i want to… … learn. … earn money for myself and my family i want to…

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  • I want to


  • earn money for myself and my familyI want to

  • have fun with my friendsI want to

  • have a bright future with all optionsI want to

  • The Role of Education as a Driver of Personal and Social Development2. Needs, Trends and Approaches in Secondary Education3. Challenges and ProspectsEducation as a Driver of DevelopmentApproaches, Experience and Prospects for Expanded Learning Opportunities Karin Jahr de GuerreroGerman Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • have a bright future with all optionsI want to

  • 1.) The Role of Education as a Driver of Personal, Social and Economic DevelopmentEducation involves the development of social and cultural competencies competencies and skills to cope with life cognitive skillspersonal competencies

  • Tools and techniques in education management:

    Guidance on education policy and capacity development Decentralisation in education systems Quality management Curricula development Teacher training Peace education Financial management

  • 2.) Needs, Trends and Approaches in Post-Primary Education

    What comes after primary school? 36% increase of enrolment in primary schools1.3 billion young peoplePressure on post-primaryeducationConflicts? Crises?

    - Education matters -

  • Some specifics of post-primary education:

    Application of practical learning methodsIncreased participation of studentsHigher learning requirementsSpecialist teachersAcquisition of life skills Entrepreneurship educationMaking young people fit for

    L I F E

  • Crucial Issues of Post-Primary Education= Subthemes of the BiennaleTowards 9-10 years Education For All: promising policies and strategies

    Skills development and the world of work: challenges for education and training

    Building knowledge and competencies for Africa's development: articulating upper secondary with higher education

  • Todays African youth is pushing for future chances!

  • 3.) Challenges and Prospects Learn from innovative approaches and disseminate them Use networks effectively and disseminate best practices Demonstrate change with useful monitoring systems Cooperation between government, civil society and the private sector Capacity development to strengthening individuals, institutions and organisations

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