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  • 1. Inspiring Ourselvesto Sheer Excellence. By: Tsuwa Thompson

2. What I will be sharing with you.. 3 Lessons of 3 Guiding RemarksOlympic Excellence 3. What is inspiration? To awaken, To fill with emotion, To motivate, To cause a new trend.New energy that propels us into positive action. 4. Question Who inspires you?List three people who aresources of inspiration to you. 5. Question What you learn?Write down one major lesson you have learnt that was inspirational. The words of Paul Philippians 3 vs 17. 6. Todays lessons3 Lessons of Olympic Excellence David Rudisha(800m Gold medalist & World record holder) 7. Lessons 1: Greatness is possible. David started at the bottom of the athleticspyramid. Five years ago, the Kenyan was an averagedecathlete competing near his village. Many would have written David off. Today the Olympic gold, the world record, andDavid is the master of the 800m race. Every country has its rags to riches story.David is not dreaming, he is living out greatness fortoday hes crowned the undisputed king of the 800m discipline. 8. Lessons 1: Greatness is possible. Let your dedication and determination matchthe sufficient grace God (I Corinthians 15 vs.10). People will promote you based on yourdiligence and not your faith (Proverbs 22 vs. 29). Never doubt yourself, more importantly, neverdoubt the Lord (James 1 vs. 5-7).Through diligence, dedication and determination we can live our dreams and we can fulfil our visions. 9. Lessons 2: Gun for Sheer Excellence. There is good, there is better, and there is best. Some Olympians chose to be the best i.e. goldbut missed world record fame by 2-5 milliseconds.Best doesnt compare to sheer excellence. David sought excellence that no one couldcontest or deny. He broke the 800m world record intosmithereens.Rudishas one minute 40.91 seconds set a newbenchmark in an event where only three other men in 36 years have set world records BBC Sports 10. Lessons 2: Gun for Sheer Excellence. Applaud your successes but do not besatisfied when there is so much more(Ephesians 3 vs. 20). Ask yourself a question how and wherecan I be better? (Philippians 4 vs. 13). Set a laudable target for yourself and breaka record (Philippians 3 vs. 13).We need to start to think of sheer excellence in all we donot just gold medals. 11. Lessons 3: Seek to Inspire Others. Never has an 800m race been so beautifullyrun. Every single man ran the fastest ever time fortheir placing in history BBC Sports. It took the guts and spirit of one man to inspirehis fellow runners to personal glory. His countrymen were inspired and raked inmore Gold medals.There is no question about impact that David made in thelives of fellow athletes in London. 12. Lessons 3: Seek to Inspire Others. Embrace the right mindset, dont be selfcentred (Philippians 2 vs. 3-5). Go out of your way to find opportunitiesto inspire people (Hebrews 10 vs. 24). Continue to be excellent and by so doingchallenge others to be better (Philippians 1vs. 14).Provoke and inspire people to levels of greatness thatthey thought was just a dream. 13. 3 Guiding Remarks. Be humble theres is dignity inlabour. Maintain the right focus likeJesus, go about your Fathersbusiness. Failure is not a myth, but neither isGod. Embrace the right attitude. 14. Food for thought. What area could you excel insignificantly over the next one month?Is there someone you could inspire andpropel to success with your support overthe next 3 months? 15. Be inspired and be an inspiration. You are the potter, heres the clay. 16. THANK YOU.