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BAUTISTABAUTISTAINDEX04 About me Curriculum06 Night Ninjas Product Design22 Google Mirror Product Design36 Electrox Product Design52 TepeltFurniture Design66 Mesa Picada Furniture Design04 About mePaola MontserratBautista gaunaIndustrial DesignerLive in Monterrey, MexicoBorn on April 07, 1991 (23)Gender: FemeninCivil Status: paolamontserhttp://www.behance.Hi! My name is Paola Montserrat. Im a hard working, creative and just graduated student of Industrial Design; who enjoys challenges, has a strong eagerness to learn and great passion for design.I was born and grew up in the sweltering city of Monterrey, in the north part of Mxico. As the daughter of two engineers; I was raised in a world where functionality, logic and perfectionism predominate. Nevertheless, since I was a child I always look forward to give that extra aesthetic, appealing and beauty that people look for.For these reasons, I believe that the perfect design is where science and art breaks even. Design is a way of developing innovative and creative solutions to problems in a way that help us to shape and create our environment to meet everyones 1 8180273076Instituto Tecnolgico de MonterreyIndustrial DesignCertified in Tecnologies of Polymers and Resins2010 / 2014 Monterrey, MEXAgo / Dic 2013 Guadalajara, MEXUNITEC Institute of TechnologyProduct & Furniture DesignFeb / Jun 2013 Auckland, NZEDUCATIONSKILLSAutoCADInventorSolidworksKeyshotBunkspeedPhotoshopIllustratorInDesignProduct Designer in POLE Project: Audi Dream Time 2014Windisch, Switzerland (Feb/Jun2014)International project where international and multidisciplinary teams develop and design scenarios of people-technology interaction in the future. ( Designer in Helados SultanaMonterrey, Mexico (Jan/May 2014)Assist the company throw innovation consulting were we review and advise on the performance of one of the companys product development and commercialization process. Product & Graphic Designer in NuzillaAuckland, New Zealand (Jul 2013)Summer internship where it was develop a new line of educational products for experienceEXTRACURRICULarVoluntary at the organization TECHO in Mexico. (2011 - Actual)Coordinator of Partners Plan of Nuevo Len for the organization TECHO. (2011 - 2012)Course of Technician Specialiazed in Stainless Steel by The Mexican Institute of Stainless Steel in Monterrey, Mxico. (Jan -May 2012)Accountant Executive and head of school for corporate building with the company General Electric and with the organization TECHO. (Jan 2012)French Courses at Universit de Montral in Montral, Canada. (Summer 2009)Finalist in the contest Impuls IMINOX 2012: The First 100 Years of Stainless Steel 1912 to 2012 and exhibit in The Mexican Museum of Design in Mexico City, Mexico. (Sep - Oct 2012)First place at the contest Diploma IMINOX - ITESM Stainless Steel in Industrial Design.(May 2012)AWARDSinternational experienceMonterrey - MexicoGuadalajara - MexicoMontreal - CanadaAuckland - New ZealandWindisch - SwitzerlandAbout me 05 NativeFluidBasicBasicLanguagesSpanishEnglishFrenchGermanMonsters University: Create your own moster NIGHT NINJASThe aim of this project is the development of a product that stimulate and encourages the change of behavior of the buyer, through the LED technology from alternative perspectives. Furthermore, it has to meet any additional project guidelines outlined by the client LuxR Lighting, Auckland. Night Ninjas 07 Research Concept FinalizationDefinition Ideation08 Night Ninjas Childrens drawings from the cultural probeRESEARCHAs a group we did a brainstorm about which light makes you feel and write down all the spontaneous thoughts you have. Next, I pick out a topic and define the problem I will work on:The aim for this project is to help the children to overcome their fear of the dark and the monsters and to be able to feel safe, confident at night.Then I started to research about the topic:LIGHT makes you feelSAFEBirth to 2 years Sensorimotor Period2 to 7 years Preoperation PeriodReal ImaginaryFEARSAGEFamily Mother Father Grandparents Cousins UnclesFriends Neighboors SchoolTeachersACTORSENVIRONMENTHouseRoom Under the bed Behind the door Closet Corner WindowBathroom Toilet Behind the curtainKitchenHall7 to 11 years Period of Concrete Operation11 years to adulthood Period of Formal OperationWhere monsters hide?startsKIDSCULTURAL PROBEMade wih childrens of Gladstone Primary School,Auckland, NZ.3.