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Industrial Design projects at UID and personal


<ul><li><p></p><p>Tel: +919611021759PORTFOLIOIndustrial Design</p></li><li><p>LANGUAGES</p><p>Oriya: Native English: Fluent (TOEFL IBT Score - 108)Hindi: Fluent</p><p>Sougat Hota</p><p>ADDRESSB-5, Rashmi Towers,nageswartangi,Bhubaneswar,Orissa - 751002Ph -</p><p>HELLO !</p><p>I am a 26 year old product designer from Bhubaneswar, India. I have worked as an automobile engineer for 2 years before pursuing Design. Design has always been a passion for me which has made forego the security of an engineering career and rather pursue Design as a passion.</p><p>EDUCATION</p><p>UME UNIVERSITY, SWEDENIndustrial Design Introduction (2010-2011)</p><p>INSTITUTE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION ANDRESEARCH, ORISSA, INDIABachelors in Technology Mechanical Engineering (2004 2008)</p><p>SKILLS</p><p>2DSketching- digital and Pencil, Marker Rendering, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Alias Sketchbook Pro, Drawing study, Tolerancing</p><p>CADCatia V5, Pro-E</p><p>CAIDRhino , Autodesk Alias</p><p>OTHERSTeamcenter Engineering, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Office Package, C and C++</p><p>PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCETYCKA DESIGN,BENGALURU, INDIAIndustrial Design Intern (Jan 2012 - cont)</p><p>MAHINDRA &amp; MAHINDRA AUTOMOBILES,NASIK, INDIAQuality Engineer (August 2009-August2010)</p><p>MAHINDRA &amp; MAHINDRA AUTOMOBILES,MUMBAI, INDIAEngineer R&amp;D Body and Trims (August 2008 August 2010)</p><p>INTERESTS</p><p>Concept Art, Basketball, Mechanisms,Engineering, </p><p>CURRICULUM VITAE</p></li><li><p>01 02 03 04 05 06 0807 09</p></li><li><p>Insect to a formFORM PROJECT</p><p>In this form exploration project i built paper models and worked with clay to help me understand the form better to achieve an end result which could still be related to the insect it was inspired from.</p><p>December 2010</p><p>Duration : 6 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p><p>The brief of thisproject was to take inspiration from an insect in nature and explore its form to realise a final result which could be anything ranging from a sculpture to a building, form of transportation or a product. my Inspiration was the Rhino Beetle.</p><p>Project Background</p><p>Target Audience</p></li><li><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>At this stage an attempt was made at capturing the volume of the form with a rough clay model. this clay model was photographed. the form was then tinkered wth in photoshop to help ideate different concept directions</p><p>Model making in clay Exploring the clay model in Photoshop</p><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>3d model was made in rhino to understand the form better for achieving the final design</p><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE FOR ASIA </p><p>December 2011</p><p>Duration : 3 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p><p>This Project is aimed at the younger generation motorcyclists of tomorrow. With cities getting crowded there will be a legislation banning all four wheelers and gasoline two wheelers from city centres of the future. This Product will provide a viable option for the enthusiasts who need daily commuting as well as something more from their motorcycles!</p></li><li><p>In Western Europ</p><p>ean countries, for </p><p>example </p><p>there is nearly one</p><p> car for every two</p><p> people </p><p>while in the Cent</p><p>ral African Repub</p><p>lic, </p><p>Bangladesh and Ta</p><p>jikistan there is </p><p>one car for every </p><p>2000+ people.</p><p>Brazilians travel a</p><p>n average of seve</p><p>n </p><p>miles a day, by a c</p><p>ombination of ca</p><p>r and </p><p>bus, and emit 0.7</p><p> tonnes of CO2 a y</p><p>ear. North Ame</p><p>ricans travel an av</p><p>erage of </p><p>40 miles per day m</p><p>ainly by car and </p><p>plane and emit 6 </p><p>tonnes of transpo</p><p>rt </p><p>related CO2 a yea</p><p>r.Tanzania</p><p>ns travel around 3</p><p> miles a </p><p>day, mainly on foo</p><p>t, by bus and </p><p>bicycle and emit 0</p><p>.1 tonnes of </p><p>transport related</p><p> CO2 per year.</p><p>FUTURE </p><p>MOBILITY</p><p>Young adults</p><p>Rural mobility</p><p>Challenges</p><p>Vehicle </p><p>ownership</p><p>The infrastructure</p><p>is unable to cope </p><p>with the road </p><p>congestion and </p><p>parking space</p><p>Vehicle ownership</p><p>in growing too fas</p><p>t </p><p>in asian cities</p><p>Young people tod</p><p>ay are </p><p>more informed, c</p><p>urious </p><p>about everything</p><p> and are </p><p>aggressive. </p><p>They are willing t</p><p>o aspire </p><p>and accept new th</p><p>ings</p><p>What is the incen</p><p>tive to </p><p>produce more th</p><p>an the </p><p>family needs if the</p><p>re are no </p><p>access roads to ge</p><p>t ones </p><p>produce to a mar</p><p>ket? </p><p>A poor farmer from</p><p>Guatemala</p><p>POLLUTION</p><p>COLLISIONS</p><p>CONGESTION</p><p>Young people today are more informed, curious about everything and are aggressive.They are willing to aspire and accept new things</p><p>What is the incentive to produce more than the family needs if there are no access roads to get ones produce to a market? </p><p>A poor farmer from Guatemala</p><p>Young adults</p><p>Rural mobility</p><p>With ever growing population the number of vehicles on the roads will multiply rapidly in the future. city centres will become higly polluted which will lead the authorities to pass a legisla-tion to ban all large vehicles from entering the city centres allowing only small vehicles ( single or 2 wheeled). </p><p>CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>Brazilians travel an average of seven miles a day, by a combination of car and bus,and emit 0.7 tonnes of CO2 a year.