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  • 1. Horror films are unsettling movies that striveto elicit the emotions of fear, disgust andhorror from viewers.Plots written within the horror genre ofteninvolve the intrusion of an evil force, event,or personage, commonly of supernaturalorigin, into the everyday world.

2. Director: Eli RothWriters: Eli Roth, Randy Pearlstein, and 1more credit Stars:Jordan Ladd, Rider Strong andJames DeBelloPlot: A group of five college graduates renta cabin in the woods and begin to fallvictim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus,which attracts the unwanted attention ofthe homicidal locals. 3. Director: Ronny YuWriters: Don Mancini (characters), DonManciniStars: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif andKatherine HeiglPlot: Chucky hooks up with anothermurderous doll, the bridal gown-cladTiffany, for a Route 66 murder spreewith their unwitting hosts, two elopinghigh-school graduates. 4. The movies CABIN FEVER and THEBRIDE OF CHUCKY has a target audiencefrom the age of 15years upwards.It specifically for this age group because ofthe theme used which was about teenagers. 5. SCENES FROM CABIN FEVER The camera shot for this scene is a mini close up shot of his face to demonstrate fear, disgust and anxiety to the audience. It has a high pitch music with a base drum beat which sounds like a heart beat as it makes the movie a suspense for the audience and gets them glue to their seats. 6. This scene has an extreme shot of the two characters and it was shot from a high angle making them look small and low. It also gives the audience a sense of what is going on at that moment.The camera shot of thisThere was a still shot at thatmovie is a bit of close up moment.shot because it makesThe music at this scene wasthe audience guess whatvery normal as it was theis about to happen next. atmosphere of love but later high pitched to illustrate theThe music in this scenesense of danger to thewas a high pitch which audience.makes it seem morescary but fades away infew seconds time inother for the character toperform the rite for hergroom. 7. The props of this movie isvery disturbing for theaudience as it hasdisgusting images ofblood everywhere. It alsoshows a man lying on thefloor with gun and otherweapons with him. In this scene the lighting was very dime which makes it more scary because it emphasisThe movie has some death, danger and fear. Itkind of old fashionedcreates suspense to thehumour to it which audience as they dontmakes it moreknow what is going toentertaining and happen next.interesting to theaudience. 8. Both of these movies has a slowpace throughout the sceneswhich makes it more scary forthe audience. 9. Rider Strong as Paul, who grew up withKaren and has a crush on her, althoughthey have never been in a relationship.Paul returns briefly in Cabin Fever 2:Spring Fever.James DeBello as Bert, a vulgar practicaljoker.Jordan Ladd as Karen, a young womanwho has known Paul for many years.Cerina Vincent as Marcy, a youngwoman who is in a relationship with Jeffat the beginning of the film.Joey Kern as Jeff, a self-centred youngman who is Marcys boyfriend 10. 1. Horror movies always involve 4. Horror always have murder in it. a group of teenagers escaping their everyday lives.( 5. Gore which is blood, cuts and adventure/ trip) human body parts.2. It always have a villian and a 6. It has problems that get out of killer.control. Example lost in a forest or adeadly disease.3. Bad things always happen,e.g killing, torture and pain.