blue is unique, it can elicit a feeling of serenity and bring a feeling of sadness when used with the wrong shade. Bright shades of blue such as sky-blue bring positive emotion for interior decorating where it is a wonderful color used in relaxation room such as bedroom or bathroom.

Orange- it is a color uncommonly seen in homes where it is not often used for interior decorating, when the right shade is used, it offers a very exquisite result. It is an energetic color that provides the feeling of happiness and peace.

Green it is calming, inspiring and relaxing color for interior walls. It can be used for different rooms inside the house with success because it brings the aura of peace, balance and a sense of well being.

Purple royalty and mystery represents this color. The color stimulates creativity and learning and it is an excellent selection for childrens room due to its power of creativity it provides.

Yellow It is a happy color where it could be inspiring. The yellow is the color of lemons and the sun. if you are looking for a paint color that would invigorate the mind and senses, you cannot simply go wrong using this color. Most intelligent people love the color of yellow and the light shades of yellow provides inspiring yet elegant color used in interior walls.

These colors can help you maximize the design and style of your home while conveying a message to occupants and to your visitors. While choosing the right shade of color may provide excellence and create atmosphere, it is important to understand what color you may want for your home before deciding what color you will use for interior walls.