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  • santiago arciniegas



    In mary ,s eyes

  • santiago arciniegas

    Can you only say no (Film)

  • santiago arciniegas

    Motel Soak


  • santiago arciniegas

    Vampire Kiss (Film)

    No. 8/ Noviembre 2010

    No. 8/ Noviembre 2010No. 8/ Noviembre 2010

    What are you doing? (Film)




  • santiago arciniegas

    I keep forgettingand I keep typingI dont know why? what is it that makes me tick?I want to think its art.but Ifear its not. Art freezes me, paralyses me.Fascinates me, elevates me.But it doesnt make me tick. Do I even tick? I think, if someone was to ask, what is wrong with me. I would say: rhythm. Or better said, the absence of it. I find myself rhythm-less.without compass.without constancy,without flow.

    Like I am trapped in intermittence. Like I am bothered by a mosquito at night. never knowing when its going to buzz right my ear. My emotions are disturbed by unexpected visits. My piece of mind is dependent to the frizziness of my hair.

    I cant deal with impulse buying;I cant deal with an unexpected phone call. Because I lack rhythm.

    I just dont know what to do next. So I sit in the corner of my bed and ask myself: what do you want? So I wonder to the nearest text box and type: I dont know

    I don ,t know

  • No. 8/ Noviembre 2010

    No. 8/ Noviembre 2010No. 8/ Noviembre 2010

    Commander KeenMedia : Digital Illustration

    EmotionlessMedia : Photograph

    Aunthenticity - Compilsory Task Media : Digital Painting

    See you in your dreams

    Media : Photograph

    What Are You Doing?

    Media : Film

    In marys eyesMedia : Digital Illustration

    Overview (Academic Magazine Cover Illustration)Media : Vector Art

    Motel Soak

    Media : Photograph

    pCan you only say no?

    Media : Film

    I dont Know

    Media : Digital Painting

    pVampire KissMedia : Film

  • January 16, 2012

    Konstfack University,

    My name is Santiago Arciniegas. Im a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and 18 months

    graduate of Social Communications from Universidad Sergio Arboleda. Im writing to express

    my interest in your Masters in Storytelling program at Konstfack University in Telefonplan.

    Visual stories have been a major part of my life, as a geek, an enthusiast and as a professional,

    I devour these media products; I enjoy writing stories as much as I enjoy creating visuals

    for them. Being influenced mostly by the American superhero comic genre, British comic

    authors, Japanese manga and the Belgian comic, I find sequential art truly universal. It has

    always been my interest to produce my own stories, delve into my own world and create my

    own stories.

    Ma career has focused in developing this abilities, I studied a five year career where I majored

    in social communications with emphasis in Visual media, where I studied both written and

    audio-visual expression and product development. I have developed these skills further into

    multimedia web design, photography and film; always combining the importance of the

    written words and the power of visual media.

    I learned about Konstfack University post graduate Storytelling program while browsing the

    online portfolio and comic books of Martin Ernstsen. Intrigued I dug deeper to learn more

    about what the program offers. The emphasis in sequential art is very appealing as well as the

    the analysis and relevance that is given to stories have in the world, make Konstfack Universitys

    Storytelling program a phenomenal place to expand my knowledge.

    Sincerely,Santiago Arciniegas Gmez