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Instructions for Authors

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Instructions for Authors. Login as a member and go to My ECHO Images. Continue. Follow the Instructions. THESE WILL HELP YOU PREPARE FOR THE IMAGE UPLOAD. Data Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

Page 2: Instructions for Authors

Login as a member and go to My ECHO Images


Page 3: Instructions for Authors

Follow the Instructions



Page 4: Instructions for Authors

Data Protection

Before uploading any images, please remember to remove all personal and identifier details including dates, hospital names and even sonographer initial.

Image Collection

1.Author to give image collection a title2.Author to decide which section the case report should be submitted to (there is a website index system to select from)3.Propose 2-3 keywords (to allow for indexing of cases)4.The description word count should be between 20-100 words5.There is a maximum of 6 images (mixture of echo loops and still images), unless more approved by the editor6.Each figure or echo loop should be accompanied by a legend (short summary description)7.There should be up to 5 recent references relevant to the pathology (preferably published within previous 5 years)8.Comments: The only abbreviations permitted are those established in the literature (e.g. TOE, TTE, CABG, CAD/IHD, MI, PW, CW)

Page 5: Instructions for Authors

Echo loops requirements

1.All identifying information is removed (name of patient, ID number)2.Each echo loop should be between 2-4 cycles3.ECG must be present (unless reason explained)4.Echo loops/clips should not be more than 10MB5.Looping video should be encoded in either .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv formatsThese will be converted to ACTA ECHO video format and an "ACTA" watermark added before release

Still image requirements

1.All identifying information is removed (name of patient, ID number)2.JPG / TIF figures that are at least 1024px wide x 768px high (to permit adequate resolution for the website)An "ACTA" watermark added before release

The ACTA Echo Rounds Committee reserve the right to

1.Reject/edit videos, images and text when necessary2.Replace/update videos, images and text on the website3.Archive reports, videos, images on the website4.Add an opinion at the end of the study

Page 6: Instructions for Authors

Slide Title : Slide 1 etc

NOTESection AssignedTitle of collection


Collection Description

Collection References

Up to 6 images / loopsper collection

An example of a collection

Page 7: Instructions for Authors

My ECHO Collections

Create a new collection

Page 8: Instructions for Authors

Give the overall collection a title

Creating an Image Collection

Provide several keywords Keywords are used for searching

Provide author details Include location and email addresses

Page 9: Instructions for Authors

Add description for collection

Add references for collection

Add other comments – if any

Indicate section of website index

Page 10: Instructions for Authors

Click on link to view / add images

Images can be added once ECHO collection title details have been submitted

Page 11: Instructions for Authors

Click on link add a new image to this collection title

Page 12: Instructions for Authors

Add a title for the image

Add a description for the image

Upload your image

Image types permitted include

static images: jpg, tiflooping images: avi, mov, mpg, wmv

Page 13: Instructions for Authors

After the image has been uploaded, you can make corrections using the EDIT option, or you can

continue and add the remainder of your images

Page 14: Instructions for Authors

When finished, return to the collection home

Select the link to “Go back to collection”

Page 15: Instructions for Authors

Select “My ECHO Images”

Page 16: Instructions for Authors

Select List “awaiting approval” to see the list of image collections awaiting authorisation to be


Page 17: Instructions for Authors

The ACTA ECHO Rounds Committee will have been notified of your image submission

Approval may take 7 – 10 days

Check back often to see if your images have been authorised for release