- How can we make it not so scary or dark?- Light- Attach the bed to the wall- Put a trap for monsters- Light under the bed- Light inside the closet- Open the door2.- Circle the scariest part in your room- Under the bed - The door - The closet- The heater- The wall- The cat- Grandma1.- Draw your bedroomSITUATIONSat nightGetting to bed Waking up during the nightGoing to the bathroomGoing for a lunch/glass water to the kitchen Going to sleep Night Ninjas 09 10 Night Ninjas IDEATIONNight Ninjas 11 NIGHT NINJASRechargable LED lamps to aid kids in the destruction of scary dreams and monsters. Helping with treks to the bathroom and clearing the room of nasties. Simple enough for kids to operate and friendly looking to quickly become their best friend. May /Jun 2013 Tutor: Cristiaan de Groot and Nick GillUniversity: UNITEC Institute of Technology Company: LuxR Led12 Night Ninjas Night Ninjas 13 14 Night Ninjas Night Ninjas 15 Place the Boss Ninja besides your bed and the other two place them where you think is the spookiest place, it can be the wardrobe or under the bed.Personally, I will put it on the way to the bathroom.HOW TO USE IT16 Night Ninjas Then you have to turn on the lamps by pushing in the top button. The little ninjas, if you push the bottom the first time it will connect to the main lamp (boss ninja). These means wherenever the main ninja is awake or on the little ninjas will also be on and the same with off. You can push it 2 times and it will work as a normal lamp and push it 3 times and it will be off.To help to overcome the fear of the light little by little the Boss Ninja would have a time counter that will make the light dim little by little until it is off. 1 PUSH: ON-CONECTS2 PUSH:ON-LIGHT3 PUSH: OFF1 PUSH: ON2 PUSH: OFFMAX OFFNight Ninjas 17 ESCENARIOThen time passes... The timer is already over and suddenly the kid wakes up scared or wanting to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 3 HOURS LATER...The kid can turn on the lights again making sure that all the scariest spots are covered by the ninjas.18 Night Ninjas The kid can turn on the lights again making sure that all the scariest spots are covered by the ninjas.The same with the way to the bathroom, the light would be already on scaring all the monsters when he needs to go.Night Ninjas 1920 Night Ninjas We are here to protect you!Night Ninjas 21Google Mirror 23GOOGLE MIRRORCreate a disruptive innovational proposal in the area of home entretainment for a specific company bound to this medium.Research Concept FinalizationDefinition IdeationRESEARCHHome Entretainment"Things, activities and games inside the house (open or closed space) of a person who used to entertain, keep busy, distract or amuse."TechnologiesActual & Emerging 3D Printing Quatified Self Graphene Tobii EyeMobile Gorilla Glass Brain-computer interfaceMegatrendsStakeholders24 Google MirrorMethodologies ProblemsDetectedExisting ProductsPresent Situation Ambient Intellience Smart Homes Matchmaking services Digital payment Growth of internet advertisingAspirations of target group MegatrendsProblems+ + =COMPANY RESEARCH: GOOGLECompany Design StrategyInnovation Entertainment BenevolentEfficiency TechnologyCore ValuesProductsInnova t ion and product development Acquisition of promising companies SWOT AnalysisCurrent Target Group: Young Adults Starting Company Families (leisure) Working FamiliesOperation System 2%Desktop Applications 10%Web Based 51%Mobile Applications 25%Hardware 9%Services 3%Google Mirror 25 Innovative Easy to use Ludic Connect worldwide Failure to promote some of their tools Google + Security Censorship by governments Neglect of certain products Copyright claims Stores Development of new productsCore Business IdeaCreate a solution which satisfies the desire of belonging to an exclusive elite, which is intuitive and easy to use.IDEATIONPhase ICreate concepts that solve the needs detected, taking into account technologies and materials researched.Phase IIThe best concepts of Phase I. We generated new ones using creative methods (combinatory, reframing, brainstorming) and generating new concepts.Phase IIISame exercise as Phase II. Generation of new concepts by using creative methods.Phase IVSelect 3 to 5 top concepts from Phase III and improve the values, function and use.26 Google MirrorGoogle Mirror 27Google Mirror