Integrate Odoo with your DMS using CMIS

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<ul><li> Integrate OpenERP with your DMS using CMIS Maxime Chambreuil June the 5th, 2014 </li> <li> Speaker Maxime Chambreuil Odoo Practice Leader @ Savoir-faire Linux Founding member of the OCA Savoir-faire Linux Odoo Gold Partner in Canada Alfresco Gold Partner Nuxeo Partner </li> <li> Agenda Introduction Scenarii Install and Configure Demo How to contribute Q &amp; A </li> <li> Introduction DMS Document Management System System to track and store electronic documents CMIS Content Management Interoperability Services Open standard that allows different document management systems to inter-operate over the Internet Supported by : Alfresco Apache Chemistry Exo Platform Nuxeo Modules developed by El Hadji Dem, Savoir-faire Linux based on the work of Jos Colpaert, Odoo SA </li> <li> Scenarii Read Browse to your Odoo record Select a document in the DMS Store it in the Odoo database Write Configure metadata Store every Odoo documents in the DMS instead of the Odoo database </li> <li> Install and Configure Install cmis_read or/and cmis_write depends on cmis and connector </li> <li> Install and Configure Configure the backend Test the connection and directory rights </li> <li> Install and Configure cmis_write Configure metadata to send to DMS </li> <li> Demo Add document from DMS </li> <li> Demo Search in the DMS </li> <li> How to contribute Test with other DMS Report bugs Translate Join the team and the OCA </li> </ul>


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