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<ul><li><p>Industrial Design Portfolio 2016</p><p>Hashem Hakeem</p></li><li><p>EducationGraduated from American International School of Jeddah Junior at Wentworth Institute of Technology </p><p>Experience Interned at International Medical Hospital in Saudi Arabia</p><p>Helped with Radiology and Intensive Care. </p><p>Handled x-rays, and organized them in the examination rooms. </p><p>Was an extra set of eyes and ears for the nurses during rounds </p><p>to aid in patient care.</p><p>Technical</p><p>Wood Shop</p><p>Metal Shop</p><p>Laser Cutter</p><p>Plastics Lab</p><p>Vacuum Forming </p><p>Model Making </p><p>Software</p><p>Photoshop</p><p>In Design</p><p>Illustrator</p><p>Keyshot </p><p>Rhinoceros </p><p>Solid Works </p><p>Bilingual</p><p>English </p><p>Arabic </p><p>Hashem Hakeem</p><p>Contact(617 )7949418hakeemh@wit.edu17 Harcourt street Boston MA 02116</p><p>Skills</p></li><li><p>Contents</p><p>Coming Soon</p></li><li><p>Vessel</p></li><li><p>the silver arrow cactus ability to absorb small amounts of radation leads Its user to buy them in bulk. This vessel rids you of that problem by allowing you to transport it.</p><p>Design Intent</p><p>Environment Plant</p><p>Silver Arrow Cactus </p><p>User </p></li><li><p>Like the beloved Character Wall.E, I wanted to preserve my plant </p><p>;espv=2&amp;biw=1309&amp;bih=687&amp;source=lnms&amp;tbm=isch&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwj4heHFv_LPAhVKOD4KHZ80DmoQAUIBygC#tbm=isch&amp;q=wall+e+plant&amp;imgrc=skmmbPsFLSrDCM%3A</p></li><li><p>Form refinements were made to increase comfort in the hand, and facilitate transportation.</p></li><li><p>Originally i needed magnets to hold the separate components together. I made the final model friction fit to lower production cost.</p></li><li><p>Orbis </p></li></ul>