information technology in the corporation rob jenkin 9.13.2005 2005 ford mustang 2007 lincoln...

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Information Technology Information Technology in the Corporation in the Corporation Rob Jenkin Rob Jenkin 9.13.2005 9.13.2005 2005 Ford Mustang 2007 Lincoln Aviator

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  • Information Technology in the Corporation Rob Jenkin 9.13.2005 2005 Ford Mustang 2007 Lincoln Aviator
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  • Overview Challenging Business and IT LandscapeChallenging Business and IT Landscape Technology Evolution: Flexibility but controlledTechnology Evolution: Flexibility but controlled Ford IT ProfileFord IT Profile IT companiesIT companies Role of IT in the corporationRole of IT in the corporation Key SkillsKey Skills Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development What do you want?What do you want? GT Prototype Shelby GR-1
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  • Closer to the Customer Supply Management Corporate Portal Backbone Systems (Applications & Infrastructures) Collaboration: Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Product Development Data Warehouse Regulatory Compliance An interconnected world with a complex web of applications, data and infrastructures Challenging Business and IT Landscape... requires a renewed approach and focus on risk management and security Source: Deloitte Consulting
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  • IT Challenges Are A Reflection of Industry- Wide Change and Volatility Keeping pace with the speed of change is essential to succeed, yet It is becoming increasingly difficult to make changes (complexity of inter- connected legacy systems, user skepticism/fatigue, cost and time required..etc..) (controls, security, regulations, basic maintenance, increasing business volume of IT utilities, etc..)Budgets are increasingly consumed by cost of doing business (controls, security, regulations, basic maintenance, increasing business volume of IT utilities, etc..) (multiple generations of technology, systems integration, systems architecture, performance/scalability, .etc)Competencies to keep up with growing complexity is a challenge (multiple generations of technology, systems integration, systems architecture, performance/scalability, .etc) A Fragmented IT vendor community and a multitude of legacy sourcing contracts makes business integration and change management extremely tough. Small, powerful, wireless enabled technologies emerging rapidly increasing the management challenges that go with massively distributed technologies. How do we deal with these challenges and simultaneously help the business adapt to increase competitive differentiation? How do we deal with these challenges and simultaneously help the business adapt to increase competitive differentiation?
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  • Technology Evolution: IT must manage the gap between flexibility (chaos) and consistency (control) 70s 80s 90s 00s Technology Evolution Technology Evolution Information Growth Information Growth Supply Chain Scope Supply Chain Scope Reliability Reliability Security Security Privacy Privacy This capability is fundamental to business success and the gap to manage is getting bigger MainframeComputing PersonalComputing InternetComputing MobileComputing DataWarehouses E-business WebServices B2B SystemsManagement NetworkManagement DesktopManagement J2EE SecurityManagement Windows UtilityModel IndustryStandards Chaos Control
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  • Only An Adaptive Enterprise Can Keep Pace With Todays Staggering Rate of Change Adaptive Enterprise It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change. Charles Darwin When the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight. Jack Welch
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  • Adaptive Characteristics Allow Organizations to Evolve in Changing Environments Self-Organize Recombine Sense and Respond Learn and Adapt Seed, Select and Amplify Destabilize Innovation Continuous Change Continuous Change Mental Model Shifts / Large Scale Change Mental Model Shifts / Large Scale Change Continuous sensing and Trend / pattern recognition Continuous sensing and Trend / pattern recognition
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  • Solution Delivery Business & Strategy Alignment Operations Stability & Efficiency Protection Blocked more than 3M viruses in the past month! Daily eradicating 1.8M viruses internally Deployed Intrusion detection Reduced Cost Continue to meet or exceed our mainframe SLA of 99.8% Negotiated new rates and smarter usage I/O round trip time improved 50+%, batch throughput by better than 20%. IT Excellence IT Excellence SDM usage increased 143% (unified & classic) Significant quality improvements Implemented releases of Product Development software CAD/CAM/CAE/ Product Info Mgmt (C3P-Next Gen) for North American vehicle programs Developed new Cycle Plan process (Apollo) and was implemented for the 2004 funding/billing launch Established 10 ARM work streams & 15 TVMs=$200M savings Coordinated all IT for NA plant closings
