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<p>Information systems: Human resources</p> <p>Information systems: Human resourcesFeatures and functionsIt stores information about employees such as payroll, productivity etc.It functions within all departments within an organisations. All categories of personnel.It always accumulates information about employees and their information. They also add new information about new recruitments to the organisation.Its not a way to generate profit which means thats its a pure way of working with data.Its regulation friendly as it follows all regulations and legislations to do with information storage.</p> <p>PurposeEncourages people to give their 100%.Human Resources (HR) has the responsibility of building human capital.Human Resources (HR) recognises individuality and individual differences between employees.That employees are human beings and not tools like land or labour to only be used for production.It is also integrated as it concern with not only acquisition, but also development, utilisation, and maintenance.</p>