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<p>I DREAMEDA DREAM frOMLEsMTSERABLESAndant EbE,lDffi</p> <p>Music CLAUDE_MICHEL by SCHONBERG LyTics HERBERT by KRETZMER OriginatText byALA|N BOUBUL JEAN_MARC and NATEL</p> <p>ffitl2</p> <p>Eh,"</p> <p>*tt'tAb/B</p> <p>M" i r rtffi'"ffh," ffi</p> <p>ffi'</p> <p>[JJ-f</p> <p>h</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>| |m"m6r,</p> <p>v i ''- vffi'</p> <p>m</p> <p>frEMffi</p> <p>m m</p> <p>Bb</p> <p>ffi'"</p> <p>EbE, Eg</p> <p>m",</p> <p>ffi*d.eahed rhat</p> <p>AblG</p> <p>fficod woutd</p> <p>m8iv ing-</p> <p>R</p> <p>mffi</p> <p>Bb</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>t r - T-f-l-= mCrn Eb,Ab</p> <p>m""&amp;g</p> <p>ffiano &amp;eams were made and used and</p> <p>mffi</p> <p>Bl 6</p> <p>ffi--.---</p> <p>m</p> <p>ffi'"</p> <p>Cm7</p> <p>m-</p> <p>Eb,?b@. '</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>so song un-sung, no wiDe un - tast- ed.</p> <p>wilh</p> <p>thei. voic</p> <p>es sofr</p> <p>tl</p> <p>ffilhey tuD your dream to</p> <p>ffitffi</p> <p>Abn'</p> <p>ffi-</p> <p>tu ffi</p> <p>{ H el . Ishel srepr</p> <p>vrmFbfr</p> <p>tlFm7</p> <p>frB b6</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>ffi.y u,r, IS" | ,,;l"o a"y. -a , r"*</p> <p>mffi</p> <p>m</p> <p>m</p> <p>Eb/D</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>ffi'"|$"l'*t .r "r,lor,*a lli'l "n,0". '"</p> <p>Bb6</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>M ffi</p> <p>ffi-</p> <p>Bbm6Dt</p> <p>M-</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>c</p> <p>And !',rr I d,eamed I h';lcome</p> <p>t-f :-f-' * '</p> <p>r' f</p> <p>lhal we would live the yefs</p> <p>10</p> <p>gelh, er.</p> <p>But there are dreams that can - not</p> <p>dd</p> <p>'h e r</p> <p>d r e . 'o r m . q e c . n n o r q e J $</p> <p>,mI had ! drcdm my</p> <p>rtt</p> <p>tr</p> <p>tr'</p> <p>129</p> <p>F/C</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>.ff</p> <p>ai^</p> <p>pocoralt.</p> <p>ffiNow life has killed the dream I</p> <p>c</p> <p>F/E</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>Dm7</p> <p>m</p> <p>c9</p> <p>F</p> <p>ffi</p> <p>ffi</p>


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