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  • Ford IT Profile 6,000 IT professionals located worldwide6,000 IT professionals located worldwide 3 Major development centers (North America, Europe, and India )3 Major development centers (North America, Europe, and India ) 7 Data centers7 Data centers 180,000 desktops and engineering workstations180,000 desktops and engineering workstations 250,000 + network elements250,000 + network elements Over 2,000 terabytes of storageOver 2,000 terabytes of storage Hundreds of millions of lines of code, supporting 2400 referencing applicationsHundreds of millions of lines of code, supporting 2400 referencing applications 2006 Ford Fusion
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  • IT Solutions Global Purchasing Applications Operations Command Center Crash Simulation FordSTAR Dealer Communications Call Centers Telecommunications Robots on the Plant Floor
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  • Corporation Corporate IT ITConsultantsPackaged Software Software And Hardware Contract or Agency Resources Examples: FordGEAccenture Deloitte Consulting IBMSAPPeoplesoftOracleIBMHPCompuwareKelly Career Opportunities in the IT Field 2005 Mazda RX-8Ford Bronco Prototype
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  • Corporation BusinessStrategyBusinessProcessImprovementApplicationDevelopmentApplicationManagementApplicationServicesArchitecture/InfrastructureApplicationImplementationChangeManagement Consultants Packaged Software Software And Hardware Contract or Agency Resources Corporate IT Areas of IT within a corporation
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  • Key Skills for an IT employee TeamworkTeamwork Systemic ThinkingSystemic Thinking CommunicationCommunication People ManagementPeople Management Project ManagementProject Management Change ManagementChange Management Technology KnowledgeTechnology Knowledge Process Analysis and DesignProcess Analysis and Design
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  • Ford Leadership Behaviors Integrity Demands the Truth Does the Right Thing Drives Diversity Flawless Execution Business Acumen Commitment to Quality Courage Customer Satisfaction Drive for Results Innovation and Technical Excellence Leadership Behaviors: Community Commitment Connects with Customers Develops Employees and Teams Relationship Our ideal candidate exhibits 12 characteristics -- Leadership Behaviors -- that we find in our successful leaders. 2005 Ford Five Hundred
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  • Programs and Development Experience, Experience, Experience New employee development programsNew employee development programs Training, Training, Training Management training programs at all levelsManagement training programs at all levels Training courses and facilitiesTraining courses and facilities Education assistanceEducation assistance What to look for in a prospective company? 2005 Ford GT
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  • Ford College Graduate Program Considers your input in determining assignments Emphasizes different experiences over time for development Exposes you to global operations while initially based in the U.S. Introduces employees to Fords business Provides needed experience for cross-functional assignments Program Characteristics: Developmental programs designed to provide a solid foundation for your career with experience in different areas. 2005 Volvo XC-90 2005 Volvo XC90
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  • Information Technology Application Development Services Accelerated Solutions Applications Management Applications Services Enterprise Architecture Information Technology Infrastructure Application & Infrastructure Computer Network Services Ford Systems Integration Services New Business & Strategic Planning Process & Technology Group Enterprise Process & IT Integration Global Consumer Systems Manufacturing & Supply Chain Product Development Systems FCG Opportunities: Ford IT Named One of the Best Places to Work in IT by Computerworld 2003
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  • What do you want? What do you want out of life? Goals AspirationsGoals Aspirations Fields of interestFields of interest Evaluate Prospective Employers Industry OutlookIndustry Outlook Highly Competitive in FieldHighly Competitive in Field Employee DevelopmentEmployee Development Wide range of opportunitiesWide range of opportunities 2005 Aston Martin Vanquish
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  • Learn more about some of the great benefits that help make Ford Motor Company a preferred employer of choice. Domestic Partner Benefits Employee Resource Groups Medical and Dental Benefits Paid Vacation and Holiday Relocation Assistance Retirement Plan Savings and Stock Investment Plan Transitional Work Agreements Tuition Assistance Vehicle Purchase Discounts Examples: Employee Benefits 2005 Land Rover Range Rover
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  • Fortune 500 Company Ford Financial Hertz Motorcraft Quality Care Ford Fusion Ford Mustang Jaguar XJ Super8 Land Rover LR3 (Discovery) Lincoln Aviator Mazda 6 Black Collegian Top 100 Equal Opportunity Top 50 Diversity Inc.s #1 Corporation of the Year Hispanic Magazine -- Top 100 Latina Style 50 Best Great PotentialGreat ProductsGreat People Our Company Building on a Century of Success
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