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Download HYDROLYZED DNA CELL POWER, ANTI-AGING,   DNA CELL POWER, ANTI-AGING, MOSTURIZING SOLUTION NUCLEO ... - Cell regeneration, activation of cell production, healthy cells - Promotion of collagen production - Improvement on moisturizing power - Young skin Nucleic Acid (DNA) multiplies fibroblasts, and Increased fibroblasts activate the collagen production.

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  • Hydrolyzed DNA regaining the beauty with the vitality by stopping the clock of aging.After we have studied the source of life, DNA, for a long time, we have made the innovation of genetic dermatology for healthy skins. Beauty starts from healthy and powerful skins.





  • Pores Sebaceous glands

    Abandonment of layer

    Granular Visible layer

    The bottom layer

    Tube glands

    Coliseum hair roots


    Sweat gland

    Fur pouch









    Thin skin, an enlarged picture EpidermisParts in contact with the outer surface = there are no skin blood vessels and nervous tissues on the surfaceIt consists of five layers such as stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum and stratum basale. Closely related to cosmetics

    DermisLayer made up of the skin = skin = including blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic duct, sweat gland, sebaceous glands, etcIt is made up of collagen, elastin, fibroblasts and substrates. It is closely related to skin elasticity.

    Subcutaneous fatIt is present in the skin at the lowermost layer. It is closely related to hormones.It protects internal organs from external physical shock and maintains the body temperature.

    irritantsmicro-organisms, allergens

    irritantsmicro-organisms, allergens

    The structure of the skin

    What is Hydrolyzed DNA ?

    Decrease in activity of skin cells aging skin

    What is the solution to figure out skin aging and skin troubles ?

    Normal skin vs atopic skin

    Various irritants easily enter the skin of patients with atopic dermatitis and cause inflammation and immune responses. Moisture of skin is easily evaporated (TEWL increase)

    The most important cause for itching and dry skin which are common symptoms of atopic dermatitis is the damage of skin barrier which is a skin protective film.

    Normal skin plays a protective role against various external irritants and prevents evaporation of moisture on the skin.

    You must let skin cells of the dermis by waking up dormant skin cells.To restore the physiological and biochemical homeostasis which is the normal function of skins,- Cell regeneration, activation of cell production, healthy cells- Promotion of collagen production- Improvement on moisturizing power- Young skinNucleic Acid (DNA) multiplies fibroblasts, and Increased fibroblasts activate the collagen production.In turn this process improves skin firmness.

    Hydrolyzed DNA_Oligo(Low molecular weight, hydrolysis) DNAIt is the ingredient to improve the permeability into the skin by specially treating DNA with enzymes and making it in low molecular weight.NUCLEO ATO-DNA product is the worlds first cosmetics to implement double moisturizing on inner and outer skins and improve the permeability into the skin by compounding DNA-Na in high molecular weight and DNA (low molecular weight and hydrolyzed DNA).Experimental results are obtained in which the skin texture gets much better when Hydrolyzed DNA is used. In addition, it has the effects to promote the reduction of wrinkles and increase in sebum moisture.In addition, it helps to cure wounds or activates metabolism by activating the cells. It also acts as the anti-oxidant function in deep skin. Fresh and healthy skins are made by improving turnover of the skins.

    Key Effect Field of Application Passing the stability test

    MoisturizingSkin cell regenerationSebum controlExfoliatingAnti-wrinkleAnti-freckle Anti-age pigmentSun block

    Anti-aging lineMoisturizer for drynessCalming troubled skin All-in-one gel Hair growth promoter toothpaste

    Eye-irritant testAcute toxicity testFirst skin-irritant test Back mutation test


    Langerhans cells Langerhans cells


    of AD





    General moisturizing ingredients HYDROLYZED



    HYDROLYZED DNA Micro-Molecular Standard Material Comparison of competitive ingredients

    A salmon extract, refined DNA, becomes micro-molecular and improves in functionality to make it proper cosmetic mixed ingredients

    asement membrane peptides (Hexapeptide)Six amino acid sequences which are shared by collagen-4 and collagen-17 composing the basement membrane are synthe-sized in peptides.Wound is recovered by rapidly regenerating the basement membrane which is the basis of differentiation of the epidermis. Regeneration effects are confirmed in cells, artificial skins and clinical tests.

    Peptide (Various polypeptides consisting of amino acids)Most raw materials are peptides which mimic the functional groups of proteins present in the body. Each raw material contains various effects. In general, if it has more amino acids composing peptides, it is expensive and unstable.It mostly consists of 3 4 amino acids. Not many peptides show the actual regeneration effects.

