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October/November 2012 Issue. Indulge is a Magazine for Christian Women, that desires to see women become whole spirit, soul and body.


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    Joanne HobbsTaking Up The Challenge

    Kelly BurstowBe A Fun Mum

    Deborah CandlerA Fascination With Forward

    Vanessa GibsonThe Girl Next Door

    Jodene WatlingCreating A Swell

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    Spring Fashion Special

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    Indulge eMagazine is part of the iluvthoseshoes Project which seeks to empower women in their journey through life by resourcing them, spirit, soul and body.

    Empower = make more confident; to give authorityResource = source of help; solutions to problems

    Publisheriluvthoseshoes Project

    Editor-in-ChiefCharissa Steffens

    Creative DirectorNatasha Smith

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    Senior EditorsNicky HurleCatherine Johnsen

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    Food EditorAngela Frost

    ContributorsDeborah CandlerJoanne HobbsNicky Hurle Catherine JohnsenCandice SchmidtCharissa Steffens

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    Terms & Conditions of GiveawaysAll entries must be received by email before 5pm 16 November 2012 (AEST). The winning email entrants will be notified by email witihin 7 days. Entries will be chosen by members of the Indulge Team based upon the best answers that fit the criteria requested.

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    Editors LetterEditors LetterI started the year with high expectations; it was, after all, the year I would turn 40! Childbearing was behind me (thank goodness for that!) and for the most part, sleepless nights too; my family and I were beginning to settle into our new city and we loved the church God had placed us in. So when the word was gently whispered as I was praying one day, I promptly assumed a full and romantic understanding of what God was going to do. Flourish, the Spirit said to me and my mind leapt in agreement, Yes! It is time to flourish, that is just how I feel. I was full of excitement and hope for all the amazing and success-filled experiences God was going to give me this year.

    Within two weeks I headed off to the Colour Conference in Sydney with my mum and sister. I was away having girly time; lots of coffee and a bit of chocolate (ok, maybe a lot of chocolate) and interviewing remarkable people like Helen Burns Yep, this flourishing thing is awesome God! Life is good.

    I was even more astounded when Bobbie Houston stood on stage and declared that the word God had given her was to see women Flourish knock me over with a feather duster! Standing in line with the zillion other women at the Colour merchandise section later that day, I found a t-shirt that had the word Flourish emblazoned across the front. I snapped it up faster than a pair of heels at a Myer stocktake sale! This was going to help that conference buzz last throughout the year.

    I could have flown home from Sydney to Brisbane without the help of the airline, I was on such a high, but as I walked through the front door bubbling with enthusiasm and love, I was met by the sight of my unwell, precious daughter. During the following months we battled through illness week in and week out as a family.

    Love Charissa

    Feeling down one day, I sat on my bed wanting to cry from a tiredness that reached beyond the physical. I felt overwhelmed and said, God what happened to that word flourish? This is not flourishing! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the t-shirt I had bought at the Colour Conference, with the word Flourish shining like a beacon and I suddenly knew what I had to do.

    Job 22:28 says Decree a thing, and it shall be established. Right then I knew I had to get up and put on that t-shirt and proclaim the word that God had placed on my life months ago. It was liberating to don it in a tangible form. It not only clothed me physically, but spiritually. I went from wearing rags to wearing riches in a moment.

    When we journey through a season of challenge, it is easy to begin to rely on our feelings and the circumstances for our truth. However, it not about what we feel, it is about what we believe. The absolute truth is what God says in His word this is the favourable environment that will lead to us flourishing.

    We often look at the beautiful end result of someone who has flourished and what we forget, or I do, is that the word flourish is a verb that means to grow or develop this takes work. A true flourish occurs in the midst of our challenges.

    Women who have been through a flourish time and are shining because they trusted in Gods goodness, love and faithfulness have inspired this issue of Indulge. Be encouraged in your journey, girls, to allow the flourish to do its work and plant yourself firmly in that favourable environment of Gods word.

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    Taking Up The Challenge {08}Joanne Hobbs - Teen Challenge Qld

    Flourish - What does it mean? {16}Nicky Hurle

    Be A Fun Mum {20}Kelly Burstow

    A Fascination With Forward {28}Deborah Candler

    Forgiveness - Freedom 2 Flourish {30}Candice Schmidt

    The Girl Next Door {34}Vanessa GibsonCreating A Swell {44}Jodene WatlingPastel Passion {48}Spring Fashion SpecialBerry Delightful {54}Food


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  • Indulge | October/November 2012 | 7FlourishLOVE. GLAMOUR. SOUL.

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  • Indulge | October/November 2012 | 9FlourishTaking Up The Challenge

    Joanne Hobbs

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    Taking Up The ChallengeWords: Joanne Hobbs - Executive Director Teen Challenge QldPhotography: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography

    Our lives take so many unexpected turns; some youre prepared for and some you feel totally out of your depth with. How do you respond when something comes from left field and totally takes your breath away? The answer is you dig deep and you hold on to God.

    For many years I was in senior management on the Pastoral team at Northside Christian Church (now Nexus). I loved what God had called me to, but after being on staff for a number of years I sensed the season was changing and that God was asking me to move on. John Lewis was the Senior Pastor at that time and after talking things through with him I knew without a doubt that the season was about to

    change. I was sad, yet in my heart I felt God had been preparing me so the decision wasnt as difficult as I anticipated.

    I planned to have some time out and then to work on a business idea I had. I was excited thinking that this was the next door God was opening for me, but I could not have imagined what was just around the corner. It wasnt until I finished at Northside and found myself at home that I realised I felt so incredibly tired. I didnt take much notice of this at the time as I just assumed it was because of the crazy lifestyle I had just stepped out of. I was working on my business idea, but everything just seemed too hard; nothing seemed to be working.

    Then a number of very disappointing and personally

  • Indulge | October/November 2012 | 11Flourish

    challenging things happened in quick succession; I remember feeling so discouraged and wondering what on earth was happening.

    I had hardly taken a breath from a particularly heartbreaking situation that was happening in our family when we were devastated by the terribly wrenching news that our much loved son had a serious drug problem. We were in shock; our precious son whom we had fought for all his life was now addicted to drugs. Our son was born with a serious illness so we had fought the fight of faith for him all of his life and now we were facing another intense battle.

    The first thing you do as a parent is to blame yourself. You feel responsible and totally inadequate to deal with the situation; we didnt know where to start. I remember our son crying in our lounge room

    The first thing you do as a parent is to

    blame yourself...saying Ive tried so many times to stop but I cant. We took him t