</p><p>North Americans travel an average of 40 miles per day mainly by car and plane and emit 6 tonnes of transport related CO2 a year.</p><p>Tanzanians travel around 3 miles a day, mainly on foot, by bus and bicycle and emit 0.1tonnes of transport related CO2 per year.</p><p>Vehicle ownership in growing too fast in asian cities</p><p>FUTUREMOBILITY</p><p>Challenges</p><p>Vehicle ownership</p><p>In Western European countries, for example there is nearly one car for every two people while in the Central African Republic, Bangladesh and Tajikistan there is one car for every 2000+ people.</p><p>CONGESTION</p><p>POLLUTION</p><p>COLLISIONS</p></li><li><p>Younger generation have 2 different lifestyles. one on the weekends and onne on weekdays. They want to be relaxed when commuting on weekdays to work but seacrh for adventure on weekends. A motorcycle shoul also address the needs of storage for shopping and storing a helmet when not in use.</p><p>USER RESEARCH</p></li><li><p>IDEATION</p></li><li><p>IDEATION</p><p>A relaxed seating position on regular commuting and a more upright seating position when needed</p></li><li><p>DETAILING</p><p>The folded back supports can be unfolded at the click of a button and serve as a temporary seat for weekend mud flipping and motcross</p><p>A flexible bag can be strapped on to the body and help in storing a helmet or groceries. It can be removed and used as a back pack too</p></li><li><p>STANCE</p></li><li><p>FINAL RENDERINGS</p></li><li><p>conceptual interior</p><p>November 2011</p><p>Duration : 3 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p><p>This Projects explores the possibility of a radically new concept for automotive interiors which offers the customer more possibilities and increases the average ownership cycle of cars by making them more experimentable for the current DIY generation of consumers who are more hands on with their technology</p></li><li><p>SCENARIO</p><p>Varying lifestyles of people calls for different interior designs. That should not lead to ownership of multiple vehicles catering to these varying needs</p><p>With more and more inventions coming up in garages. The new Generation is more than capa-ble of making things the way they want it.People tend to buy new cars to satisfy their changing needs and to get rid of boring tangible interiors. This also leads to huge amounts of waste and an unsustainable scenario. </p></li><li><p>INSP</p><p>IRAT</p><p>ION</p><p>People dont buy new homes as often as they buy cars. When they get bored they renovate them. In the future with increased environmental policies buying a car will become more and more </p><p>The new generation want to build things the way they want them</p><p>Like a lego set the automotive interior will give the consumer numerous possibilities to experiment</p></li><li><p>Shadows always create an emotional effect. Shadows terns trigger emotions and makes us feel more relaxed or active depending on the pattern of the shadows. what if the occupant could actually select what pattern of shadows he or she wants to have in their space. A whole interior which is config-urable leads to lot of possibili-ties making the automobile ever new as it changes</p><p>The interior is a shell made of a material. may it be ultra durable poly carbonate or something more green which is completely recyclable. The shell has numerous fixing points where the occupant can fix standard anything with standard fixing points. Different options are available through sellers like storage options, custom sun roofs, electronic fitments and the like</p></li><li><p>Different patterns for the roof. you create your own shad-ows by creating a pattern and then sending it to the seller who laser cuts it</p></li><li><p>The construction is like flexible wrapping on a clear shell. The shell has attachmet points where the attachments can be fixed. The attachments facilitate data and energy transfer. </p><p>The attachment scheme for electronics. The elec-tronics are plugged into standard adapters which can then be plugged in anywhere in the interior</p><p>The different roof options. The users can have their custom shapes which can be laser cut onto the fabric which can then be attached onto the clear roof.</p></li><li><p>As the sunlight trickles through the roof. you can have it the way you want it</p></li><li><p>EVERRENAULT 4 EVER</p><p>September 2011</p><p>Duration : 2 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p><p>I tried to redesign the Iconic Renault 4. The brief was to retain the classic lines but at the same time to make make it look like something that points towards renaults future.</p></li><li><p>Experimenting with Designs for the rim</p><p>The Rear Storage slides out for convenient access. experimenting with different design solutions for the rear end</p></li><li><p>Configurable front patch offers numerous possibilities</p></li><li><p>LAPTOP COOLERImproved Ergonomics &amp; Adaptability</p><p>A Product directed at the ever growing number of working professionals and casual users who use laptops but cant find the right product which adresses tA Product directed at the ever growing number of working professionals and casual users who use laptops but cant find the right prod-uct which adresses their varyin needs.