hydrothermal vent bacteria that live near hydrothermal vents

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  • Hydrothermal Vent

  • Bacteria that live near hydrothermal vents

  • Tubeworm that lives near the hydrothermal ventTubeworm with a symbiotic relationship with bacteria

  • Nutrition!What is nutrition??

    How organisms obtain and process food!Life function!

  • What is nutrition needed for?1. energy2. growth3. repair4. regulation

  • Two types of nutrition!Autotrophic nutrition-When an organism can manufacture organic compounds from inorganic raw materials.


  • ContinueHeterotrophic nutrition the organism that cannot make organic compounds from inorganic raw materials

    HETEROTROPHS = organisms that can NOT make their own food.

  • Nutrition in Plants!How do plants get their nutrition???


    What is that???

    This is the process plants use in order to make their own food!!! Therefore, they are autotrophs!!

  • What do plants need for photosynthesis?Plants need:SunlightWaterCarbon dioxide

    Photosynthesis is the process by which the energy of light is converted to the chemical bond energy of organic compounds

  • Basic Photosynthesis!Are all the raw materials present?

  • Photosynthesis occurs in two parts!1. Light reaction (photochemical rxn.)Occurs in the grana of the chloroplast

    2. Dark Reaction (carbon fixation)Occurs in the stroma of the chloroplast

  • Do you recognize the process?What is given off?What is made?

  • This is a chloroplastCan you recognize any of the parts?Can you locate the stroma and grana?

  • Another view of PhotosynthesisDoes the dark reaction require the direct sunlight?

  • General formula forPhotosynthesis

    6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2

  • Can you explain what is happening?Do you see the two reactions?

  • Continue Vascular Plants - although some photosynthesis occurs in the stems of vascular plants, the organs most highly adapted for this process are the LEAVEScuticle (waxy layer)chloroplastsupper epidermisxylemstomatesphloemguard cells fibrovascular bundlepallisade layerspongy layer lower epidermis

  • The Leaf

  • What is this?Guess?

  • This is what a leaf looks like under the microscopeCan you identify the parts?

  • Can you identify all the parts of the leaf???

  • Another Hydrothermal vent!!!