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Hypnosis and Drugs. Music: Ganja Babe Weeds Soundtrack Alcohol Barenaked Ladies. Today: Ch. 5 Part II. 1. Drugs: a) Alcohol b) Marijuana c) Ecstasy d) Narcotics 2. Drug Dependence 3. Factors in Drug Use 4. Hypnosis: a) Definition b) Susceptibility c) Facts & Falsehood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Hypnosis and Drugs

    Music: Ganja BabeWeeds SoundtrackAlcohol Barenaked Ladies

  • Today: Ch. 5 Part II1. Drugs: a) Alcoholb) Marijuanac) Ecstasy d) Narcotics2. Drug Dependence3. Factors in Drug Use4. Hypnosis: a) Definitionb) Susceptibilityc) Facts & Falsehoodd) Theoriese) Demonstration5. Dream interpretation (contd from last week)6. 4. Movies: Hypnosis and Surgery Pain (5 min.)Weight Loss Hypnosis (4 min.)

  • 1. Drugs a) Alcohol:Effects: slows down brain activity that controls judgment, inhibitions and motor coordination. Binge drinking in university studentsAccidents: BAC & drivingViolent crime: rape & domestic violence

  • a) Alcohol (contd)Complications with chronic use: emotional social physical (p.233)

    Diagnosis:Self-administered test

  • 1. Drugs (contd) b) Marijuana: (THC)Effects: mild hallucinogen; amplifies sensesMild euphoria and relaxationAssociated problems:Effects on memory & attention Automobile accidentsLung DiseaseEarly onset psychosis in those vulnerablec) Ecstasy (MDMA):Effects: euphoria, energy, emotional bonding and empathyPhysical consequences: damage to serotonin pathwaysLong term impairments in memory, mood and personality

  • 1. Drugs (contd)d) Narcotics or opiates:Derived from opium and capable of relieving painE.g. Heroin, morphine, codeineMost commonly abused: oxycontin (Hillbilly Heroin/Oxy)heroin2. Drug Dependence

  • 2. Drug DependenceWhat do Doctors look for to diagnose drug dependence? Must have 3 or more of the following symptoms:Substance taken in larger amounts than intendedDesire and unsuccessful attempts to cut backConsiderable time spent obtaining the substanceInability to fulfill role obligations & curtailing important activities due to substanceMarked toleranceWithdrawal symptoms

  • 3. Factors in Drug Abusea) Depends on the drug, p. 224

  • 3. Factors in Drug Abuse (contd)b) Biological predispositionGenetic factorsTranslates into fewer dopamine receptors Predict who will be more likely to be addicted to alcohol, cocaine and heroinc) Psychological factors: Depression/anxietyEscape from painful self-awarenessd) Social factors:PeersFamily background

  • 4. Hypnosis a) Definition:Systematic procedure that typically produces a heightened state of suggestibility. (p.214) b) Susceptibility: Hypnotic ability is normally distributed

  • 4. Hypnosis (contd)b) SusceptibilityAssociated traits:absorption, imaginativeness, rich fantasy lifeImaginative suggestibilityc) Facts and Falsehood p. 214: What hypnosis can do:Alleviate painSensory distortionsTreatment of hypertension, migraines, allergiesWhat hypnosis cannot do: Age regression/ Regression into past livesMake people act against their willRecover lost memories

  • 4. d) Theories of Hypnosis- Role enactment theory:Hypnosis is a normal mental state in which suggestible people act out the role of a hypnotic subject. - Hypnosis as an altered state of consciousness:Hypnotic effects are attibutable to a special sate of consciousness.Changes in brain activityHypnosis creates a dissociation or split in consciousness- Unification of viewsHypnotic phenomena involve both alterations in consciousness and complex social interactions that are shaped by role expectations.

    4. e) Hypnotic InductionDemonstration using a common, clinical induction procedure

  • 5. Self-Guide to Dream InterpretationExample from the class:1) Write your dream in the present tense2) Underline dream elements3) Provide more description of the dream elements4) Associate to dream elements5) Link to waking life6) Interpreting your dream & making it work for you!

  • 4. Movies1) Hypnosis and Surgery PainHow hypnosis has helped one cancer survivor.

    2) Weight Loss Hypnosis Hypnosis helps one woman find the motivation to eat healthier and exercise. A look at the scientific side of hypnosis, how it can help, and its limitations.

    Note: 2 multiple choice questions may be extracted from these movies for midterm #2


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