is a mirror which allows the user to visualize his wardrobe easily.This device is synchronized with the users calendar, preselecting different types of clothes aligned to his/her wardrobe, occasion and weather conditions so that the user can visualize the possible ways to dress according to the event he/she is attending. There is no need to try on the clothing, saving time and effort.Jan/May 2014Tutor: Mario MenezCollaboration: Rosa Martnez & Maribel HinojosaUniversity: Instituto Tecnolgico de Monterrey 28 Google MirrorGOOGLE MIRRORGoogle Mirror 29Google Mirror 29Elizabeth Erker1415km/hWED THU FRI SAT12161119142015 Art and Culture Seminar II2 - 6 PMTHU, FEB 20 2-D Multi Media4 - 5 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AM Figure in Lithography8 - 9 PM LUNCH 12 - 1 PMOUTFITSSmart CasualCLOSETRecomendations of the dayCasualBusiness ProfessionalBlack TieStreetwearSport ivSHOPFrankfurtWEDNESDAYFebruary 20141911:30INTERFACEThe problem of time. in choosing an appropriate dress for each event an every day issue, besides other facts like the weather, the etiquette of the event or even if the clothes are clean. Google Mirror seeks to emulate the different conditions and events to which the user is faced to every day and show the different types of clothing that can be combined for the day without the need to spend time searching for and trying on clothes.Google Mirror Interface:Profile: Log in from your gmail account and have different accounts for your family or roommates.Weather: Stay connected to the latest forecast that is hyper-localized to your exact street address where Google Mirror will create an outfit based on the weather. The state of the climate can be animated, so you can almost experience, seeing how the weather comes alive and combines with your outfit.Calendar: It is a calendar that syncronizes from your gmail account that makes it easy to keep track of lifes important events all in one place.Plan what to wear ahead of time by adding your items and outfits to the built-in calendar.Closet: In your virtual closet, at a glance you can see when items were last worn, what they cost, and how much value you are getting from them.Outfits: Create your outfits and arrange them according to the occasion or let Google Mirror recommend an outfit depending on the weather and on your calendar.The goal is to simplify the daily routine of getting ready and looking great.Shop: Enter your favorite shops where you can try out the clothes and buy on the internet.Ryan Parker1816km/hMON TUE WED THU12181119142413 Breakfast with client9 - 10 AMTUES, APR 29 Meeting4 - 5 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AM Movies8 - 9 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AMOUTFITSSmart CasualCLOSETRecomendations of the dayCasualBusiness ProfessionalBlack TieStreetwearSport ivSHOP30 Google MirrorNeed help?EmailPasswordRyan Parkerryanparker@gmail.comChange accountAdd accountClose accountGoogle Mirror 31E3R4T5Y6U7W2Q1I8O9P0D F G H JSA K LX C V B NZ M?123Ryan Parker1816km/hMON TUE WED THU12181119142413 Breakfast with client9 - 10 AMTUES, APR 29 Meeting4 - 5 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AM Movies8 - 9 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AMOUTFITSSmart CasualCLOSETRecomendations of the dayCasualBusiness ProfessionalBlack TieStreetwearSport ivSHOPMOND AYAPRIL 201428Set time and locationClosest City: GMT + 01:00Time Zone: London - United Kindom Breakfast with client9 - 10 AMTUES, APR 29 Meeting4 - 5 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AM Movies8 - 9 PM EXERCISE7 - 8 AMMON DAYAPRIL 201428 New eventUpdateSearchOthers calendarsConfigurationCLOSETAccesoriosRecomendations of the dayCoatsJeansOutwearShirtsShoesTrousersT-shirtsNewSearchClassifyNameCategorySubcategoryStyleTagsColorSeasonSizePriceBrandsBuy dateWashing tipsCondition34 Google MirrorGOOGLE MIRRORGoogle Mirror 35Electrox 37ELECTROXResearch Concept FinalizationIdeationThe Stainless Mexican Institute, IMINOX mission is to promote and develop the stainless steel consumption in Mexico. Therefore, the project is to design exercise machines for outdoor use made of stainless steel. Which has the flexibility of the combination of others materials, no more than 30% of the design.BASIC EXERCISE ROUTINEInterview with Nutritionist Priscilla Cant20 MIN ANAEROBIC30 MIN AEROBIC5 DAYS PER WEEKExercise that increases the need of oxygenAEROBICElliptical, swimming, jogging, running, walking, exercise equipment.Exercise that builds muscles through tensionANAEROBICWeight lifting routine are divided each day by muscle groups which are: back, abs, arms, chest and legs.EXISTING PRODUCTSMonterreye, N.L.RESEARCH38 ElectroxSURVEYSGYMOTHERSOUTSIDEWHERE11%65%23%NIGHTMORNINGMID-DAY 36% 11% 54%WHENWHYINSECURITY OF GOING OUT IN THE DARKLIMITED BODY EXERCISEWEATHER (EXTREMELY WARM DURING THE DAY)FILTHLOW QUALITYNEGATIVE APPEARANCEElectrox 39Do you use the outdoors exercise equipment ? 