human skeleton natural size quick start guide 2020-03-13آ  the human skeleton natural size model...

Download Human Skeleton Natural Size Quick Start Guide 2020-03-13آ  The Human Skeleton Natural Size model is

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    The Human Skeleton Natural Size model is ideal for teaching how the skeletal system works in the human body. The skeleton is mounted on a stand with wheels for mobility, making it easy to display and study.

    Product includes: • Full-size human skeleton on display stand • 1-year limited warranty

    Human Skeleton Natural Size Quick Start Guide

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    Parts identification:

    Assembly instructions: 1. Assemble the base by sliding each wheel leg onto the center hub.


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    2. Align and insert the support rod into the hole in the base.

    3. Align the hole in the base of the spine with the support rod and slide the model onto the support rod.

    4. Align and attach the legs to the model one at a time by inserting the threaded end through the hole in the hip and hand-tightening the nut on the inside of the joint.

    5. Assembled Human Skeleton Natural Size Model:

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