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Idents By Azat kavak

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  • 1. Idents By Azat kavak
  • 2. What is this?
  • 3. What is a IdentA ident is an Identity of channels. Idents are veryimportant as there as so many channels competing.Idents show their brand so the audience can know whatTV channel they are watching. Idents are also forcontinuity, announcements and to let the audience knowwhat the type of show they are watching or what iscoming up.
  • 4. Examples of Idents
  • 5. Purpose of an Ident Design of an Ident BBC One ident have always been simple Main purpose of a and plain because the tax people pay goes ident is branding. to them.They keep the ident plain and There hundreds of simple not spending much money on it so different TV brands they can spend more on the shows. so you can tell their brand from the other The BBC One ident density is empty red screen channels. with no informtion but their brands name. Another purpose of a channel is to sell the channel to us the vewiers.
  • 6. DesignThe key points for the design of an TV ident are:Setting/ Time- Where is the ident set and inwhat time period? Is it in the past, present or future? Tempo- This is how fast/slow paced the TV ident is. Audience interaction- Do they interact with the audience? Informative or Entertainment- Is the ident there to be informative or is it for just entertainment ? Density- How much information is in the ident? How full/empty is the screen?
  • 7. Hippo IdentBBC One hippo ident, duration 15seconds long. The ident is a very spacious ident as there is not much in the identjust hippos forming a circle to represent the circle theme which startd in 2007 for the BBC One channel. The hippoident seems to be set in a modern time period.The Ident is mainly set under water. The music included in the identmatched the ident very well as its slow, funky and matches the timing of the hippos are very calm which couldmean the programme being shown next is going to be calm and relaxing. The first scene of the ident is a close upof the hippo face.The first shot is a really quick shot quickly . Its looks like as if it saw us the audience and gotscared so it goes under water. The reason they chose this is to show the programme coming up which is adocumentary. The hippos will attract animal and mammal lovers or people for any ageThe audience can relate thsto the programme coming up as you see animals and mammals with really close up shots of them doing unusualstuff. BBC always keep their indents simple and unusualThe tempo of the ident is fast paced. As soon as the hippo goes under the water it quickly joins the otherhippos. The hippos are swimming around in a circle. The camera angle is low under the water looking upat the hippos. In the middle of the hippos you can see a bright light shinning down showing us its stilldaylight outside. Through out the ident, they dont interact with the audience they just let you know whatprogramme is going to come on next this could also be a purpose, they dont ask any rhetorical question.The purpose of this ident is to entertain and to inform telling whats up next and to keep us watching asyou dont see a hippo that close everyday not an average thing you see.The pace of the ident is very highand constantly moving .There isnt much density of information used through out the ident as the ident onlylast around 15 sec. in the longer version the hippos in the ident rub there nose togther anf seem like a bigfamily this could suggest the programme showing up next coud be a family or a romance family.
  • 8. Ident historyBBC 1 Ident was first made in the early 1950s. It was made so it can bedisplayed before TV programs.BBC Ones identity has been symbolized by aglobe shown on its idents for much of itsexistenceIn 1962 it changed to a map of the UK
  • 9. Ident Evolution BBC1 1953-1960 BBC1 Current IdentFriday 1 September 1989 Current Itv ident 1997 until 30 April 1999. Current Disney Ident.
  • 10. Question time Why doesn`t BBC One spend much money on their idents? What are the 3 main puporse of a ident and why? What is your favourite ident of all time? When did bbc first broad cast their ident? A: 1953 - 1960 B: 1923 - 1945
  • 11. Thanks for listening
  • 12. Bibliography
  • 13. The ident has been made for BBC 1. The ident is 23 seconds long.The ident is very spacious and its a etablashing shot this shows the little children running around in a circle representing the bbc one logo . Its starts of with flowers and roses getting blown by the wind. As the ident starts you see a rose and the sun but you cant see much of it because the camera isnt focused on it. The music starts a few seconds after it gradually gets louder. The music thats played tells us that its going to be a childs programme thats going to come up next. The scene where the kids are holding hands and going in a circle is a eye lever tracking shot which again reinforces childs progammes.BBC always keep there indents simple. In this ident theres not a lot happening but the kids playing showing that there always fun and enjoyable. Every bbc ident have subtitles written in the right hand corner so everyone including death peope can watch it.The main purpose of bbc ident is a clever way if identifiying of a television show or broadcast sensation. All channels have their own idents and have to be original in their own way.
  • 14. PsOX08 Bbc three idents launched on the 9th of february in 2003. The ident was designed by Lambie-Nairn and featured blobs set in a blue environment with a towering three dimensional three in the background. The blobs were designed to be characters within the ident and not presenters and never commented on the upcoming programme. Each blob was computer generated. The channels logo consisted of a BBC logo above a slanted, upper case, three set inside a white box. The channel used a variety of promotions and strings. Prior to the launch, the channel made use of the song "three is the magic number" to add into the ident and they used a magority of different songs through out the ident to seem catchy and something to entertain the viewers so the ident was never boring. The ident I will be analising is one from BBC three which was put on tv at the beginning of 2010. This ident is off something that looks like a orange puppet that speaks and tells the viewers what programme is going to be shown next. BBC three is written in capital letters in the middle of the page so it stands out and reminds people what channel they are on. The camera angle used is a establashing shot as you can see the background and everything inside the ident perfectly and none is cut off. The orange puppet been shown on the page is a character so if you just see the puppet you will know what channel the puppet belongs to without seeing the logo. Subtiles have been written in the right corner of the ident to show the channel is for everyone and even deaf people still have the opportunity to watch the channel. BBC three have visual dynamic identities to appeal to the target audience of young adults. The programme being shown next could be something childish as theres a puppet been shown on the page however not blocking out the THREE written in the middle of the page. However the next programme shown could be a comedy as the puppet is funny and catches the viewers attention. The target audience for this audience is around 14+ because of the things included in the ident. The ident is very empty as there isnt much in the screen just the subtiles and the bbc three logo