intellectual property and non-profits

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Intellectual Property And Non-Profits

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Presentation given to Team NFP relating Intellectual Property to Non-Profits.


  • Intellectual Property And Non-Profits
  • About Your Speaker Andrew L. Eisenberg - IP Attorney Lee & Hayes, PLLC - General Counsel Audiotoniq, Inc. - Associate L.C. Begin and Associates - Dell, Inc. - University of Michigan B.S.E. - University of Notre Dame J.D.
  • Growth of Intellectual Property S&P 500 S&P 500 1970 Intangible Today Intangible Tangible Tangible
  • - Copyrights - Creative Expressions - Trademarks - Identifiers in Commerce - Patents - New, Useful, and Non-Obvious Type of Intellectual Property
  • - Good Will associated with the Company - Family of Marks - Trade Dress (if you have a product) - Protect Company Growth Brand Value and Trademarks
  • Brand Value Example V.
  • - Strategic Partners - Vertical/Horizontal Licensing For-Profit Partners
  • Innovation and invention are the life blood of AMF. When our scientists discover novel technology, inventions are documented and reviewed internally by a multi-disciplinary group representing science, legal, operational, clinical and regulatory groups. Inventions are subjected to a patentability review, and ultimately patents are filed in the United States and selected foreign countries. AMF currently holds over 140 US patents and 80 foreign patents covering a wide range of technologies. We develop products around these technologies, and hope to license or sell the rights to these products in order to commercialize them and, through royalties and other payments, bring revenues back to AMF to continue to fund further work in pursuit of our mission. Alfred Mann Foundation
  • - Build good will by telling stories of people we have helped - Build good will by telling stories of past accomplishments (or products launched) - Ask for donations for their Current Focus or build new technologies Alfred Mann Foundation Contd
  • Our mission, "So the World May Hear," is about bringing understanding between people through caring and sharing. We believe caring develops trust and by sharing we find our humanity. We believe by growing engagement in this cause that we can increase tolerance and respect for life.. Starkey Foundation
  • - Public Service Arm of Starkey Hearing Technologies - Starkey Hearing Technologies does the development and IP related activities - Starkey Foundation collects donations and uses the donations to buy hearing aids from Starkey Hearing Technologies for the hearing impaired Starkey Foundation Contd
  • - EMI, RPX, other Aggregators - Merchandising Rights - Non-Practicing Entities Licensing Revenue
  • - Donation of a painting with Copyrights attached - Sell or license the right to make copies (e.g., prints or lithographs) Licensing Example
  • - Platform Play - Develop by Ericsson and spun off as a not-for-profit - Published the specification and allow everyone to license the patents for free - License the Bluetooth trademark to companies incorporating Bluetooth in their products Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • - Typically are based on all tangible and intangible assets - Most banks give no credit to IP - Bank may extend revolving credit lines when your intangible assets are valued - Bank may grant a new loan when IP is valued and insured Credit Lines
  • - Law Firms - Take 33% - Subsidiaries - Bring on investors to support enforcement (like a start-up) Enforcement Revenue
  • - Aggregators - Non-Practicing Entities - OceanTomo/ICAP Sell Unwanted IP
  • Questions? Andrew Eisenberg 512.456.5140 | [email protected] 13809 Research Boulevard, Suite 405 | Austin, Texas 78750