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IB Diploma Provisional Results: May 2015 - WIS This is our seventh year cohort of IB diploma students. The overall results for West Island School are once again very pleasing both against previous school results and also against world averages. The results below indicate a solid and stable pattern of achievement for students at WIS with a mean point score of 35 for the fourth year running and well above the worldwide average; similarly the mean grade per subject has remained consistently high at 5.6. This is even more impressive as this year we had a record number of students entering the full IB diploma; 132 in total within the cohort. It is worth remembering that we are a non selective school with 85% of our cohort taking the IB diploma as opposed to most IB schools which are selective. This year I am delighted to report that once again 6 students to date have received 44 points and 3 have achieved the coveted highest mark of 45 points placing the school and our students amongst the very top elite scholars worldwide. As the graph below indicates this year 84% of our students achieved over 30 points; 56% achieved over 35 points and 23% achieved over 40 points. This is an outstanding achievement. * IBO Worldwide data for May 2015 is not yet available so May 2014 data has been provided. The worldwide data has stayed fairly consistent over the last few years. Table 1: Overview of IB Diploma Results (2011-2015) May 2015 May 2014 (May 2013 May 2012 May 2011 Worldwide (May 2014) Number of students entered for the full IB Diploma 132 127 128 122 125 67,492 Number of students achieving a Bilingual Diploma 5 3 4 8 7 15,321 Mean points score for all IB Diploma students 35.2 35.5 35.4 35.2 34.8 30.1 % of students achieving 30+ IB Diploma points 84% 86% 88% 89% 87% 53.2% % of students achieving 35+ IB Diploma points 56% 60% 59% 57% 50% 24.9% % of students achieving 40+ IB Diploma points 23% 24% 21% 19% 16% 6.8% Mean grade for all subjects 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.5 5.5 4.7 Note: These are preliminary data and do not yet reflect the outcomes of any appeals that may be made regarding individual students and subjects. In terms of % of students achieving the diploma we are once again in the mid to high nineties. We are awaiting confirmation regarding some results and will publish the exact % once known. Finally may I congratulate all the students who took the IB diploma this year at West Island School. We are justifiably very proud of our tradition of excellence at IB level and of the individual students whose achievement these statistics cannot pay full justice to. I would also like to acknowledge the parental support for the school and for the students to achieve such wonderful results for WIS. The teaching staff are to be congratulated on their skill, tenacity and ability to work with students in our community to give them the opportunities to excel. As ever there are individual stories behind the results which data does not reveal fully but these results do allow us to celebrate another good year for WIS in the IB diploma which continues to set a high standard for the school. Jane Foxcroft Principal July 8th 2015


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