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<ul><li> 1. Cameron Tubb</li></ul> <p> 2. This image was taken with a plain background so I could easily cut it out later on, I also used a spot light to create aorange warmth to the picture as if he was at a gig and the lights were on him. When I edited my image I cut thebackground out using a magic wand tool this was so you could see the background of my magazine front cover and itmakes it look much more professional. The final stage in the editing of this image was to increase the contrast betweencolour so you can see the clear differences between the shadows and the light.Front cover 3. For this image again I took it with a plain background but this time and delete it . I also used the spotlight to give theaffect him performing at a gig. The editing I did on this image was quite simple as I just turned the image into black andwhite as I felt it would portray the dark side if my Dubstep magazine but also because it fits in with the colour scheme alot better on the contents page.Contents page 4. Double page spreadMy double page spread picture was to show the artist looking down on his equipment with a spotlight onhim. Like my other image I also turned this into black and white as it makes the double page spread lookmuch more professional plus it shows the dark side of Dubstep. 5. Overall I didnt use that many different image editing techniques asI prefer to see more natural pictures rather over edited pictures.</p>