86% NO14%YES40 ElectroxIDEATIONElectrox 41Outdoor exercise equipment designed to encourage people to exercise through the combination of shapes and colors that translate into a language of electronic music, doing exercise in a fun and energetic way.*First place in the contest Diploma IMINOX with ITESMJan/May 2012Tutor: Alejandro MartnezCollaboration: Athina Gzz & Eugenio GzzUniversity: Instituto Tecnolgico de MonterreyOrganization: Mexican Institute of Stainless Steel (IMINOX)42 ElectroxELECTROXELECTROX 55Electrox 4344 ElectroxThe combination of four exercise machines will give the user the opportunity to complete a basic routine to stay in shape.The use of stainless steel ensures the quality of the product, thanks to its durability and clean aesthetics.The phosphorescent details of the machines generate light on its own, promoting its use at night with the feeling of security.The cost of maintenance is very low.Electrox 45AX-1000AX-1000 helps stretch and prevent strain in your lower-back. Mean while it strengthens your obliques and upper, mid and lower abdominals putting them in a fuller range of movement from extension to contraction.46 ELECTROXBX is a combination of a chest press and a seated lat pull. In this exercise you use your own body weight as the resistance over a smooth range of motion.This productstrengthens your back, rear shoulders, and biceps as you pull the upper bar towards your body.BX-1000Electrox 4748 ELECTROXCX-1000The design CX-100 is good for warm-up and cool down routines and it consists in two exercises: swinging and rotating. The swinging exercise helps to strengthen and develop the lower abdomen hips, improves balance and co-ordination. The rotation exercise helps the internal and external obliques to stretch, and to a lesser extent, the abdominal and back muscles. PX-100 is an excellent cardiovascular exercise while you develop the leg muscles. It allows a full range of movement in the hip joint improving flexibility and strength, without any impact or stress to joints and back. PX-1000Electrox 4950 ElectroxElectrox 51Tepelt 53TEPELTCurrently any display supports a standard socket, but we realized that with the new LED lamps we lost this universality, so we created this system where a single capsule is compatible with many different screens to share the central reserve.The goal is to develop new unique screens compatible with the HEADHAT system for the company Santa & Cole. Concept FinalizationIdeationResearchTime challenge54 TepeltRESEARCH: HEADHAT is an ingenious capsule that incorporates light source and lamp holder. It consists of a heat sink aluminum injection module which houses 4 LED color temperature 2700K.Warm white - 2700 Kelvin ColorIt is a slightly reddish light tone. The light emits an incandescent bulb, this warm light produces a feeling of closeness, so it is recommended for applications to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.This tone is mainly used for comfort in the bedroom of the house, the dining room and study, to provide a positive atmosphere light in shops, offices, waiting rooms and receptions.Santa & ColeIn Santa & Cole products you can observe a trend where simple lines and clean finishes are appreciated. It drives a narrow range of colors to give a sense of elegance and timeless. The palette leans towards clean and sober shades like white, aluminum and brown tones, sometimes you can see gray and matte black.Values: Rationality Functionality Quality Innovation Sustainability Small details Personality and freshness Desire Timelessness Clients:HEAD HATTepelt 5556 TepeltIDEATIONTepelt 57TEPELTIn the rise of two volcanoes and the legend of their spirits, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl, with greatness, are able to survive through time.Tepetl is a collection inspired by Mexico, its traditions and roots; offer an