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HR leads is a platform for the exchange of ideas and shaping the future human capital in the Middle East.


  • 1. September 2014 Making Engagement Happen HR Leads Olivier Hamelle, Astik Ranade Copyright 2014 Aon Hewitt Limited. All rights reserved. Aon Hewitt Limited, 8 Devonshire Square London EC2M 4PL Registered in England No. 4396810
  • 2. Overview Overview and Introduction Diversifying Beyond Traditional Boundaries The Business Case: Employee Engagement, Economy and Results Making Engagement Happen Knowledge Sharing and Discussion Whats next Proprietary & Confidential | April 2014 2
  • 3. Making Engagement Happen with: Olivier Hamelle - Director of Engagement Europe 3 Commitment to knowledge sharing HR Leads A platform for the exchange of ideas shaping the future of human capital in this region. Over 16 HR Leads in the Middle East since 2010 and with contributions form over 210 HR leaders have contributed to this event We are committed to this platform Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Specialist Over 14 years experience in Human Resources Clients include Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, IT / Telcoms, Professional Services as well as Government Agencies
  • 4. To what extent does engagement impact an organisations performance? 4 A. Does not impact B. Minimal C. Average D. To a large extent
  • 5. Engagement Motivation To what extent are 5 Evolution of employee surveys Satisfaction How satisfied are employees with their work and their organisation? employees motivated to contribute to the success of their organisation? To what extent does engagement impact an organisations performance and are these inter-related? Performance To what extent do employees behave, act, contribute to the success of their organisation?
  • 6. Understanding the relationship between engagement and economics 6 Economic forces Company decisions Company performance Employee Engagement & Performance Macro-economic impact Micro-economic impact Behavioural-economic impact
  • 7. Engagement is continuously moving Global Engagement Results 7 Middle East Engagement Results 2013 Source: Aon Hewitt database
  • 8. The top drivers of employee engagement 8 Global Middle East Drivers 2012 2013 2012 2013 Career Opportunities 1 1 1 1 Managing Performance 2 Organization Reputation 2 3 Pay 4 5 3 Communication 5 Recognition 3 4 4 Brand Alignment 5 2 2 People/ HR Practices 4 3 5 Source: Aon Hewitt database
  • 9. Economic forces explain why organisations take decisions Organisations determine how decisions are taken 2 high performing clients in the technology sector Both started with over 80% employee engagement Both made a 15% headcount reduction 9 Organization 1 Engagement dropped 30% In Organisation 1 and the culture changed from high performing, collaborative and energised to toxic, distrustful and self-protective. Organization 2 Performance remained high in Organisation 2 and engagement increased by 8% & Customer NPS remained high
  • 10. Are you linking engagement to business results? 10 A. Yes B. No C. We do not measure engagement
  • 11. Organisations with high employee engagement deliver better results Incremental Business Impact vs. Average Company (% Pt Difference from Average) Sales Growth Operating Margin Bottom Quartile Engagement Top Quartile Engagement Best Employers Source: Aon Hewitts 2014 Trends in Global Engagement 11
  • 12. Business Case: Engagement can help increase market share Our work with a beverage companys customer-facing operations found a significant difference in market share across high- and low-engagement locations. 12 Mean market share of low engagement locations High engagement locations added an average of 9.1% to market share Source: Aon Hewitt Employee Research Database 2013
  • 13. Business Case: Customer satisfaction is directly linked Global provider of Government and Commercial outsourcing services >100,000 employees across Europe, North America and APAC. Customer Net Promoter Scores Opportunity Employee Engagement (45-65%) 13 33 5 -7 -21 40 30 20 10 0 -10 -20 -30 a b High Employee Engagement (65%) Source: Serco and Aon Hewitt. As published in Nailing the evidence University of Bath School of Management Risk Employee Engagement (30-44%) Destructive Employee Engagement (