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An inspiring collection of people and why Community Organisers think they're great.


  • 1. Inspiring People As chosen by Community Organisers
  • 2. Ian Brocklebank Romo Dallaire commanded the UN forces in Rwanda throughout the 1994 genocide and by his actions saved many lives in spite of his mandate and a lack of interest from the wider international community
  • 3. Ian Brocklebank Jane Tomlinson was a tireless fundraiser for a variety of causes in her native Yorkshire. Again at quite an early age, she took a pragmatic but aggressive stance against her illness and how debilitating it became, a real example of the indomitable human spirit.
  • 4. Kevin Hambly Oliver Cromwell stood against the tyranny and dictatorship of the King then with the help of the people changed our History for the good of the people. I also love the fact that when the fat cats in parliament weren't doing what they were elected to do, with the use of the Army he kicked them out and forced a 're-election of the entire Parliament. I am hoping our Community Organising Army can achieve the same!
  • 5. Ian Brocklebank - Sarah Outen is currently starting a cycle traverse of Canada having previously rowed the pacific solo, before that as part of a self powered journey round the world from London to London she cycled across Europe china and Japan. It's being done in support of a range of charities including water aid and arthritis care and to raise funds for the same. The last leg involves a solo row across the pacific back to London, she is a truly inspirational young woman.
  • 6. Ian Brocklebank - likewise Ruth Picardie chronicled her battle against cancer which killed her very young highlighting the inequities of our health system and societal attitudes to terminal illness
  • 7. Zac de la Rocha Rage Against the Machine
  • 8. Pamela Smith Churchill, Inspirational Speaker


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