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Slides from AISACT presentation to Secondary teachers on using iPads


  • 1. Integrating iPadsinto the Classroom:Secondary SchoolsDay 2Spectronics Consultancy teamfor AISACT, September 2014

2. 2 3. Amanda HartmannInclusive Technology Consultant(Speech Pathologist) 4. 4Spectronics Consultancy 5. 6. 7. Slides available:on SLIDE SHARE 8. QR Code 9. changingtechnology 10. literacy today 11. Differentiation 12. It Can't Teach 13. Engage studentsDeliver contentImprove learningAccommodate all learners 14. 15. The Myth of AverageTodd Rose 16. designed for AVERAGE 17. ban the AVERAGEdesign for the EDGES 18. Chris Windsor / Getty Imagesone size fits all 19. Adjustable Seat for Learning?Todd Rose at TEDxSonomaCounty! 20. designed for the average? 21. design to the EDGES 22. What is average?Edyburn (2006) 23. preparenotrepair 24. when what is suddenly possible meetswhat is desperately necessaryThomas Friedman 2012 25. ban the averagenow suddenly possible 26. !!Day will cover:!1. Top iPad tips and tricks!2. Hands on practice:Key classroom apps - multi-functional!!3. Exploring Apps & Website for:Reading & Access to Learning contentWriting and new literaciesOrganisation and other executive functionsCreation of Content!What to expect today 27. and the presenter saidyou can take notes 28. What you already 29. consider 30. COLLABORATE 31. createBy Blake Patterson [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons 32. considercollaboratecreate 33. Universal Design for LearningMultiple Means of!!Representation!Action and Expression!EngagementMultiple Means ofEngagement!Representation!Action and Expression 34. 35. see, read, hear 36. Promote resourceful &knowledgeable learnersbyproviding options in the wayinformation is offered andunderstoodsee, read, hear 37. Text 38. Text to speechSettings! General/Accessibility/Vision / Speak selection! Clear formatting tool!!!!!! 39. ComprehensionApps! Readability Score! iReadWrite!!Other resources!! ! LMGTFY!! 40. OCR ToolsApps! Prizmo! Pixter! TextGrabber!!! 41. Audio 42. Create AudioApps! ClaroSpeak! Voice Reader!! 43. video 44. Video CreationApps! 30hands! Pixntell! Explain Everything!!Video editing! iMovie 45. QR Codes 46. QR Codes 47. QR CodesApps! Scan - QR Code andBarcode Reader! Qrafter Pro 48. QR CodesWeb based QR Code generators! 49. create ebooks 50. eBooksApps! Book Creator! Creative Book Builder 51. eBooksSoftware! iBooks Author viaMacbook 52. Supporting organisationand other executivefunctions! 53. executive functions 54. Promote strategic,goal-directed learnersbyproviding options forexecutive functionsorganisation 55. quality of thinkingdrops away quicklyonce cognitive loadincreases beyondfour items 56. Cognitive LoadApps! SafeShare TV! tldr Reader!!Resources! simple wikipedia! Cut out all of the extras around the edgeof a Youtube video & ! ! Reader Button in Safari via SpeakSelection!!! 57. Information GatheringApps! Pinterest! Side by Side! Sling Note! Google Scholar!!!!! 58. ReferencingApps! Easy APA! EasyBib!!Other Resources! Google scholar!!! 59. Video NotesApps! Tubenotes!!Resources! is a free web tool that allowsstudents to take notes on a video they arewatching !!! 60. Mind MappingApps! Popplet! Inspiration Maps!!!! 61. use the cloud 62. Using the Cloud! Evernote! Dropbox! Google drive!!! 63. RemindersApps! Forgetful! Mylillist! Nozbe! Reminders! Calendar!!! 64. Supporting writing andthe new literacies 65. write 66. Promote strategic,goal-directed learnerswritebyproviding options foraction and expression 67. why?Q W E R T Y 68. another way? 69. Spelling & GrammarApps! Ginger Page 70. Word PredictionApps! WriteOnline! iReadWrite! ClaroSpeak - Australian Edition! Co:Writer! iWordQ! AppWriter 71. Keyboard AlternativesHandWriting Recognition Apps! Input Path ! Write Pad! MyScript Notes Mobile!! 72. Speech RecognitionApps! Dragon Dictation!Settings! General/Siri !! 73. Note TakingApps! ClaroPDF! Evernote! Skitch! AudioNote! SoundNote! Notability 74. Moving forward 75. Using a new tool you have learnt today:What is one possibility you will implementwriteand how you will do this? 76. Set a reminder for 2 weeks time 77. 44Where to get more information 78. Facebook955 millionTwitter500 million1.23 Billion Aprox 1 Billion 79. 80. Facebook Pages Spectronics!! ISTE SETSIG!! Technology in Education!! National Center on UDL! 81. Twitter @ people to follow 82. Twitter # topics to follow 83. Can not get to a conference?Follow the conference #Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference (OZ)#ILT2014!!ISTE (USA)!#ISTE2014!!Other examples? 84. Social!!!! 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. HOW WILL YOU:ban the average?explore the possibilities? 91. the most crucial factor "= you 92. Possibilities 93. Amanda HartmannSpeech PathologistInclusive Technology ConsultantE: