iid launches avengers & colantotte social campaign with partner euro rscg

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Have you ever wanted to fly like a superhero? This iiD integrated social marketing campaign brings the best of social app, campaign site and socialized on-site app to help people bond with the Avenger heroes and a new Colantotte sports wristband.


  • 1. iiD Launches Avengers & Colantotte Social Campaign with Partner Euro RSCGPress Release - 03.07.2012 Have you ever wanted to fly like a superhero? This iiD integrated social marketing campaign brings the best of social app, campaign site and socialized on-site app to help people bond with the Avenger heroes and a new Colantotte sports wristband. The Challenge: The Insight: Colantotte, a Japanese sports bracelet brand, Superhero and sports gadget fans have a few and Marvel Comics doing a cross promotion of a things in common they both love to share their new high-end magnetic wristband and the passion through social media and the use of apps upcoming Marvels the Avengers movie needed that are more utility than promotion around a a digital platform that relied heavily on social brand. On top of this, theyre sensitive to the over- engagement. iiD working in coordinated effort commercialized uses of Facebook these days so with agency partner Euro RSCG was tasked with more personal experiences that allow them to the challenge of bringing the Avenger express their identities and bond with their characters to life while balancing the promotion buddies would increase the relevancy of brands. of the Magtitan Neo Legend wristband. With multiple stakeholders the challenge was What We Did: providing engaging content and apps that please the brands as well as lovers of the Working closely with partner Euro RSCG who Avengers story. provided the vision of the brand, iiD developed an integrated strategy involving interwoven social and digital channels to work together effectively to iiD - Press Release - 03/07/2012 1
  • 2. drive awareness, engagement and viral. We thendesigned and built out all assets of the campaign,meeting each of the clients requirements.Theintegrated platform assets included:Social-Enabled Colantotte.com Campaign Sitewww.colantotte.comThe website includes cross-branded design andkey content around product, the heroes and thecommunity. To enhance the experience of the newColantotte Magtitan Neo Legend wristband, thesite incorporates a 3D view interactive Flashmodule to see the product from all angles. Unlikethe majority of movie and entertainmentpromotional sites, Colantotte.com is primarily anHTML/PHP experience with built in SEO plugins formaximum searchability. The greatestaccomplishment of the campaign site is how itmanages to effectively combine the Avengers lookand feel with a high-end Colantotte productpromotion. invites people to Let us pick some of your friends weColantotte Avengers Super Awards Facebook app think share Avenger traits or you can pick them yourself. The app reads users friends interests to assign the right award to the right heroic friend! Users then send their Facebook pals special awards and a personalized message to friends walls to allow recipients to create their award profile photos. Naturally, people begin noticing the awards showing up in peoples feeds and follow the link back to the Super Awards app, starting the process anew. If I Were an Avenger Social App http://colantotte.com/community/if-i-were-an-avenger This is a Flash-based web app built into the Colantotte.com campaign site to entertain vistors with the opportunity to pick an Avenger that theyd like to be, a super power theyd want and select a Colantotte product. From there the app connects to Facebook to pull the users identity and photo and shows it among all the other fans of that particular Avenger. Part of the fun is having the chance to see what other people chose as their hero-ability- product combination. The Super Links List http://colantotte.com/community/super-social-link-listhttps://apps.facebook.com/colantotte-avengersiiD - Press Release - 03/07/2012 2
  • 3. The Super Links List is a glorified RSS reader a truly global audience. As part of the localizationpulling in blog posts and videos for both the deliverable, we provided an easy to use adminAvengers and Colantotte. The Links List also has and CMS solution to quickly add new languagestabs to show Avenger and Colantotte content or and regions to the site at reasonable cost andfilter one or the other. The simple idea for this quick turnaround.page is extending the site content in pointingthem to other useful Colantotte or Avengers Important Takeaways:news online, something user-centric and notoften done on traffic-hungry marketing sites. In developing integrated social/digital platforms for brands, iiD believes it isnt about the success of any one app or site implementation. Its aboutMulti-language Site for Global Brand: taking users on a journey through a collection ofiiD built out the campaign site to support brand engagements that inevitably are wrappedeffective localization. We localized the site into 6 in a social context for sharing, awarding andlanguages - English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, playing. This is how digital communications canRussian and Thai - to enable Colantotte to cater to be more than a pedestal for brands but a fun, shareable value add worth spending time with. Six language site globalizationiiD - Press Release - o3/07/2012 3
  • 4. About iiD iiD (ideas in digital) is a new breed of full service digital agency that builds connections through multi-platform strategy, user focused design, social channels and emerging technology to enable what we call friendship media. Put simply, we create connections in digital that engage the right users with brands where and how they like them. We map out, design and develop digital products and services to delight consumers and achieve our clients business goals. iiD blends the four key elements of success in digital media: strategy, creative, social design and technology. We measure everything we do and regard our clients success as our own. ideas in digital 120 Green Street San Francisco, CA 94121 415.738.0738 info@ideasindigital.com http://www.ideasindigital.comiiD - Press Release - o3/07/2012 4