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<p>Slayt 1</p> <p>PEARL OF THE INDUSTRY: </p> <p>HYDROPHOBIC EXPANDED PERLITECONTENTSGENERAL INFORMATIONPRODUCTION OF HYDROPHOBIC PERLITEMARKET ANALYSISESTABLISHMENT PLACECONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TURKISH ECONOMYENVIROMENTAL IMPACTSREFERENCES</p> <p>1.GENERAL INFORMATION1.1. The Aims of The Project</p> <p>To make HYDROPHOBIC expanded perlite from expanded perlite</p> <p>To obtain a material with improved properties(e.g.better heat insulator, filter aid, better constuction material)</p> <p>Volcanic Rock Perlite</p> <p>1.2 What Is Perlite?Perlite is</p> <p>naturally occuring mineral</p> <p>silliceous volcanic rock</p> <p>pearl-like luster</p> <p>2. PRODUCTION OF HYDROPHOBIC EXPANDED PERLITE</p> <p>PROCESS 1: EXPANDED PERLITERaw perlite is heated rapidly about 700-1200C.</p> <p>Perlite is popped like a corn.</p> <p>The contained water is converted to steam.</p> <p>Volume is increased to 20 times of its original volume.</p> <p>Expansion Furnace</p> <p>PROCESS-2 : HYDROPHOBIC EXPANDED PERLITE Hydrophobicity from the Nature</p> <p>Especially two main methods were tried with Alkoxysilane and Aqueous silane emulsions </p> <p> The method that choosen for this project is Aqueous Silane Emulsion.</p> <p>Because the properties nonflammable and nontoxic are very important and good properties for nature and environment.</p> <p> Silane is Most appropriate silane is polymethylhydroxysilane(PMHS).</p> <p>PMHS is an inexpensive, less toxic, air and moisture stable liquid.pH is kept around 6-8.</p> <p>ProcedureThe treated expanded perlite is removed from the twin shell, is placed in an aluminum pan, and is dried in a forced air oven for 2 hours at 100 C. to remove the residual water. The treated expanded perlite is tested for hydrophobicityWater drops remain on the surface of the treated expanded perlite for longer than 30 minutes in the water drop test. In the water solubility test, the mixture begins to separate 10 to 15 minutes after mixing. After one minute, the treated expanded perlite forms a layer on top of the water, and the water layer is clear with no evidence of suspended particles 3.MARKET ANALYSIS</p> <p>Table 1.World Perlite Reserves ( Million Ton)</p> <p>ReserveTotal ReserveCitiesTotalTotalTotalWorldwide Total (rounded)Perlite Reserves in Turkey</p> <p>Largest Hydrophobic Perlite Producers in WorldPerlite Hellas Company in Greece</p> <p>Shijiazhuang Kedahua Imp. &amp; Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. in Hebei,China</p> <p>Tianjin Incom Science &amp; Technology Co., Ltd. in ChinaMain markets and Total Revenue in the WorldMain MarketsTotal Revenue (%)Domestic Market40.00%Africa15.00%Mid East8.00%Oceania6.00%Eastern Europe5.00%North America5.00%Southeast Asia4.00%Central America3.00%South Asia3.00%Eastern Asia3.00%South America2.00%Western Europe2.00%Southern Europe2.00%Northern Europe2.00%Total Annual Sales Volume:Above US$100 MillionExport Percentage:51% - 60%Cost of Hydrophobic PerliteThe price for hydrophobic expanded perlite is US $ 21 - 34 / Cubic Meter.</p> <p>Application AreasPlaster in exteriors Cleaning oil spillages</p> <p>Waterproofing requirements of roof, walls, basement Water, heat, noise and fire insulation</p> <p> 4.ESTABLISHMENT PLACE4.1 Education Level</p> <p> lOkuma yazma durumuToplamErkekKadnzmirOkuma yazma bilmeyen70.11412.71157.403Okuma yazma bilen3.602.1481.814.1801.787.968Bilinmeyen54.32030.45423.866Toplam3.726.5821.857.3451.869.237Table Literate Condition in zmir</p> <p>4.3 Economic Conditionzmir is the second largest port city of Turkey.</p> <p>6.5% of exports of the country and 4.8% of countrys imports are made from zmir.</p> <p>The largest port of exportation of Turkey is in zmir. International companies number increases.</p> <p>5.Contributions to the Turkish EconomyNew employment opportunities</p> <p>Power saving</p> <p>Improvement of the sub-indusries</p> <p>Exportation</p> <p>6. Environmental ImpactsEnvironmental friendly</p> <p>Cleans petroleum residues in the sea</p> <p>Recyclable</p> <p>Loose fill, plaster can be reused</p> <p>7. REFERENCEShttp://www.mineralseducationcoalition.org/minerals/perlite</p> <p>http://marmara.kimyager.org/media/KimyagerDern.B%C3%BClten10%20(2013).pdf</p> <p>http://www.google.com/patents/US4889747</p> <p>https://perlite.org//</p> <p>Thank You </p> <p>Group Members :Fatma KarsloluPelin Karlzge KylJohn Kiiza</p>