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Inspiring and Delivering Outstanding Student Excellence. IJAS 2014 Toronto May 19 2014 Richard J Self, University of Derby School Learning and Teaching Advisor /. Summary. Leading horses to water syndrome - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Does IT Matter?

Richard J Self - University of Derby1Inspiring and Delivering Outstanding Student ExcellenceIJAS 2014Toronto May 19 2014Richard J Self, University of DerbySchool Learning and Teaching

1SummaryLeading horses to water syndromeScheduled contact time too valuable to wasteDeliver very high levels of achievementGreat Satisfaction2Richard J Self - University of DerbyAgendaThe ProblemA SolutionThe ResultsReflection

3Richard J Self - University of DerbyContextTraditional Approach (Teach)Academic as Domain expert?Knowledge Transfer to Students?BMEI grade deficitSuccessful Approach (Facilitate Learning)Academic as Skills expertStudents learn by doing researchNo BMEI DeficitPublishable Work

4Richard J Self - University of DerbyLeaky Buckets? Education is not filling (leaky) buckets but lighting fires (of enthusiasm)Plutarch (amended) Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination is infiniteAlbert EinsteinI have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.Albert Einstein

5Richard J Self - University of DerbyThe ProblemLow levels of achievementBMEI deficitLack of enthusiasm6Richard J Self - University of DerbyA SolutionResearch based learningSkills guidanceOne-to-One guidanceBroad Assignment topic, negotiated topicClear, relevant, simple marking criteriaFormalised Final draft assignment reviewRedraft and submit7Richard J Self - University of DerbyThe ModulesBoth are final year, final semester Capstone modulesEnterprise SystemsInformation Security and Assurance50 to 55 students, three BSc programmesVery broad assignment topicsBig Data for SMEs:- Questions of Opportunities, Challenges, Benefits and Operations] and [Ethics, Trust, Governance, Security, Audit and Provenance]8Richard J Self - University of DerbyResultsEliminates BMEI deficitImproves grades by average of 15% to 18%Module average grade of 73% - 78%High numbers of cited sourcesAlmost eliminates failuresProvides publication and editing CV entriesAids employability9Richard J Self - University of DerbySome details of the ResultsRichard J Self - University of Derby10Grade Distribution11Richard J Self - University of Derby

Ethnicity Impact12Richard J Self - University of Derby

Quality of Research13Richard J Self - University of Derby

Average25Median22average23median22Final Draft Review Impact14Richard J Self - University of Derby

ESISAPublicationsEnterprise Systems44 articlesInformation Security and Assurance38 ArticlesTo be published at 15Richard J Self - University of DerbyStudent Feedback - ES16Richard J Self - University of Derby

Student Feedback - ISA17Richard J Self - University of Derby

ReflectionDo not waste time on teaching factsTrust students to learnAsk questions, rarely give answers!Coach and mentorDevelop skillsStudents can achieve amazing resultsHigh expectations lead to great achievementStudents can surprise themselves

18Richard J Self - University of DerbyReferences (1)Plutarch, (100 AD) On Listening to Lectures (De auditu), in Moralia (Vol 1, 3),*.html , Accessed 18 May 201419Richard J Self - University of DerbyReferences (2)Alltree, J., Barefoot, H., Flynn, S., Haddleton, F., Weston, K. and Wright, M. (2010) The University of Hertfordshires Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Equality Challenge Units (ECUs) Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Summit project Report April 2010, University of Hertfordshire, , (accessed 10 Feb 2014)Berry,J., Loke, J. (2011) Improving the degree attainment of Black and minority ethnic students Final Report, HEA, , (Accessed 10 Feb 2014)20Richard J Self - University of DerbyReferences (3)HEA (2011) Improving the degree attainment of Black and minority ethnic students, 17-03-2011, UK Higher Education Academy, , (accessed 10 Feb 2014)Self, R.J., (2013) Students Can do Research and Can Deliver Strong Bibliographies!, International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Toronto, Canada, May 2013, Volume 06, Number 04, pp 247259, ISSN:1944-6934Senior, N. (2013) Exploring the retention and attainment of black and minority ethic (BME) students on Social Policy pathways in higher education, , (accessed 10 Feb 2014)21Richard J Self - University of DerbyReferences (4)Stevenson, J. (2010) Enhancing BME student success through staff-student collaboration, Summit Programme to Promote Student Success: Improving the Degree Attainment of Black and Minority Ethnic Students, , (Accessed 10 Feb 2014)University of Northampton, (2009) The University of Northampton - Improving the degree attainment of Black and minority ethnic students, (accessed 10 Feb 2014)

