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  • Insignia is the worlds only high-end lifestyle

    management group that oers bespoke nancial and luxury lifestyle services to ultra-high net worth individuals across the globe.

  • Founded in 1996, Insignia currently has oces in New York, London, Vienna, Montreal Dubai, and Moscow, with future plans to open oces in other global capitals.

    InsigniaInsignia oers its members nancial freedom and security through a spectrum of nancial services, including a line of credit cards, secure online banking and a rewards programme. Its lifestyle management facilities give members access to some of the worlds most opulent hotels, exotic travel destinations,destinations, high class restaurants and top fashion brands virtually no request is impossible.

    The company caters to the needs of only the wealthiest elite and membership is restricted to a select number of clients who enjoy a privileged and exclusive luxury lifestyle. Oering its members a unique Luxury Expert-to-member ratio of 2:1, clients can enjoy round-the-clock access to Insignias full range of services erange of services every day of the year.

    Insignias editorial services, such as the glossy, high-end Insignia The Voice of Luxury magazine, provide anyone interested in the world of luxury with a valuable and indulgent resource, in both print and online. In addition, the company delivers a variety of telecom and private member services to give its clients the its clients the very best of all worlds.

  • Our diverse team of strategic nancial partners are committed to the development of an exclusive banking facility which brings fresh thinking to the area of asset protection and wealth management for some of the worlds wealthiest individuals.Along with our premier private banking service which includesincludes an exclusive range of credit cards and a secure online banking service, Insignia bank will cater for our privileged clients needs in terms of wealth and risk management, investments, and brokerage.

    A key element of our vision for a peerless life management service is Insignia Bank. This elite banking service is designed to provide our ultra-high net worth clientele with essential nancial facilities based around three core principles: dynamic management, a truly bespoke service, and ultimate client satisfaction every time. InsigniaInsignia Bank is the product of a series of mutually benecial partnerships with some of most renowned and highly accredited nancial institutions in the world including Bank of America, RBS Coutts, Rothchild, MasterCard and Visa.

  • The needs of our wealthy members and their families are becoming increasingly complex and their busy lifestyles leave them with very little time to eectively manage their assets. Family Oce was designed to relieve them of this burden, to help ensure that their wealth is preserved and increased for future generations and to save them time and anxiety.

    InsigniasInsignias Family Oce coordinates and delivers all the services of a private family oce, drawing on the expertise of highly qualied nancial experts and the companys corporate partnerships. Family Oce provides individual members with a tailored service and access to a powerful team of specialists in private client law, investment management, nancial and retirement planning, private banking, property, tax, compliance, tax planning and accounting.accounting.

    With so many ultra-high net worth individuals operating with cross-border interests and wealth commonly dispersing and rarely surviving beyond three generations, Family Oce can assist in the restructuring of their assets to guarantee continuity and family wealth that will last for generations

    InsigniaFamily Oce

  • Insignia strives to make the day-to-day management of our members commercial interests and monetary necessities convenient and secure through Insignia Online Banking.

    FromFrom the comfort of their own homes, the Insignia online banking portal oers our clients an uncompromised overview of their essential nancial transactions through a range of facilities including exacting itemised statements. This aords them the opportunity to micro-manage their personal expenditure in a convenient, eort-free manner.

    In addition, our online banking facility provides pertinent, up-to-the-minute nancial and global news, which will consistently enrich our clients insights on the multi.

    InIn addition, our online banking facility provides pertinent, up-to-the-minute nancial and global news, which will consistently enrich our clients insights on the multiple commercial markets in which their fortunes are made and sustained


  • Royal & Glamour

    TheThe incomparable resonance of the luxury credit card as a status symbol of the ultra-high net worth individual is embodied in our bespoke range of Credit products, which include our Royal and Glamour Mastercards.

    TheThe Royal Mastercard is designed specically for our privileged male clientele and oers an unparalleled range of exclusive services tailored to the requirements of their elite nancial status and luxuriant lifestyles.

    TheThe Glamour MasterCard is the ultimate lifestyle companion oered exclusively to Insignias elite female members. As one of the worlds most desirable credit products, the Glamour MasterCard ensures unlimited access to luxuries synonymous with lifestyles of opulence and glamouopulence and glamour.

    The Royal and Glamour Mastercards are in themselves luxurious accessories and oer a deluxe range of VIP services and benets. They are free from purchasing authorisation checks and pre-set spending limits;limits; therefore, our elite members can undertake their privileged purchases and indulgences free from the possibility of their transactions being rejected or declined.

    In addition, our clients can enjoy the benets of discounted hotel, resort, spa and air travel prices through our exclusive Corporate Rate Agreement. The benets of this parallel card service even extend to clientclient health: under our premium cover plan members can benet from complete health insurance with access to the nest European clinics and specialists.


  • Elite MastercardTheThe Insignia credit card range caters for a variety of lifestyle requirements and attitudes among our clients. The Elite Mastercard is a case in point: designed to serve the need of conservative members who prefer the pared back service of a card for personal, corporate and online use. In addition, this card has been createdcreated for the use of the associates of Royal and Glamour Mastercard holders: family and friends, businesss, and aliated programmes.

    The Insignia CardTheThe supreme product in the Insignia credit card range is our signature Insignia Card. This exclusive card represents Insignias elite brand identity and serves as a new bench-mark in excellence for nancial products. This card is a quintessential symbol of our clients privileged status as Insignia members. Created to an exquisiteexquisite bespoke design, the Insignia Card comes in a variety of styles and is decadently adorned with gemstones, rare woods and ne engravings.

    The Insignia card oers all of the benets associated with our Royal and Glamour cards, but goes a step further, in tailoring its service to the individual requirements of the most privileged of our exclusive clientele. Individual bespoke packages are designed by a personal consultant who can visit our client anywhere in thethe world to assess their unique requirements. The privileged nature of this service is demonstrated in its

    General Practitioner (GP) facility. In the case of a medical emergency befalling the client, his personal GP will have access to a privileged range of medical specialists across the globe. Few nancial products can boast such an exclusive and far reaching service

  • V. Lounge MastercardAnAn example of the sheer luxury oered to sports lovers among our elite clientele, the V-Lounge Mastercard is available exclusively to members of our V-Lounge Private Members Football Club. The V-Lounge Mastercard oers a range of exclusive services in partnerships with a variety of sporting organisations, principally those in international football.

    Gift cardWith a unique bespoke design, the exclusive Insignia Gift Card can be generously credited with large deposits. The Gift Card has the same opulent design as the Insignia Card, but without the wider service benets. The Insignia Gift Card can be used by clients as gifts and ostentatious tokens for family, friends and associates.

    Friends and Family CardAmongAmong the attendant privileges accessible to the holders of our most exclusive product, the Insignia Card is the Family and Friends Card.

    ThisThis card can be issued to family members, friends and business associates of Insignia Card holders while they maintain exclusive control over their account. The Insignia CardCard holder also has the security of personally setting the credit limit and card withdrawal options, among other restrictions, of each Friends and Family Card, generously issued on their account

  • Insignia has created the worlds rst truly bespoke lifestyle management service that provides clients with virtually anything they demand, no matter how eccentric and extravagant. Each of Insignias members is assigned a Luxury Expert, who will be at their beckoning call 24 hours a day, all year long. These assistants are trained to await any customary and unconventional requests from Insignia members and will always go that extra mile to ensure their wishes are granted.

    WWith Insignias large network of luxury connoisseurs and contacts across the globe, its experts can deliver advice and acquisition on practically anything money can buy. From rare art col

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