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Take a look under the bonnet and see how we help our clients invest their money


  • 1. Our Investment Process Explained
    By Brian Butcher Dip PFS
  • 2. A thorough and robust investment process is an essential ingredient to any clients investment strategy.
    This presentation shows you how we work WITH
    our clients to help them create investment
    portfolios to maximise returns within an
    acceptable risk level whilst minimising
    any tax liabilities.
    We do this through our 7 stage process......
  • 3. The 7 stage process
  • 4. Stage 1
    Our first priority is for us to fully understand what you want to achieve.
    Comprehensive data gathering will assist us to identify your objectives, concerns and goals
  • 5. Stage 2
    Using scientific risk profiling tools we will establish your attitude to risk.
    We will then discuss the results of this with you to form an agreed risk tolerance for your investment(s)
  • 6. Stage 3
    By allocating capital to different types of assets in suitable proportions we can aim to maximise the return for a given level of risk for a target rate of return.
    Studies show that asset allocation accounts for over 90% of the variability in performance not market timing or individual fund choice.
  • 7. Stage 4
    Here we will discuss with you the different investment styles and strategies that investment manager use to identify which suits your preferences.
    Whether it be a low cost passive portfolio, a managed approach or even a discretionary service we aim to cover all options.
  • 8. Stage 5
    As independent financial planners we will help you to select a suitable investment provider based on your chosen investment style.
  • 9. Selecting the appropriate product (or tax wrapper) ensures your investment is taking advantage of any suitable tax incentives AND minimising any taxation on your account.
  • 10. Our back office systems and online investment platform allows us to easily monitor the progress of your investment towards your goals and make adjustments where necessary.
    Regular meetings also ensure we can take account of any personal or legislative changes.
  • 11. Should your investments be suitable for our online investment portfolio we will then be able to provide you with online access to valuations and performance statistics 24 hours a day 7 days per week.
    This not only adds value for you but it also enable us to
    • Make changes to your investments quickly and efficiently
    • 12. Buy and sell units at the touch of a button
    • 13. Keep track against your goals
    • 14. Achieve your investment potential
    • 15. Secure a better deal through discounts on admin charges