22Richard J Self - University of DerbyCohort100319588 Al Yousif,MohammedBSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100286868Abdulla,Mohammed Saeed S HBSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100200823Ahmed,FarahBSc H Information TechnologyHome100310951Aladawi,Awfa Ghasab S KBSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100312887Al-Emadi,Hassan MohammedBSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100093019Al-Shahri,Maha Ibrahim M ABSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100310963Al-Suwaidi,Ali Essa S ABSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100127887Barter,Oliver WBSc H Computer ScienceHome100212621Bateman,MathewBSc H Computer ScienceHome100220497Briggs,WilliamBSc H Computer ScienceHome100145413Charlton,AdamBSc H Computer ScienceHome100175836Clark,AlexBSc H Information TechnologyHome100165815Coulter,ShaneBSc H Computer ScienceHome100176375Davies,William MarkBSc H Computer ScienceHome100220289Drozdz,Marcin TomaszBSc H Information TechnologyEuropean Union100320639Ekundayo,AnthonyBSc H Information TechnologyHome100162864Finlay,Paul William SidneyBSc H Information TechnologyHome100146503Fox,Oliver JoelBSc H Information TechnologyHome100226661Haroon,MohammedBSc H Information TechnologyHome100053765Heeley,RobertBSc H Computer ScienceHome100113644Hill,James LawrenceBSc H Computer ScienceHome100118394Hunt,James AdamBSc H Computer ScienceHome100323055Inokotong,Edidiong EmmanuelBSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100176371Iqbal,BalalBSc H Computer ScienceHome100131499James,SamuelBSc H Computer ScienceHome100239972King,MichaelBSc H Information TechnologyHome100332523Kozi, VasilikiErasmus100242939Kypri,DaniellaBSc H Information TechnologyHome100245052Luksys,EvaldasBSc H Information TechnologyEuropean Union100204707Mawhinney,LiamBSc H Information TechnologyHome100124809Moreton,ThomasBSc H Computer ScienceHome100158405Nagra,AmrithBSc H Information TechnologyHome100226522Naru,UmairBSc H Information TechnologyHome100218784Obisesan,Feyisayo EniolaBSc H Information TechnologyHome100314649Panagiotidou,Maria EleniErasmus100284606Perkins,Gwyn Dafydd OwenBSc H Information TechnologyHome100200699Ranson,SimonBSc H Computer ScienceHome100172709Rawlings,JoeBSc H Computer ScienceHome100083939Reis,Joao Vasco ZurzicaBSc H Information TechnologyHome100148107Ride,TimBSc H Computer ScienceHome100144244Ridgway,Stephen DaleBSc H Computer ScienceHome100275947Samarah,KareemBSc H Information TechnologyOverseas100222105Satala, ThomasBSc H Information Technology100152687Shakil,UmarBSc H Information TechnologyEuropean Union100177869Simms,WesleyBSc H Computer ScienceHome100177333Smith,MatthewBSc H Computer ScienceHome100196729Trow,JoshBSc H Computer ScienceHome100332522Tsatsalidou,EvridikiErasmus100153986Walji,YasminBSc H Computer ScienceHome100166340Williams,Daniel MarkBSc H Computer ScienceHome100276785Adel Alsooj

Draft Review ScheduleSchedule of Individual Reviews of your Final DraftNameDayDateTime Al Yousif,MohammedMondayMonday, March 31, 201414:00Abdulla,Mohammed Saeed S HMondayMonday, March 31, 201414:12Mawhinney,LiamMondayMonday, March 31, 201414:24Aladawi,Awfa Ghasab S KMondayMonday, March 31, 201414:36Al-Emadi,Hassan MohammedMondayMonday, March 31, 201414:48Al-Shahri,Maha Ibrahim M AMondayMonday, March 31, 201415:00Al-Suwaidi,Ali Essa S AMondayMonday, March 31, 201415:12Barter,Oliver WMondayMonday, March 31, 201415:24Bateman,MathewMondayMonday, March 31, 201415:36Briggs,WilliamMondayMonday, March 31, 201415:48Charlton,AdamMondayMonday, March 31, 201416:00Clark,AlexMondayMonday, March 31, 201416:12Coulter,ShaneMondayMonday, March 31, 201416:24Davies,William MarkMondayMonday, March 31, 201416:36Drozdz,Marcin TomaszMondayMonday, March 31, 201416:48Ekundayo,AnthonyMondayMonday, March 31, 201417:00Finlay,Paul William SidneyMondayMonday, March 31, 201417:12Rawlings,JoeMondayMonday, March 31, 201417:24

Fox,Oliver JoelThursdayThursday, April 03, 20149:00Haroon,MohammedThursdayThursday, April 03, 20149:12Heeley,RobertThursdayThursday, April 03, 20149:24Hill,James LawrenceThursdayThursday, April 03, 20149:36Hunt,James AdamThursdayThursday, April 03, 20149:48Inokotong,Edidiong EmmanuelThursdayThursday, April 03, 201410:00Iqbal,BalalThursdayThursday, April 03, 201410:12James,SamuelThursdayThursday, April 03, 201410:24King,MichaelThursdayThursday, April 03, 201410:36

Kozi, VasilikiMonday7-Apr-1414:00Kypri,DaniellaMonday7-Apr-1414:12Luksys,EvaldasMonday7-Apr-1414:24Mawhinney,LiamMonday7-Apr-1414:36Moreton,ThomasMonday7-Apr-1414:48Nagra,AmrithMonday7-Apr-1415:00Naru,UmairMonday7-Apr-1415:12Obisesan,Feyisayo EniolaMonday7-Apr-1415:24Panagiotidou,Maria EleniMonday7-Apr-1415:36


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