    Snail slime (Allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, vitamin A, D, E)Allantoin, Glycolic acid : substantial effects on patients with large burns. Burn scabs are promptly removed. Promotion of peeling of the epidermis (removal of dead skin cells), promotion of cell proliferation, removal of necrotic tissue and moisturizingContaining 80 % as raw material in Elicina cream there is no ingredient giving the direct regeneration effect. However, it is used for moisturizing after the skin treatment, because of the sense of moisture caused by the sense of membrane of Snail slime. However, it does not have the regeneration effect at all.

    EGF(Recombinant Human Epithermal Growth Factor)Epidermal growth factor _ It represents a broad skin regenera-tion effect, but it does not penetrate into the skins because of very high molecular weight.It can be degraded by proteolytic enzymes present in the skin. It is toxic at high concentration.

    Registered name in INCI as cosmetic mixed ingredients:Hydrolyzed DNA Indication of Name : hydrolysis DNA-Na

    Hair growth promoter effect by Hydrolyzed DNA

    Certified for japan patent as a growing hair, hair growth promot-er and anti-hair loss

    Growing hair root cells and hair growth promoter

    Hydrolyzed DNA increase fundamental power of hair root cells


    Hair root

    Sebaceous glands

    Hair root cells

    Hair papilla

    Blood vessel

  • Efficacy data as cosmetics of oligo DNA

    Not containingHydrolyzed DNA

    Before use After 4 weeks Before use After 4 weeks Before use After 4 weeks Before use After 4 weeks

    ContainingHydrolyzed DNA

    Inhibitory effect on capacity of collagen production

    Hydrolyzed DNA shows absolutely higher capacity of collagen production compared with other moisturizing ingredients.

    Normal DNA

    Not containingHydrolyzed DNA

    ContainingHydrolyzed DNA

    Not containingHydrolyzed DNA

    ContainingHydrolyzed DNA

    Hydrolyzed DNA

    Skin damage is reduced by significantly inhibiting the increase of Hydrolyzed DNA caused by UVB.

    Amount of moisture retention in the skin

    Result of comparison between states of the skin after applying cream containing Hydrolyzed DNA and cream not containing Hydrolyzed DNA onto half of face twice a day for 4 weeks.

    Calculation of relative ratio of amount of collagen production / number of cellsConcentration of the applied sample : 1mg/ml, treatment time : 24 hours

    Skin density

    Inhibitory effect on amount of collagenase



    Collagen Vitamin Cderivatives



  • Improvement effect on atopic dermatitis

    No treatment Application of ointmentcontaining oligo DNA


    Disease of thickened skin by scratching the skins.Dry skin accompanying pigmentation (Erythroderma and pruritic exanthema are recognized)Pigmentation is reduced and state of skin disease is improved.

    Effect on healing the wound by Hydrolyzed DNA

    Effect on healing the wound by Hydrolyzed DNA

    Ointment containing Hyarolyzed DNA is applied to 10 cm of head part in half portion of about20Cm of wound. After 7 days, the states of treated and not treated areas are compared. Recovery of wound without treatment is slow and scrab still does not fall off yet. Difference in the wound healing effect is evident

    Immediately after wound

    Application of ointment containing oligo DNA

    No treatment

    Amount of usage of ointment containing 3 % oligo DNA : 10.5 g = (1.5 g x 1 time) x 7 d

    After 24hours After 7days

    After 24hours After 7days

  • ROBOSKIN / ANALYZER TYPE A Left , oil and water analyzer Wave Cyber WSK-P500U

    Right, microscope (skin testing) MicroscopeM2 SCALAR


    Test Set : skin analyzer by robot skin

    Monitor test of sensitive skin and senile dry skin Test materials :DNA lotion + DNA cream

    PoreVisible number of pores Visibly large poresVisibly the number of dark pores

    Darkeningsmall(number, surface)large(number, surface)

    WrinkleThe number of wrinkles below eyesThe number of wrinkles on eye rim (length, surface)

    Skin colorSkin colorRadianceSkin clearity

    Skin textureSkin textureSkin density

    glowingwater measurement(0100oil measurement 0100


    Trial period

    Test time

    7 people 3 of 60s, 1 of 50s3 of 30sSensitive skin type 4 peopleHealthy skin type 3 people

    Elapsed time observed : 5daysApplied time 14day


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