</p><p>August 2011</p><p>Duration : 5 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p><p>A laptop cooler which adresses the problems of current products on the market by being more flexible in terms of accomodating different sized laptops with varying hotspots. </p><p>Project Brief</p><p>Target Audience</p></li><li><p>PRODUCT PLACEMENT AND MARKET ANALYSIS</p><p>EErgonomics and Adaptability</p><p>One Size Fits all</p><p>Problems</p><p>Suggestions</p><p>Current Products</p><p>Active Cooling</p><p>passive Cooling</p><p>Adequate space between the laptop and the cooling pad for airow</p><p>Construction aids natural ow of air</p><p>Placement of fans in appropriate places to suck heat out of the laptop</p><p>Doesnt interfere with the intake system of the laptop</p><p>Architecture which helps suction like a venturi construction</p><p>Adaptability to dierent laptop sizes</p><p>High heat areas vary which demands the ability to congure fan placement </p><p>Ergonomic issues such as proper arm support and varying lean angles</p><p>Requires more space while travelling</p><p>Be space sharing with the laptop</p><p>Adaptable to varying laptop sizes</p><p>Ergonomic Arm Support</p><p>Architecture which amplies the cooling eect of the fan</p><p>In the initial stage of the project i created a graphical representation of all the information I gathered which helped me document my ideas and progress further into the project</p><p>Creating an analysis of competitors helped me find what the market needed and what it is already saturated with</p><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p><p>Passive Cooling</p><p>Active Cooling</p><p>Segment Untapped</p></li><li><p>IDEATION AND COCNEPT GENERATION</p><p>At this stage of the project I explored different ideas generated through the previous idea map through sketches</p><p>Different laptops have different hot and cool areas which is not met through localised cooling fans in coolling pads. So I envisaged a mesh on which the fans could be located anywhere through detachable fasteners.</p><p>I also looked at user ergonomics. The current laptop cooling pads on the market become uncomfortable to use for long hours. I explored better ergonomic solutions</p><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>Incorporating the ideas I generated through Idea sketches i continued refining the form and exploring how i could incorporate the different functions into the final form</p><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>Building a working prototype was quite essential for this project as it gave a better insight into the ergonomic issues</p><p>After making the prottype i tested the airflow volume from the edges of the of the cooling pad after placing a laptop on it to quantify its effectiveness</p><p>The final prototype was quite ergonomic to use due to the hand support and the variable tilt.</p><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>The stay is finished in polished aluminium and can be positioned in different holes for variable tilt angles</p><p>Multiple USB slots at the rear of the cooling pad doubles up asan USB extender</p><p>The cooling pad has a draft surface geometry to aid airflow from the base of the laptop to the fans below</p><p>The hand support can slide along slots in the body of the laptop which enables to vary the distance between the hand support and the laptop to enable </p><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>The length of the laptop is flexible to accomodate different sized laptops.The rubber surface in between the plastics ensures a sealed airflow flow towards the fans</p><p>The textured rubber surface ensures that the laptop doesnt slip when placed on the laptop cooling pad</p><p>RESEARCH ANALYSIS IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILINGPROTOTYPE FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>ideas for an inviting driving space</p></li><li><p>Designer knivesLamborghini</p><p>The brand i chose was lamborghini as i have been fond of their cars since i was a kid. this excercise was quite challenging and rewarding at the same time as i found out that to identify the design language of a brand and using it to design products is quite tough.</p><p>The aim of this project was to design four different designer knives for a brand which will represent the brand identity and the design language. this was my first excercise at trying to identify a distictive design language that distingusishes one brand from another. </p><p>Project Background</p><p>Target Audience</p><p>February 2011</p><p>Duration : 3 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p></li><li><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>IDEATION CONCEPT DETAILING FINAL CONCEPT</p></li><li><p>City 2046Personal Mobility </p><p>The city i chose is Mumbai as coming from india i have a fair idea of the problems associated with the citys transportation system. In this project i have tried to combine my ideas and aesthetics to design a better personal transportation.</p><p>March 2011</p><p>Duration : 3 weeks</p><p>Individual Project</p><p>The brief of this project was the same as the 2012 Michelin Design contest.City 2046: Art, Life and Ingenuity</p><p>I had to choose between five cities Los Angeles, Mumbai, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, or Shanghai and design a vehicle to meet anticipated needs for that city in 2046. The </p><p>PROJECT BACKGROUND</p><p>Target Audience</p></li><li><p>A city that is one of the fastest growing in the world and by current conditins the least prepared for it. People doing white collar jobs move everyday from the suburban Mumbai to the city\s core business districts in large numbers. The public transportation sy...</p></li></ul>