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I had the pleasure of presenting at Chris Brogan and Justin Levy's Inbound Marketing Summit San Francisco and Dallas. The focus of the presentation is on how marketing got broken, how marketers can fix marketing and a few key results from some of our clients like Sony and Atkins.


<p>Title</p> <p>Im Your Customer and I Cant Hear You!April 28, 2009</p> <p>Aaron Strout, VP Marketing, Powered@aaronstroutaaron.strout@powered.comblog.stroutmeister.com 2008 Powered, Inc. 2008 Powered, Inc.#Attention marketers your audience isnt deaf. They just arent listening to you anymore. You know why? Theyre tired of you yelling at them. Oh, and that blog you had your intern put up on your site last summer? Crickets. Want to know how to get your customers to have a conversation with you? Start by talking with them.Five ways you can start a conversation with your customers.Sony and Atkins that are actually making money as a result of these conversations.1Once Upon a Time, Businesses &amp; Customers Talked</p> <p> 2008 Powered, Inc.#2Then along came the phone</p> <p> 2008 Powered, Inc.#3And the Web.</p> <p> 2008 Powered, Inc.#4Marketers Thought Shouting Might HelpPhoto Credit: Brian Solis</p> <p> 2008 Powered, Inc.#But It Didnt</p> <p> 2008 Powered, Inc.#</p> <p>So Along Comes SocialAnd now we are starting to speak with one another 2008 Powered, Inc.#7Listen what are your customers saying? Where are they saying it (think: Google Alerts, Radian6, Techrigy, BuzzGain)Join are your customers on Facebook? Twitter? Get Satisfaction? Sign up (but learn the etiquette first).Ask are your customers unhappy with you? Find out why? Ask what you could be doing better.Engage Thank your customers for taking the time to tell you whats on their mind. Tell them what youre thinking (in ENGLISH please). Ask more questions.Build If youve gotten good at numbers 1-4, consider creating your own community to augment the conversations.</p> <p>REPEATFive Ways to Talk With Your Customers 2008 Powered, Inc.#8Engaging Content Drives Sonys Community</p> <p>78% of members are more likely to purchase aSony product Community was leading driver of NPS for Sonyhttp://sony.com/learn 2008 Powered, Inc.#Increasing consumer loyalty and advocacy: The [social marketing] program has a 90% user satisfactionrating, and 78% of users report that they are more likely to purchase aSony product as a result ofBackstage 101. Sonys NPS (Net Promoter Score) for2008 came in at 44%, with 59% of users classified as promoters who are likely torecommend Sony electronics to a family member, friend, or coworker. 9People Like to Talk at Atkins Community</p> <p>Listening led to breakthrough in snack bar formula50% of members surveyed say theyd buy morehttp://community.atkins.com 2008 Powered, Inc.#Ill add some color commentary here10</p> <p>Show Me the Money!Our clients are finding that as a result of their community:92% of their customers would recommendtheir site to a friend85% would recommend their brand to a friend66% would be more likely to purchasefrom their brand63% have a more positive view of their brandAND</p> <p>Some clients are experiencing an ROI as high as 60X!!! 2008 Powered, Inc.#11Good Executive ListenersTony Hsieh, Zappos CEO@ZapposBarry Judge, BestBuy CMO@BestBuyCMOJeffrey Hayzlett, Kodak CMO@JeffreyHayzlettPadmasree Warrior, Cisco CTO@PadmasreeTim OReilly, OReilly Media CEO@TimOReillyHONORABLE MENTIONDiane Hessan, Communispace CEO@CommunispaceCEOMike Walsh, Leverage Software CEO@MWalshScott Monty, Ford social media head@ScottMonty</p> <p> 2008 Powered, Inc.#</p> <p>THANK YOU!Im Listening@aaronstroutaaron.strout@powered.comblog.stroutmeister.com 2008 Powered, Inc.#</p>