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  • 1. Inspire Dreams 75 years ago a school started Today its a High School 1000+ students & 20+ teachers A helicopter trip toinspire & be inspired

2. 1625 -1918Mr. Alis Family Tree Mr. Alis FamilyfoundedtheLankakhola High Schoolin 1934 3. School Started in 1934 1978 -Mr. Ali and his two brothers in the Lankakhola High School ground. 4.

  • News Article onMr. Ali


  • OBITUARY ofMr. ALI-- Rochester NY Newspaper

6. Helicopter used to fly to the Lankakhola High School-- 7. Inside Helicopter on the way to the Lankakhola High School-- 8. Flying to the Lankakhola High School-- a view of landscape 9. Landing at the Lankakhola High School field -- 10. A large crowd of over 500 gathered to welcome 11. Addressing a crowd of over 500 to inspire -- 12. Greeted by Family-- 13. Visiting Family Homestead -mingling -- 14. Preparing for departure 15. Preparing for flightback to Dhaka Airport -- 16. Ready toTake off saying Goodbyes -- 17. During Take off powerfulwinds -- 18. During Take off powerfulwinds -- 19. During Take off powerfulwinds -- 20. My life purpose isto make a better world through supportingEducation Build a Library in the school by Dec 31 2010. Build a Technical Vocational Community College - 2015 What is your Life Goal? What are you passionate about? 21. Things You Can DoToastmasters- Youth Leadership Program Junior Achievement-