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<ul><li> 1. IMC Strategic plan kourtney coleman chad lada campaign march 2, 2014 </li> <li> 2. executive summary Chad Lada: *Solo acoustic artist in Orlando, FL *Started musical performances in MS &amp; HS band and choir Plan Overview: *SWOT Analysis *Competitor Profile *Brand Profile *Primary Research *Marketing Objectives *Strategies &amp; Tactics *Creative Samples *Media Schedule *Budget </li> <li> 3. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: OPPORTUNITIES: STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE STEADY FOLLOWING IN FL UNIQUE ONE MAN BAND RELEASED ALBUM FAMILIAR VENUES CONNECTING WITH LOCAL MEDIA NETWORKING WITH CLASSMATES LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA THREATS: WEAKNESSES: LESS ACTIVE ON SOME SOCIAL MEDIA UNEXPECTED EVENTS LOCAL ARTISTS INADEQUATE DATA </li> <li> 4. COMPETITOR PROFILE PLUSH MONSTERS *SAME GENRE BUT LIMITED GENRE *SITE IS NOT UP TO DATE *COLLEGE AGE AUDIENCE *SEO COMPETITIVE AND GLOBAL </li> <li> 5. BRAND PROFILE Young, multitalented performer Positive relationship with the target market Goals are to increase social media presence, gain fans, and increase album sales </li> <li> 6. target market 18-30 year olds In college Completed undergraduate degree Completed graduate degree Tech-savvy and open-minded Attends local events that are cheaper with quality service </li> <li> 7. Buyer Persona 22 year old Brittany Brown UCF student who works as a bartender Income: $22,000/year Enjoys going out, shopping, and watching reality shows Brand Preferences: Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest </li> <li> 8. primary research Online survey 5 Questions distributed through Facebook and Full Sail Connect Question 1: What is your gender? Question 2: What is your age? Question 3: How do you find out about new music? Question 4: What social media sites do you use? Question 5: Would you watch a live streamed online concert? </li> <li> 9. marketing objectives By May 2014, stream a live online concert via Google Hangouts with at least 50 viewers to highlight Chads album Non-Fiction Increase album sales by 25% by May 2014 Increase Chads social media presence by achieving 500 likes on Facebook, 100 Reverb Nation fans, 100 YouTube subscribers, and have 50 people add him to circles in Google+ </li> <li> 10. strategies &amp; tactics Social Media--to build excitement, reach a wide market, and reduce costs Events--build excitement and engage fans Promotions--items and flyers </li> <li> 11. creative samples Logo </li> <li> 12. media schedule 12 months Every month: social media updates Every other month: events and promotion </li> <li> 13. budget $5,000 Includes promotional items, promoted posts, and print costs </li> </ul>