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  • 1. Instagram vs Pinterest: Torn Between Two Photo Sharing Lovers with Laura Williams
  • 2. Caught in the Middle of a Love Triangle You have Instagram on one side and Pinterest on the other. Unless you have a huge marketing budget and loads of spare time, you probably dont want to commit to both. So instead, youre likely put in the position to choose which of the photo sharing sites is going to get your full-time affection. 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 3. Instagram 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 4. Instagram Instagram has garnered a lot of attention recently particularly after it was purchased by social media giant Facebook. Additionally, nearly every celebrity, pop culture icon and sports star has an Instagram account where they post real photos of their lives (some of which we could probably do without seeing). 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 5. Pinterest 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 6. Pinterest Pinterest is a little different than Instagram. Although youre still sharing photos, youre not sharing personal photos. Pinterest is a good tool for anyone who wants to create an entire culture that revolves around a particular brand. Users pin photos to their boards of anything they like or are inspired by, and then others re-pin these items. 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 7. Pinterest One advantage of Pinterest for anyone interested in marketing is that images are linked to the source, which means if your photos are re-pinned frequently, youre driving traffic to your website. 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 8. Which Is Right for You? The primary factor to keep in mind when deciding whether to focus your energy on Pinterest or Instagram is who youre targeting. Pinterest tends to be primarily geared toward the arts, crafting and fashion, and if your brand doesnt fit in with these concepts, youre likely going to be wasting your time with Pinterest. 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 9. Pinterest vs Instagram Instagram is more versatile and everyone from top retailers to companies like General Electric use Pinterest. Its a great site for creating engagement because users can gain an insight into the inner workings of your company, and you can also have contests and ask for feedback that will make your followers feel like theyre a part of what youre doing. 2013 Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services
  • 10. Thanks for Kicking-ass! For more info please contact: Laura Williams, Principle Consultant Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services Phone: 02 9099 8003 Email: Web: Skype: redapplevas Postal: PO Box 6831 Tweed Heads South NSW 2486 2013 Finance