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Image: sally monster I believe that time is running out for any organized opposition to RDA, from those who either want it altered or abolished; certainly, by April of next year, if not earlier, it will be a fait accompli. So I am now proposing that the opposition organize, and influence RDA while we possibly still can Shall we play David to the RDA Goliath? I'll be curious to see if we can muster a critical mass of support for change. l@listserv.lac- Slide 2 Image:hien_it The metadata we provide has tremendous potential for re-use in the internet environment in ways that will make libraries even more relevant to users everywhere, and that is what we are preparing for with RDA - when we can move to creating well-formed metadata following RDA's elements and relationships, away from the AACR2 mentality of creating only linear citation listings with main entries and authorized headings (it can be done other ways, given labeling the data for machine re- use). We must break with that kind of 19th and 20th century thinking. It's not just a matter of little tweaks to AACR2 and LCRIs. Slide 3 Image: Will Lion SLC cheat sheets (checked during the August free Toolkit access) set *much* higher minimum standards than does RDA, and in that regard do *not* correspond to any RDA draft/version Suggestions for revisions to the cheat sheets are very welcome


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