elegant and stunning collection in its design able to bring to the present, the immortality of a volcano. Its curves and colors lead to the motherland passion, atmosphere, comfort and elegance that distinguishes Lamps Santa & Cole.Aug 2014 (1 week project)Tutor: Mario MenezCollaboration: Neiva Flrez & Alan GalanOrganization: Santa & ColesUniversity: Instituto Tecnolgico de Monterrey 58 TepeltTepelt 5960 TepeltRender with keyshot & photoshopTepelt 61Material: Cooper Process: Metal spinningLegend of Iztaccihuatl & Popocatepelt Thousands of years ago, when the Aztec Empire was at its peak and dominated the Valley of Mexico, a common practice subjected to the neighboring towns, requiring a mandatory tax. It was then the chief of the Talxcaltecas, bitter enemies of the Aztecs, tired of this terrible oppression, decided to fight for the freedom of his people.The chief had a daughter named Iztaccihuatl, she was the most beautiful princess and he put his love on the young Popocatpetl, one of the most handsome and strongest warrior of his people.Both professed immense love, so before leaving for the war, Popocatepelt asked the chief the hand of the princess Iztaccihuatl. The father gladly agreed and promised to receive him with a big celebration to give the hand of his daughter if he returned victorious from battle. The brave warrior accepted, he was prepared to leave and kept in his heart the promise that the princess would expect to consummate their love.Soon, a love rival of Popocatepetl, Tlaxcala, jealous of their love, tells Iztaccihuatl that her beloved had died in battle. Crushed by grief and not knowing that it was all lies, the princess died.62 TepeltLater, Popocatepelt returned victorious to his people, hoping to see his beloved. Upon arrival, he received the terrible news about the death of the princess Iztaccihuatl.Saddened by the news, wandered the streets for several days and nights, until he decided to do something to honor her love. He built a tomb before the sun, piling up 10 hills to form a huge mountain.He took her body to the top and lay her on the big mountain. The young warrior gave a kiss, took a smoky torch and knelt in front of his beloved, to ensure their eternal sleep.Since then they stay together, facing each other. Eventually the snow covered their bodies, making two majestic volcanoes that adorns the view of one of the worlds largest cities, Mexico City.The legend adds that when the warrior Popocatpetl remembers his beloved, his heart keeps the fire of eternal passion, shakes and smokes his torch. So to this day, Popocatepetl volcano continues active.As for Tlaxcala, the one that led to Iztaccihuatl, overcome with repentance, went off to die. He also became a mountain, el Pico de Orizaba, and now, from afar, watches the eternal sleep of the two lovers, never again to be separated.Tepelt 6364 TepeltTepelt 65Mesa Picada 67 MESA PICADAIn 1988, Horst Oehlke, presented an integrated design approach, proposing the research of functionality in an object design in three directions: as an object of practical function, as a symbolic object and as an object of aesthetic The objective of this fast project is to design an object that represents one of these three directions.Research Concept FinalizationIdeationTime challengeThe table is inspired in "papel picado" a hand craft representative of Mxico, that is used to decorate the Day of the Dead and other countless festivities. Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration that honors the dead ancestors. The popular belief is that the souls of deceased loved ones, come back from the beyond during the Day of the Dead and its tradition is to leave their favorite food and drinks for them to enjoy.This table is the representation of the gathering and unity between the dead and the living, the tradition with modernism. The table being family size, is long enough for an entire family and the guests.Jan 2012 (1 day project)Tutor: Juan Carlos Rojas LpezCollaboration: Alejandra FarasUniversity: Instituto Tecnolgico de Monterrey MESA PICADA68 Mesa PicadaMesa Picada 6970 Mesa PicadaMesa Picada 71Material: Corian 1/4 thickProcesss: Laser cut and thermoformed72 Mesa PicadaMesa Picada 73People think that design is styling. Design is not style. Its not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didnt know it was missing.Paola Antonelli Thanks for your time!MADE IN MEXICO