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  • Insights for ArcGIS: An Introduction

    Katherine Smyth, Solution Engineer

    Zena Pelletier, Solution Engineer

  • Agenda:

    • Introducing Insights for ArcGIS

    • Insights for ArcGIS Workflows

    • Demonstration

  • Introducing Insights for ArcGIS

  • • Discover the power of exploratory analysis

    - Visual and intuitive

    • Combine Analysis and Visualization on cards

    - Linked and responsive

    • Drive impactful decisions

    - Learn, record, share and collaborate

    Insights for ArcGIS: Explore a new world in your data

    • Quickly Increase Decision Confidence with Insights for ArcGIS

  • Available with Online or Enterprise

    Your infrastructure (physical, virtual, or cloud)

    ArcGIS Enterprise

    ArcGIS Online


  • Insights technology

    Modern Web Browser

    - Supports IE11/Edge, Chrome,

    Safari, Firefox

    Insights and Insights Items live here

    • Workbooks, Page, Models

    Insights Services / Other Engines

    e.g. ArcGIS, Hosting, GIS, GeoAnalytics


    Hosted Relational Data Store

    • Insights Schema

    • Insights Workspace

    Web Browser



    Relational Data Store

  • Why Insights in ArcGIS Online?

    • Removes Enterprise barriers

    • Lowers cost to entry

    • Auto-updates

    • Free Trial

  • How Insights in ArcGIS Online is Different

    • Includes most of the functionality in the ArcGIS Enterprise version

    • No direct connections to enterprise databases

    • No support of GeoAnalytics Server

    • Some tasks will consume ArcGIS Online service credits

    - Address Geocoding, Drive-Time Service Area, Demographic Enrichment, Calculate Density

  • Insights for ArcGIS Workflows

  • An Insights Workflow

    1. Add data from multiple sources

    2. Create maps, charts and tables

    3. Explore and analyze data

    4. Save and share your work

  • Layout Workbooks, Pages, Cards

  • Insights page in ArcGIS

    Insights for ArcGIS


    & Analysis

    Data - Spatial and


  • Working with Data – Intelligent defaults

    • Insights works directly against the fields

    • Dimensional model created behind the scenes

    - Geo-Dimension

    - Temporal-Dimension

    - Categorical (Strings)

    - Quantitative (Numbers)

    • Fields, or attributes are defined to a role

    • …roles help define actions that can be taken in Insights for ArcGIS

  • Adding Data to Insights

    • When adding data to a workbook, each layer, table, or view is added as a separate dataset by default.

  • Analysis: Interactivity

  • Analysis: Action Button, starts with questions

  • Analysis: Interactivity or Action button

  • What Analytic Operations can I do in Insights?

  • Visualizing Data Maps, Charts and Tables

    Bar &


    Scatter Plot

    Box Plot

    Line & Time Series

    Donut, Bubble

    & Treemap Chord Diagram

    Data Clock

    Heat Chart


    Location (Single Symbol)

    Proportional Symbol


    Choropleth Heat Map


  • Automate Analysis

    • Every page has a corresponding Analysis View where every step of your work is captured automatically

    • This view can be saved and shared to rerun the and automate the analysis, even with different data

  • Sharing in Insights





  • Share and Collaborate

    • Everything in Insights is created and saved as an item in My Content

    • Sharing works the same way as always

  • Share and Collaborate

    • Across the platform

    • Result datasets = ArcGIS Pro, Web Map, etc.

    • Embed pages

  • Making data-driven decisions with Insights for ArcGIS


  • The Road Ahead

    • What’s New in Insight for ArcGIS 3.1

    - Quality Improvements

    - Bug fixes

    - Better error messaging

    • What’s Planned for Future Releases?

    - Extensibility & Integration

    - Dedicated Insights login page

    - Connect to Cloud DB’s

    - Temporal animation

    - PostgreSQL support

    - More data connectors

    - More visualizations and analysis

  • Resources:

    • Insights Website: arcgis/overview

    • Insights Workbooks:

    • New Orleans PD Sample Calls for Service in 2017:

    • New Orleans Police Dpt - Sample Calls for Service in 2017 - With Analysis:

    • HIFLD Data:

    • Insights Training Classes:

    • Insights Documentation:

    • Insights Geonet Community: arcgis

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